MST Chapter 175 : Last Song

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Under the expectation of the public.

Finally, Liu Chiyan appeared.

This is a singing that decides the outcome, and who will win the champion of this year’s The Strongest Voice depends on Liu Chiyan’s singing.

To be honest, Liu Chiyan is a bit nervous, The Strongest Voice champion is extremely heavy, and she is a little bit worse.

Turning her head slightly to look at the familiar figure in the band, Liu Chiyan’s heart settled down.

Han Yurou face was as sinking as water, and she stared at Liu Chiyan intently. Obviously, she was not really that confident to win the championship.

Han Yurou surprised Ye Guang and the audience many times in The Strongest Voice competition, but Liu Chiyan’s performance made Han Yurou even more shocked, for Liu Chiyan level Han Yurou is very clear, Han Yurou originally used Heavenly King Liu and regards him as the strongest opponent in this period The Strongest Voice. In her opinion, Liu Chiyan is unable to compare with her in singing alone, originally she can pressure Liu Chiyan, but this period The Strongest Voice, Liu Chiyan undoubtedly and repeatedly surprised her.

At the same time, Han Yurou also deeply remembered a person, a person who has never met, Ye Guang! It was him, because of the song he wrote, that Liu Chiyan could once again shine on this stage and eventually competed with her for the title of The Strongest Voice.

The gentle music sounded.

A picture background appeared on the big screen behind the stage.

The picture is a dimly lit room, and the fire in the room is burning, reflecting the picture of the room.

Old furniture, a bookcase full of books against the wall, a rocking chair, a desk with a variety of paper and steel objects scattered.

The picture looks very old.

Then, a line of white art fonts appeared on the screen.

A voice sounded, reading the sentence that appeared on the big screen..

“When you are old and grey and full of sleep, And nodding by the fire,take down this book.”

Lines of words appeared on the big screen one after another. The voice was a little low, but he was full of emotions, chanting sentence by sentence.

What emerged on the big screen was the poem by Ye Guang – “When You Are Old”.

The audience was curious who was reading the poem. There was only Liu Chiyan in the center of the stage. If the poem was not on the stage, it could only be in the middle of the band.

Many viewers looked at the band.

Sure enough, there is a strange figure in the band.

Some audiences have sharp eyes and recognize who it is.

“It’s him? It’s Ye Guang!”

“It’s really him! I’ve read his storytelling on Journey to the West, and I recognize him.”

Ye Guang was holding a thick book at this time, holding a microphone and continuing to read the poems that appear on the big screen.

“How many loved your moments of glad grace, And loved your beauty with love false or true.”

“And loved your beauty with love false or true, And loved the sorrows of your changing face;.”


After the poem was finished, many audiences talked about it.

“This poem I know! Goddess Liu sent it to Weibo a few months ago.”

‘Yes! I have also seen it, later Goddess Liu also said that this poem was written by Ye Guang.”

“And Goddess Liu seems to have said that there is a song based on this poem. It wouldn’t be Goddess Liu was going to sing the song that she said at that time?”

“It is very likely that Goddess Liu said that there is such a song, but it has never been heard by everyone. Now the poems are read before the concert. It is estimated that the song is not separated from it.”

“I know poetry, but why is Ye Guang on stage?”

“Yeah, this is not scientific, how is he on the stage.”

After the poem is finished, the background song sounded.

Liu Chiyan slowly lifted the microphone and sang her last song on the stage, which was also a song that decided to win.

“When you are old”

“When you are old and gray hair. And full of sleep”


“How many loved your moments of glad grace.”

“And loved your beauty with love false or true.”

“But one man loved your pilgrim soul in you.”

“And loved the sorrows of your changing face.”


Liu Chiyan’s voice is soft, softly singing when you are old, the audience is immersed in it.

In the band, Ye Guang looked at Liu Chiyan, who seemed to be radiating light, with a smile. It’s really not the same when watching it live and watching it on TV.

After Liu Chiyan sang a song, the scene was immersed for a while, until the last note had dissipated, the scene erupted with warm applause and shouting like a tsunami.

Ren Keling and Yi Shan came on stage and stood next to Liu Chiyan.

Yi Shan: “Chiyan, your song, this is an eye-opener for me.”

Ren Keling nodded, “Yeah, Chiyan song is really beautiful and poetic, no, it was originally adapted from a poem. It came out really nice. You can tell how good this song is by watching the audience’s reaction.”

Yi Shan: “I believe that several judges can’t sit still after listening. Come and listen to what several judges say.”

The first person who rushed to speak was Huang Bin: “I am served, a poem, a song, really makes me love, Chiyan song is really good, good intentions, good singing, and beautiful songs, the words are also beautiful.”

Sui Si: “Ye Guang really lives up to the name of big gifted scholar. It is really amazing to be able to change a poem into such a nice song. I believe that after tonight, no, I believe that now this poem and this song have been known and loved by millions of viewers.”

Zong Zhengguang pointed to Ye Guang, who was sitting in the band. “That one is Ye Guang, he can write poetry, and he can write songs.”

Ye Guang smiled and nodded slightly to thank Old Zong.

Without knowing why, the audience suddenly boiled and called Ye Guang name.

“Ye Guang!”

“Ye Guang!”

“Ye Guang!”

Ren Keling smiled and turned to look at Ye Guang in the band. “It seems that The Strongest Voice in this period, Ye Guang has also gained a huge popularity, the audience’s voice is so high, it is better for us to invite Ye Guang on stage, everyone said good or not!”

“Good.” The audience answered in unison.

Ren Keling: “That’s good, request the pleasure of seeing our big gifted scholar, Ye Guang!” Ren Keling smiled at Ye Guang and made a gesture of asking.

The audience shouted again.

“Ye Guang!”

“Ye Guang!”

“Ye Guang!”

Ye Guang smiled and was a little embarrassed. This is the first time he experience of such a scene.

Holding the microphone, Ye Guang walked to the middle of the stage, and Ren Keling staggered his position, let him stand side by side with Liu Chiyan.

Liu Chiyan looked at him with a smile.

Ye Guang waved his hand at the audience below the stage, his movements were a bit blunt. For the first time on stage, facing so many audiences, it was somewhat cramped and nervous.

“Hello everyone.” Ye Guang said only such a sentence, but it also attracted cheers.

Ye Guang is really a little confused now.

What is the situation? Is he a big star? Now the only show with a high exposure rate is Journey to the West storytelling, this show will not have many viewers to know and like him? It’s difficult to achieve it, or it is because the songs he write in The Strongest Voice?

Just writing a few songs, let the audience like it? And it’s still so enthusiastic, it’s not that he is participating in the competition. How can he be like the players, the whole call is coming out

Ye Guang means that some people don’t make sense, some are flattered.

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