MST Chapter 294 : I hurt the person who loves me the most in this world

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Mother Liu walked away a bit earlier. Today, Aunt Lian is absent, So Mother Liu is busy cleaning up herself.

She heard what Liu Chiyan had just said. She walked over and said to Liu Chiyan reproachfully, “Yan’er, how do you talk to your dad.”

Liu Chiyan knew that something was wrong with what she had just said, so she bowed her head silently

Mother Liu gave her a white look, “You only have your little lover in your eyes. It’s really the water thrown out by the married ‘daughter’, you only know to turn out the elbow. Your little lover hasn’t left. He is in the room.” Mother Liu paused, and added, “Your dad asked him to stay.”

Liu Chiyan startled, with an incredible expression on her face, Ye Guang didn’t go away? Dad asked him to stay?

Thinking about the words I just said to him, thinking about the complicated look in Father Liu’s eyes before turning around, and going upstairs to the room silently, Liu Chiyan instantly regretted it in her intestines.

How to do? Apologize!

Go and apologize! This is the only thought that flashes in Liu Chiyan’s mind now.

Liu Chiyan hurriedly ran upstairs and wanted to apologize to Father Liu. Father Liu bedroom ‘door’ was closed. Liu Chiyan raised her hand and wanted to knock on the door, but there’s like an invisible wall blocking between her hand and the door. Liu Chiyan never knocked down, stood for a few seconds, eventually take back her hand.

She was scared, she didn’t know, or she didn’t dare, she was a little afraid to face Father Liu.


Ye Guang is still brushing Weibo, watching the following comments from netizens on Kim Tae-seo’s statement.

“So it’s just filming, I say, how could Ye Guang beat Kim Tae-seo.”

“Yeah, beating Kim Tae-seo, this impact is too great, it’s really a misunderstanding, I had said before, there must have inside information.”

“Cut, upstairs,  I recognize your ID, you cursed the most in the morning.”

“My family, Taeso, is really righteous. Seeing Ye Guang is wronged, he immediately took the initiative to explain it. Taeso is so ‘great’, Taeso, I love you.”

“It seems that Ye Guang has been wronged. The person who sent this video is really hateful. Isn’t this rumor?”

“To tell the truth, if Ye Guang made this statement, I may not believe it, but if it was the victim, Kim Tae-seo, I still believe it.”

“I also believe it. After all, Kim Tae-seo is beaten in the video. It’s clearest whether Ye Guang really hit him. It doesn’t make sense, after beating him, he stands up and lie. That is a brain-dead behavior. From this, it can be affirmed, this video is really just a drama clip.”


There are countless comments on this Weibo statements. Basically, all this comments is about Ye Guang, after the people who eat melon learned the truth. The wind on the Internet has also changed suddenly, as long as the person who sees this statement, They all stopped their verbal attacks on Ye Guang. Those who didn’t see it were quickly informed of the ‘truth’ by netizens who had already known the ‘truth’ and stopped their online violence against Ye Guang.

Of course, there’s also netizens with big brains who deduced whether Kim Tae-seo has been ‘coerced’ by Ye Guang, or was “tempered” by Ye Guang. Which made him ignorant of his conscience and bury the truth of the original facts, saying the beating in the video is fake.

But netizens overturned this kind of inference as soon as it appeared. Who is Ye Guang? Strictly speaking, he is just a newcomer who has just stepped into the entertainment circle. What about Kim Tae-seo? His coffee position is more than one level higher than Ye Guang, and he is backed by SX entertainment, which is a big backing. If you really want to say a threat, it should be the other way around.

Of course, some people say that Ye Guang also has a backer, Liu Chiyan, Heavenly Queen Liu is his backer, so it is not impossible.

However, when this kind of statement appeared, it caused another group of people to be unhappy. It was Liu Chiyan’s fans, the catkins. In an instant, the catkins came up to theorize, our Goddess Liu would never do intimidation and force profit or enticing people like this. Goddess Liu is a true queen, but he is only a person. SX Entertainment is one of the top entertainment agencies in Korea. Not to mention, there are problems with different country, are you saying Liu Chiyan can threaten big companies like SX entertainment? It’s impossible. If Kim Tae-seo is really beaten by Ye Guang, they would definitely not give up. Now they have all issued statements to make things clear. You are still guessing about the conspiracy theory. Does your egg hurt?

Ever since, the matter of beating videos seems to be so qualitative. Everything is a farce, just a piece of “flowers” during the filming. Many netizens who originally scolded Ye Guang also left a message on his Weibo to apologize.

The fifty cents party also happy and active in Ye Guang Weibo.

Morning Shadow Star Dream : “I said, Ye Guang can’t do such a thing, he is not stupid.”

Awkward big man : “Don’t say, I heard him hit people again. I feel very good in my heart. I like Ye Guang, but I don’t like violence. Fortunately, this is a misunderstanding.”

I love my family : “Yes, that is, however, the people who originally scolded  Ye Guang had to apologize!”

Rice potatoes : “Yes! Apologies! Must apologize!”

Thousands of cities, Yun Tianlong : “Ah, let’s not say, although it is filming, but when Ye Guang  hits people, it looks ‘very’ fierce and handsome!”

Joking V : “Haha, it is indeed.”

Baby love : “Actually, If you want me to say, even if it’s a real fight, then it’s a fight. I believe Ye Guang will definitely not beat people for no reason. However, if the video content is fake, it’s the best. Violence is not good at all.”


Looking at my fans and the group of people who claim to be the most active of Fifty cents Party chatting enthusiastically on Weibo. With all kinds of ‘show’ words, it made Ye Guang amused. Not to mention, with such a group of fans, it feels ‘quite’ good, and my heart is warm.

Ye Guang’s original intention to enter the entertainment industry was not because he wanted fans or anything. After having many fans, he hadn’t taken care of it, but now Ye Guang suddenly felt that he would do more for his fans in the future. If you have the opportunity, you have to do something for them. It is not to please the fans, but to thank them for their love and support for them all the time. Ye Guang is grateful.

Thank you, thank you for your support, I will always be grateful, thank you!


Liu Chiyan pushed the door and came in, her face had no expression, but her eyes were a little lonely, and Ye Guang didn’t notice this. Seeing Liu Chiyan entering the room, he smiled and said, “Come, come, Show you something interesting.”

Liu Chiyan walked over, Ye Guang pulled her over and let her sit on his leg, then pointed to the computer screen and said, “Look at this, Kim Tae-seo’s statement is too interesting.”

Liu Chiyan was not in a high mood, but she still looked at it. She was a little surprised, but her thoughts at this time were not on this.

Ye Guang said with a smile, “Do you know why he was beaten by me, then he made such a statement and deliberately lying?”

Liu Chiyan answered, “Why?”

Ye Guang smiled and said, “This calculation is so loud, he is afraid that I will tell the whole story. You know what happened that day. Originally, the most wrong is him, as long as you tell the whole story, he definitely can’t be good. As for me, if the wind blows better, maybe you can get the name of righteousness and bravery. However, the hat of violence will definitely be worn, but also provoked a lot of netizens against me, is not good for both of us. After all, fighting is not a glorious thing. Therefore, he himself wanted to cover up the prickly heat. This is why he issued this statement. He also expected, I would cooperate with him, because it wouldn’t be good for me to reveal the whole story.

Now that, he made this statement, the wind has calmed down and everyone is in peace. He also could earn a positive image, the scolding voice to pressure me is no longer there, it can be considered to show good a signal, so that I can take with him, kill three birds, this calculation is wonderful.”

After Liu Chiyan finished listening, she just said “Oh.”

Ye Guang found out something is wrong, and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Liu Chiyan sat on Ye Guang legs, her face facing the computer screen, so Ye Guang couldn’t see her face.

Liu Chiyan slowly turned around, her eyes were full of water mist, and she almost couldn’t restrain it from slipping off.

Ye Guang surprised and quickly said, “What happened?”

Liu Chiyan couldn’t help it anymore. She plunged into Ye Guang’s arms and hugged him tightly, muttering to herself.

“I just hurt the person who loves me the most in this world.”

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