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In the conference room of Net One Game Company, after a day of work, the evaluation results of the PC version of “Desolate Battlegrounds” have come out, and the reviewers are reporting to the superiors.

“From the production side, the production of Red Letter games is still very good, and the level is much higher than us.”

“But from the market satisfaction, it is not ideal.”

“You say, why is this?” Someone asked.

“The so-called bringing and defeat in prospered It is because they are making a lot of good, so the computer hardware conditions required to run the game is also very high. In the current domestic user configuration, most models can not function properly. This limits the promotion of their games, even if the production is good, there is no way to be hot.”

After evaluation staff finished, the management of Net One could not help but have some smiles on his face.

The manager of the marketing department said: “Too much pursuit of quality, and neglect the acceptance of the market. They are destined to be only niche games! This is why many foreign games can not be popular in the country. It’s rotten!”

Someone asked: “Isn’t they said that they can solve it?”

“That’s just an announcement.” The technical department’s speech, “To really solve it, unless they lower their game grades. There is no advantage at all, and it will waste a lot of research funding.”

“As far as they say, the game accelerator is simply a joke!”

“We also have our own game accelerator, the principle is nothing more than the use of VPN technology virtual dial-up, let telecommunications Operator networks such as Netcom and Education Network can access each other smoothly, even acting as foreign agents.”

“This technology has little use for the problem of the “Desolate Battlegrounds” PC version game.”

Manager of the Technical Department Jokingly: “Unless their accelerator can upgrade the user’s computer hardware, or when the game is played and open a accelerator, increasingly more speed!”

“Ha ha ha!” Everyone laughed.

the same report was also found in the Tencent game.

“Red Letter is still too young!” a senior executive laughed. “The design and operation of foreign games is not applicable in China.”

“It’s like charging mode. Most foreign games are charged. In our country, it’s Free games, using value-added services to make money, but more profitable.”

“This is better.” Another person said, “They want to take high-end route, then we will take the public route.”

“In advance release our chicken PC version, preempt Market. A competitive game, it is not feasible to go to the niche. When the public players enter our game, they are not competitive.”

In Red Letter game company, the employees emotions are not very optimistic, especially It is responsible for the PC-version business of “Desolate Battlegrounds”. The more popular the game, the higher their bonus and vice versa.

Now that the internal test is released, the response is not so good. The upper and lower sides are thinking about the solution.

“Or do you still want to change the game? The degree of “Jesus Survival: Great Escape” is almost the same.” Zhu An suggested.

“No hurry.” Lu Zixin calmly said, “The official version of the online game accelerator will be released after it is perfected, and it can also serve as a drainage effect.”

In fact, not only Zhu An, Liu Tong, Liang Song and other senior executives of Red Letter have mentioned it to Lu Zixin. This problem has all been suppressed by him.

Before the equipment arrived, Lu Zixin could not say anything to them. The internal test is only for the purpose of collecting data, so that the cloud host assists the calculation when there is an analysis basis.

The heat of PC version of “Desolate Battlegrounds” is going to go down very quickly, because even if you get the qualification for internal testing, more than half of the players have no matching hardware devices to play.

The player who has enough conditions to experience the game is naturally a good voice. There are even people who specialize in playing this game to configure high-performance computers.

A few days later, Lu Zixin finally got a reply from Red Queen.

In Black Technology Chat Group, Red Queen went online then she hurried offline, leaving a red envelope.

Lu Zixin clicked on the red envelope, group prompt: “Congratulations, you got the red envelope from Red Queen, get a ‘cloud computing’ supercomputer, a ‘cloud computing’ assistant program, a set of Red Queen special Emoticon packs.”

See the first two One, Lu Zi’s confidence was only happy, and when he saw the last one, he suddenly wondered.

“Specialized Emoticon pack? Why give me this thing?” He clicked on the special Emoticon pack and saw that there were tens of thousands of different types of emoticons inside.

There is a Red Queen post below the emoticon pack: “There are too few pictures of the group owner. You can’t fight with me at all. These are for you. (Emoticon: How lonely is invincible)”

Lu Zixin was vomiting blood, but he did not expect himself to actually Despised by Red Queen! Have to find a chance to let her try the permission dog – no, it is the power of the group owner!

Putting these behind me, Lu Zixin began to work on the server. This cloud computing supercomputer is also produced by the umbrella company. Lu Zixin use some means to ship it to the company “reasonably”.

To lay equipment, software matching and other things, Lu Zixin must be personally involved. After getting this from Red Queen and teaching computer technology, he can play around with this.

The company’s technical staff can only play a supporting role.

As long as the cloud host is laid, the online game accelerator is online, and the problem of the PC version of “Desolate Battlegrounds” is no longer a problem. And the online game accelerator itself is a big killer, if properly operated, the position of the Red Letter game in the online game industry will be unshakable!

While the Red Letter game is still busy developing the online game accelerator, Tencent game can’t wait to shoot.

Tencent News: “Tencent agent, “Jesus Survival: Great Escape” National Service PC-version official version released! In order to give Chinese players the best gaming experience, Tencent has teamed up with PUBG (Blue Hole) company to carried out technical support “Jesus Survival: Great Escape”, such as network optimization, server expansion, and plug-in combat to create a positive and positive game atmosphere.”

After Tencent News, other online media also forwarded or analyzed the news.

Phoenix Technology News: “There is a day after the steam, Tencent is still in front! Tencent Games officially released the “Jesus Survival: Great Escape” national service version, ‘eat chicken’ is coming!”

Game Information Network: “”Jesus Survival: Great Escape”, the most popular sports online game is finally on the national service!”

Weibo headline: “Tencent eat chicken online game release!”

Know: “Tencent released today, the chicken online game will burst fire?”

Post it: “Click to download Tencent to eat Chicken, send luxury dress!”

On the same day, online media is overwhelmingly the news of Tencent eating chicken games, Tencent network propaganda ability can be seen.

On the same day, the download of Tencent chicken PC version was overwhelming. In the Internet cafes and Internet cafes all over the country, you can see the penguin eating chicken game everywhere.

Some players who are not playing online games, but also play the chicken hand game will also transfer, change to play computer to eat chicken.

Those who were originally eating chicken online games through the accelerator also returned to the national service genuine, and the popularity of the game was even higher.

The layout of Tencent game is not limited to this. The major live broadcast platforms, Tencent Live, Tiger Tooth, Betta, Panda, etc. all have dedicated the live channel of this game, and some high-traffic anchors cooperate with live broadcasts.

In a short period of time, the computer version of the chicken game, Tencent has become the leader. In the mobile game, is the popular “Desolate Battlegrounds”, the PC version is still in the internal test, not public beta.

Behind the silence of the Red Letter game is big explosion that is brewing!

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