BTC Chapter 381 : Growth Log

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“Hong Xiaoxiao, do you have your own image?” Lu Zixin asked, the image of Red Queen is the look of a small red Loli, the prototype is the childhood look of one of the top management of the umbrella company.

“Image? Father, are you talking about human form?” Hong Xiaoxiao voice with doubts, she is still learning to grow up, and has questions about many things.

“It’s not necessarily a human image. Other flat images or 3D images are all right. Is it a symbol of your own, can you understand?” Lu Zixin explained patiently.

“Oh, I understand.” Hong Xiaoxiao said, “There is an introduction in Red Queen Mama database. She thinks that I just had no avatar when I was born. I have to wait for me to grow up and design my own avatar.“

“Well, this is fine.” Lu Zixin nodded. He actually wanted to use the image of the former red cloud for Hong Xiaoxiao. Now that Hong Xiaoxiao is a brand new, more powerful than Red Cloud, it should have its own unique image.

“Wow, I have a lot of information connected, I need to do computational analysis…” Hong Xiaoxiao called, she just got in touch with Red Letter’s Quantum Information Network.

“The vulnerability of my body is so much, it’s a headache!” Hong Xiaoxiao also detected some problems of Red Cloud Intelligent Information Processing System.

“Father… It should be called Abba, I have to do the first dormant upgrade, can I do it now?” Hong Xiaoxiao asked. [X-N: original 阿爸 = A ba so abba or Dad]

The growth rate of artificial intelligence is different from that of traditional organic life. For Hong Xiaoxiao, every second of access to the quantum information network, she has done tens of billions of calculations.

The information she was exposed to was that the poor ordinary human beings could not finish reading their lives. So her growth rate is only related to her algorithm framework and algorithm model.

Now that Hong Xiaoxiao has just attracted these strange materials, it belongs to telling the growth period. Every microsecond, she is more “smart” than the last microsecond!

Lu Zixin also noticed that Hong Xiaoxiao name for himself changed from a rigid written word “father” to a daily saying “Abba.”

“How long does it take for you to sleep?” Lu Zixin asked.

“The first upgrade will take about twenty-four hours. During the period, my core intelligence will be temporarily shut down. Other auxiliary functions can continue to be used. The first upgrade takes the most time, and the upgrade time will be shorter and shorter except for special circumstances.“ Hong Xiaoxiao honestly answered.

“Well, you can start the upgrade. If you have any problems, report it directly to me.” Lu Zixin nodded.

“Well, Abba, Xiaoxiao is going to sleep, good night!” Hong Xiaoxiao voice fell, and the projection screen of the quantum computer changed, becoming a functional operation panel.

Looking at Hong Xiaoxiao to sleep upgrade, Lu Zixin fell into meditation. Hong Xiaoxiao should be the first strong artificial intelligence in the world. It is too early to call her a smart life.

But as for the dialogue just now, the intelligence she showed is already very good. And she can learn the data information herself, self-upgrading and perfecting, which is the advantage of crushing other weak artificial intelligence!

But Lu Zixin still can’t judge how far she has achieved in strong artificial intelligence, because there is no accurate assessment mechanism in the world. Weak artificial intelligence has some level differences, but Hong Xiaoxiao have surpassed them from the moment they were born.

In the last century, there was Allen Matheson Turing who tested the Turing robot test method. When the tester is separated from the testee (one person and one machine), the test subject is free to ask questions through some devices (such as a keyboard).

After multiple tests, if more than 30% of the testers can’t determine whether the testee is a human or a machine, then the machine passes the test and is considered human intelligence.

This test is no longer suitable for the current artificial intelligence, let alone Hong Xiaoxiao, red clouds and some other weak artificial intelligence can do this.

“Maybe I should divide a new level and record the growth steps of strong artificial intelligence.” Lu Zixin thought to himself that if there is an exact level, human understanding of artificial intelligence and intelligent life will become clearer.

He thought of doing it. First, record the core data of red cloud and Hong Xiaoxiao, let the quantum brain compare and analyze the difference.

“New task: “Hong Xiaoxiao Growth Log.””

“First day: XX years XX months XX points, Hong Xiaoxiao was born in the first super quantum computer of Red Letter Group, language processing System version…”

Lu Zixin records these and keeps them for later analysis.

The first upgrade of Hong Xiaoxiao was spent a day, and the next day, Lu Zixin immediately recorded her core data changes.

This time, Hong Xiaoxiao has no major improvement in function. The place where she studied is some “indigenous data” of the world. For example, there are a lot of human language, behaviors, working methods and so on in the red cloud.

With this knowledge in mind, the way she speaks is more humane, and there is basically no barrier to communicating with Lu Zixin.

In addition to the secret quantum brain, Red Letter Quantum Computer Research Center has also developed a commercial quantum computer.

In the lab, the R&D team has successfully built the first generation of portable commercial quantum computers. The cost is more than a hundred times smaller than the previous quantum computer, and performance has improved.

At the same time, Red Letter Software Development Co., Ltd. is also in the process of developing the operation system of Red Letter Quantum Computer.

The main core of this operating system is the “quantum brain”, which is a new artificial intelligence, Hong Xiaoxiao.

Artificial intelligence, like humans, is also divided by occupation. For example, Red Queen is an intelligent life in biological science and technology such as medical and genetic research, while Skynet is an intelligent life in military science and technology that specializes in weapon defense and machine building.

Hong Xiaoxiao, currently regarded as the strong artificial intelligence of the traditional civil network information auxiliary processing, is equivalent to the occupation of “life, entertainment, work assistant”.


It has been more than a month since the birth of Hong Xiaoxiao, and during this period she has evolved twice, and the work of Red Letter Computer has been improved.

And Lu Zixin, also intends to make Red Letter Quantum Computer public! Let it revolutionize the entire computer industry, and the information life of people around the world!

“Do you want to prepare for a global conference?” Su Zhirong asked.

“No, only contrast, let everyone know that we are excellent!” Lu Zixin took out an invitation letter from his desk and said, “This global supercomputer conference, we, Red Letter must attend!”

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