MST Chapter 74 : Let little princess go to school

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Yiyi didn’t quite understand Ye Guang’s words, but she felt that Ye Guang was very solemn, and -he was not happy.

The two people were ruined by the previous incident. Without the excitement just now, Ye Guang took Yiyi away without aim.

Passing a kindergarten, it’s almost time for school, and a lot of parents are waiting at the door, Yiyi sneaked a few eyes.

Ye Guang found out and touched her head. “Want to go to school?”

Yiyi shook her head.

Ye Guang: “Really don’t want to? You are almost at the age of school.”

Yiyi glanced at the crowd at the gate of Kindergarten and shook her head. “I don’t want to.”

Ye Guang felt a bit bitter in his heart. He knew why Yiyi did n’t want to go to school, but he could n’t help it. This little girl who looks smart and lively and clever is actually suffering.

Yiyi to walk by holding Ye Guang, and seemed to be reluctant to stay here.

A very old aunt came over and saw Yiyi, smiling and sly. “This little lady is really beautiful.” She looked at Ye Guang again. “Your daughter is really beautiful, like her mother?”

Ye Guang have black line, what do you mean? If you boast of little girl, you will boast, how do I feel that you have buried me?

However, Ye Guang did not care, he reached out and smiled. “Yes, this child is like her mother.”

After the aunt went away, Yiyi said unhappy, “I am not your daughter.”

Ye Guang: “She thought it was, I am too lazy to explain.”

Yiyi snorted and released Ye Guang hand and walked forward. Ye Guang quickly followed.

Going back to studio, I have to wait for a long time to get off work.

In the evening, after dinner, Yiyi said that she was sleepy and went back to sleep. Liu Chiyan packed up the dishes and sat next to Ye Guang. “Where did you go today? How do I feel that Yiyi is not very happy.”

Ye Guang smiled and said this to Liu Chiyan what happened this afternoon.

Ye Guang: “I think it is still necessary to send this child to school. It is not a matter of dragging. She has to contact other children of the same age, otherwise I’m afraid she will have problems.”

Liu Chiyan frowned. “But Yiyi’s situation, you know, she has obstacles in her heart and she is not willing to go to school.”

Ye Guang: “It is because she has obstacles in her heart that she should go! She is still small, although looking very clever and sensible, but after all is child’s mind, in the school has a teacher, there are children of the same age, can communicate more, many friends, this is good for her, it might be able to let her heart obstacles disappear and be optimistic, now still just a little obstacle in the mind, I’m afraid the more we drag it to the back, the easier it become problem when she grows up.”

Liu Chiyan is a little embarrassed, “but what do you do when other children in the school bully her?”

Ye Guang: “Are you afraid of this? There are teachers in the school, there is no problem, and this little girl, only she bullies others, you did not see her, even dare to bully me. ”

Liu Chiyan: “I don’t mean this. I mean, if the school’s children laugh at her, she doesn’t have a mom or dad, what if they doesn’t play with her, the child so small, can it bear?”

Ye Guang frown, think, this is really a problem, such things are not uncommon, in fact, in every school is happening, some children without mom and dad, or a single-parent family in school is always more vulnerable to bullying, being marginalized, ridiculed, not to say other children bad or how, Just children’s mind and talk naturally not like adults to consider, sometimes just careless, but those who do not have parents or single-parent children will have a sense of inferiority, but also this inferiority complex let them more concerned about other children’s views and words, inadvertently between the slander.

Ye Guang thought for a while, biting his teeth, “I still have to let her go to school! How can she not go to school? In this way, you are not very convenient. I will be responsible for picking up her every day. In front of their teachers and outsiders, I will say that I am her father. As long as she does not speak at school, others do not know that she does not have a father or mother!”

“Ahhhh…” Liu Chiyan was shocked, “… this … is it okay? I’m afraid Yiyi won’t agree.”

Ye Guang: “I can’t manage her, it’s important to go to school! I can’t get used to her in everything.”

Liu Chiyan thought for a moment and nodded. “You can do it if you say it. You can give it a try. She really should have gone to school. She is already five years old.” Liu Chiyan paused, and said, “How about the household register, some public kindergartens and better ones need household register, if you just find a kindergarten, it is better not to go, the quality of teaching is too bad, still I heard that there are teachers who abuse children, I don’t trust.”

Ye Guang: “I will find a way to deal with the problem of household registration book and school!”

Liu Chiyan: “What can you do?”

Ye Guang laughed, “Temporarily confidential.”

Liu Chiyan made a cut, then looked at Ye Guang. “How do you care about her so much?”

Ye Guang smiled. “Of course, I especially like this little girl. She is your niece, that is my niece.”

Liu Chiyan leaned in to kiss him on Ye Guang’s face. “You are so good.”

Ye Guang smirked. “treat her well and have this welfare, no, I have to treat her better, she is not happy today, I look at her.” Speaking, Ye Guang ran into Yiyi’s room, Liu Chiyan sat on the sofa and smiled.

Ye Guang entered the room, Yiyi did not sleep, heard Ye Guang come in, and immediately closed her eyes to sleep.

Ye Guang: “Okay, don’t pretend to sleep, I saw it.”

Yiyi: “Hum, don’t want to care about you, you go out.”

Ye Guang: “Hey, how are you doing this, I am kind to see you, you told me to go out.”

Yiyi: “Grandma said that the girl’s room can’t let the boy go in, I am not my aunt, can’t let you enter my room.”

Ye Guang stunned, “Your grandma said, what else did your grandmother say to you?”

In other words, Liu Chiyan’s mother’s education method is really cough… difference.

Yiyi: “Don’t tell you.”

Ye Guang: “Cut, stingy.”

Yiyi: “You are a stingy, I gave you snacks today.”

Ye Guang smirked, “Okay, okay, don’t argue with you, let’s talk about it.”

Yiyi refused immediately. “Don’t talk, I want to sleep, you go out.”

Ye Guang: “So early, can you sleep?”

Yiyi: “Sleep, I am asleep if you don’t come.”

Ye Guang: “Don’t you talk? Don’t talk, I am leaving. ”

Yiyi silently muttered, muttering. “That will be a chat.” After that, Yiyi seemed a little embarrassed and added another sentence. “You must talk with me, not I let you talk.”

Ye Guang smiled. “Yes, I have to ask you to chat with me.” Say, Ye Guang also touched Yiyi’s head, but it was still a child.

Yiyi: “Then you said, what are you talking about?”

Ye Guang think for a moment, what to talk about?

Chatting with the kids, I have no experience!

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