MST Chapter 73 : Take little princess to play

Edited: XiaXue

Liu Chiyan helped him print out the promotion planner. Ye Guang called Jiang Fengxian, gave him the printed planner book and the electronic version, and sent him to Fruit Run.

Jiang Fengxian first looked at Ye Guang’s promotion plan, e was mature and stable and couldn’t help but applaud this plan. He repeatedly said that the promotion plan had lost sales.

After the planner case was sent to Fruit Run, it was not long before Fruit Run CEO actually gave a call to Ye Guang to express his gratitude. He said that he was finally relieved that the company was finally saved. With Ye Guang’s advertising and promotion plan, Great success.

The advertising thing came to an end. Ye Guang finished the advertising and found that there was nothing to do. He was a free person. He always wanted to do something and let him sit in the office. Put him in jail as well.

“It’s really boring to take an advertisement, I won’t do it in the future!” Ye Guang said angrily.

Liu Chiyan wondered, what happened to this goods, “What happened? Just fine, what is the temper now? Advertising is not doing very well.”

Ye Guang: “I don’t want to advertise, because I found it seems too simple, and the time is short. I will be finished in three or five years. I am not angry. I am just bored.”

Liu Chiyan can’t help but, “You, like a child, no, you are not as good as a child. You can’t sit still for a while. You see Yiyi, she is sitting alone for a long time, and she is not bored.”

Yiyi didn’t give her face very much. “Who said that I am not bored, I have no one to play with me, I am not sitting, I can do it alone, I ran out like I was so beautiful, I was turned away by trafficker.”

Ye Guang stunned and enjoyed it. “Small gimmicks are so narcissistic, who learns.”

Yiyi: “Your wife.”

Ye Guang: “…”

Yiyi suddenly blinked. “Ye Guang, are you not bored? I will take you out to play.”

Ye Guang, “Let you take me or I will take you.”

Yiyi: “All the same, you can’t go?”

Ye Guang was panic-stricken, forgetting about any company’s discipline and leading by example and then decided to stand up in front of the boss, “Go!” Ye Guang looked at Liu Chiyan again, “Liu’er, are you going?”

Liu Chiyan still has something on hand, thinking about it, shaking her head. “I am not going, let’s you play, don’t go too far.”

Ye Guang nodded, “Get it, Yiyi, go!”

Today weather is very good, Ye Guang did not drive, so I took Yiyi to walk around to see what is fun. Speaking of this, Yeguang came to work for quite a few days, but I haven’t seen how to walk around.

A curious baby, one big, one small, went all the way to see all the way, and saw something new and interesting, flew up and down.

“Ye Guang, you’re really useless, you won’t be able to hit a balloon.”

“I am casually playing. If I earnestly guarantee it, I will be able to take home the first prize. You want grandmother to set up a small booth to play a balloon. How much luck, I won the grand prize. Losing money, I am deliberately not hitting. This is called respecting the elderly and willing to help others!”

“Cut, if you can’t hit it, you can’t hit it. What kind of good words is blowing.”

“Fuck! Who is bragging, don’t believe that we are coming back, you see if I am bragging!”

Ten minutes later, Ye Guang took Yiyi away. “My shots are definitely fine. It must be that there is a problem with the air guns. Well, that’s it.”

Yiyi is too lazy to care for him.

“Hey, look at it quickly, I got it, I got a fish!”

“Ye Guang, you are useless, I have ten.”

“Ah –? What? Ten, my little ancestors, put it back quickly, ten yuan each!”


“Ye Guang, you go slower, I can’t keep up!”

“Hurry, there are so many people in front, there must be some excitement. ”

In the crowd, a boy who looks like a teenager, fat and strong, a very old aunt, should be a relationship between grandparents and grandchildren. Both of them are crying, and the aunt’s face is still caught. There are a few scratches.

Ye Guang hugged Yiyi into the crowd and saw this scene a little confused, asking big brother next to him, “What is this?”

Big Brother explained, “This child, when passing by the toy store, wants to buy a toy, No, it is the one in front.” Big Brother said that he pointed to a toy store not far away. “That aunt didn’t seems to bring money, so she refused. This child has to buy it. At first it was rolling, crying and screaming. Later, he actually scratched the aunt. You see, her face is scratched.”

Ye Guang was surprised, “Ah? What did the child catch? Is this his grandma? This is also going to go, how to educate in family.”

Big Brother snorted. “Who said no, now the child, really… is family treasure, to stay in the past, have to take a bamboo stick to give him a half death.”

During the conversation, a middle-aged woman in her thirties came in. “Oh, baby, what’s wrong with you, how to sit and cry, get up, get up, tell your mother what’s wrong.”

The child cried and pointed at old aunt. “Grandma won’t buy me a toy.”

The middle-aged woman quickly comforted the little boy. “Oh, don’t cry, baby doesn’t cry, mother buys you, don’t cry.”

Said, the middle-aged woman went to old aunt sitting on the ground, Ye Guang thought she was going to pull old aunt, who knows that the middle-aged woman walked over and pointed at her, “How do you bring the child! Still sitting on the floor crying, you don’t care, buy a toy, how much is spent, I will give you hundreds of living expenses every month, you will not even buy a toy for my son! Have you seen a grandmother like this! Still crying, you are not too shameful when you are so old!”

Sitting on the floor, the face of tears is a bit ugly, “I…. forgot to go out… to bring money.”

Middle-aged women are angry, “Forgetting to bring money, why don’t you forget to bring your brain! It’s so old that it’s not useful! What do you think our two couples support you!”

Tears shed tears even more.

“It’s almost done, how do you say”

“Did you say that to the elderly?”

“What person.”


The people around me shouted and pointed at the middle-aged women.

The middle-aged women can’t stand it, shouting with shame. “This is our family’s business. It’s not your turn!” She said, dragging her hands together, “Go home, don’t be ashamed!”

The middle-aged woman took the child and took old aunt and left in the voice of the people around me.

Ye Guang is a little silent.

Yiyi was also a little unhappy. Ye Guang hugged her for a long time. Yiyi kept silent and walked. Yiyi suddenly asked, “Ye Guang, why should he play grandma?”Yiyi said that he was referring to the little boy.

Ye Guang sighed and said. “Because, his parents regarded him as a treasure. Whatever conditions can satisfy him, but they forgot to teach him the most important thing.”

Yiyi couldn’t understand and asked, “What?”

Ye Guang: “Filial piety and education!”

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