BTC Chapter 275 : Impact

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The impact of Star of the Skat success test is still spreading. Some people are happy that someone is jealous. For Red Letter, it is definitely a good thing.

Lu Zixin has not yet stepped out of the satellite launch center. The company has received more than one hundred companies congratulatory messages from various fields, but they are all related to the communications industry. Even the leaders of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology personally called to congratulate and affirm the significance success of this test.

Inside the company, the top executives also celebrated in the group. Red envelope was not addicted, but also directly sent bonuses to employees to express their happy mood.

Lu Zixin was also excited for a while, but he still calmed down. The success of this test only confirmed the feasibility of Net of the Sky plan. It is necessary to complete the plan of Net of the Sky at least for more than two years.

“After the trial was successful, continue to manufacture and improve our Star of the Sky satellite for more detailed network commissioning,” Lu Zixin told the R&D team.

“The company’s plan is to take three steps. The first step is to make 6G network cover the whole country. The time is less than half a year. The second step is that the satellite signal should cover all of Asia, and the time is half a year. The third step is to cover the whole world. Time is One year!”

“At the same time, 6G network equipment has also been developed, so that 6G network and 6G equipment are simultaneously available to the market! Users can enjoy the 6G network in a practical way.”

“President, as long as the rocket launch frequency can keep up, we have no problem at all!” The R&D team is now full of confidence. With the experience of these three small satellites, the latter manufacturing only needs to take a gourd painting.

“Well, the part of the rocket launch, the Aeronautical Engineering Department will fully cooperate.” Lu Zixin nodded.

From today’s launch situation, as long as the rocket does not have problems, the cost is still within the acceptable range of red letter.

Moreover, the relevant state departments and those cooperative companies also share part of the cost, and the funding problem is not much trouble.

Three days have elapsed since the trial of Star of the Sky, and the media around the world are still talking about it. Red Letter has already begun to try commercial operations.

In terms of business operations, Red Letter adopts a licensing operation. There is a common practice in the world. Whoever gets the network spectrum first will have its own ownership. In addition, there are differences in network operation management in different places.

For example, the operation of Red Letter in Baodao was due to the chaos caused by some departments of Baodao to auction 4G spectrum.

Now in China, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology approved 6G operation license of Red Letter, but the 6G network operation was adjusted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the three telecom operators received some spectrum for commercial operation.

Red Letter collects patent fees each year and provides stable network services.

In the two major cities of Beijing and Shanghai, the three major telecom operators announced at the same time that urban residents can go to the corresponding business hall for 6G network processing, and three companies have launched 6G services with different packages.

Its tariff is cheaper than the 4G network! Because of the cost, 6G transmits signals through small satellites, and its cost is much less than the number of telecommunication base stations built on the ground.

As long as the process is successful, you can connect to 6G network service from Skystar(Star of the Sky) satellite without any formalities.

Of course, because the mobile phone has not been updated, the smart phone can only be used as a wireless network connection, and can not directly use other services such as communication.

As soon as this news came out, many people were rushing to experience the speed of 6G network.

Beijing, a telecom business hall, has a lot of customers today, of which 50% is directed at 6G network.

“How much traffic do you have for this 6G network package?” asked a man in his early thirties.

“Sir, hello, our 6G network is unlimited. You can handle it for one month. During this month, you will not charge for any traffic.” The salesperson said with a slight smile.

“What? Unlimited traffic? I just need to connect to this network, how can I use it?” The man was surprised.

“Yes, but only for your personal account…” The waiter explained to him that he had learned 6G package rules.

In 6G network era, traffic is no longer a limitation, so the charging method is changed to equipment, location and personal accounts.

Some fixed locations, such as homes, companies, or fixed electronic devices, can be used for unlimited traffic as long as they have an 6G network.

In 6G era, data transmitted in one second may reach 1TB, so the traffic limit has no meaning. Such a network will also spawn more smart products, and more and more products will be able to connect wirelessly without worrying about the costs incurred.

“Okay, give me one!” After the man understood, he immediately agreed.

Soon, the salesperson opened 6G network account for him. After using this online account, he first experienced the efficiency of the legendary 6G network!

Whether it’s downloading or transferring, it’s almost a second! It’s incredible!

“Really fast!” the man said with emotion.

In fact, his experience is not very obvious, the speed of the network is fast, and for the individual is only a few seconds difference. But the real benefits of 6G era have not yet arrived, it is an era of artificial intelligence technology and Internet of Things technology.

The news about 6G network is also being reported by the media. Everyone is looking forward to seeing this network in their own city one day.

And other countries and companies in the world have also responded.

Major telecom operators or national communications technology departments have issued statements stating that they are studying sixth generation of mobile communication technologies.

Among them, several countries that have made good contacts with China even expressed their intention to visit China in the near future, hoping to cooperate in the field of mobile communications.

Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology, a new generation of 6G smart chips is under study. Smart chips are at the heart of all smart products.

Red letter will use 6G network and smart chips to establish its position in the communications industry!

Inside the company, because of the emergence of the 6G network, the topic of entering the North American market was once again raised.

Previously, the ban issued by US Federal Communications Commission cut off the route that Red Letter to enter the North American market.

Now, the ban seems to have changed.

In the office, Su Zhirong smiled and handed a few documents and said: “President, you see, the three major telecom operators in United States sent us the latest invitation to invite us to their company for business visits.”

“This probably means that US Federal Communications Commission’s ban is estimated to be lifted!”

Lu Zixin said with a smile : “They are scared! China has begun to popularize 6G network, and the most developed US is still using 4G network. Over time, all walks of life will be affected.”

“Well, we don’t have to worry.” Su Zhirong brow raised slightly, revealing a smug smile, said: “I have put all these invitations on hold, let them worry!”

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