BTC Chapter 45 : Internal Test

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“General Lu, I will sum up, there are three things in total!” Liang Song said.

“First, lack of money. If you want to make a good online game accelerator, you must have perfect hardware equipment. This is a lot of money. Then you have to invest the broadband cost, it is a big money.”

“Second, the computer room. Currently Red Letter only has the game room running, online game accelerator, you must have your own independent computer room, which is the server.”

“Third, the market forecast is not optimistic. At present, the domestic network situation is much better than the previous years, the demand for online game accelerator users is decreasing. In addition to the fast-paced accelerators such as Xunyou , the major companies have launched their own free online game accelerators. We compare to them without core competitiveness.”

Lu Zixin nodded and said: “The summary is good, I will give you three points a Answer.”

“The question of funds, list expenses, make a budget, I will look for financial approvals.”

“There is no need to worry about the equipment room. I have already bought it. It will arrive in a few days.”

“Third, the market is doing its best. Go and do the best.”

Liang Song nodded, and his heart was a little relieved. He was afraid that Lu Zixin was impulsive, wanted to do a project, refused to invest, and was afraid of losing money. It seems that General Lu has already planned it.

Lu Zixin plan is to put Red Letter recent profits into it. In fact, this approach is very dangerous. If a company does not have enough liquidity on the books, once the accident occurs and the capital chain breaks, it is likely to go bankrupt.

However, Lu Zixin is not afraid. He believes that the products made with the ability of Red Queen, can definitely produce a market!

In the days that followed, Red Letters Games Company entered a tight and busy state.

A week later, the official website of the “Desolate Battlegrounds” and the mobile game client issued an announcement: “Desolate Battlegrounds” PC-version game will open the beta test at 12:00 tomorrow, and players with internal test qualifications can enter and experience.

When the news came out, it immediately aroused the cheers of the loyal fans of “Desolate Battlegrounds”.

On the official website, the message is constant.

“Great, “Desolate Battlegrounds” finally came out of the PC version, and waited for a long time!”

“I have been waiting for the PC version, the computer can reflect the technology – although the mobile game is also very fun!”

“Free or charge?”

“How to grab the qualification for internal testing? @”Desolate Battlegrounds”.”

” Hope is more fun than “Jesus Survival: Great Escape”, I am tired of it!”

not only netizens, major game companies also noticed this news.

Red Letter games into the computer online games, means that the competition in this market has to increase!

Shanda Games, the company’s top management has issued an order, staring at the PC version of “Desolate Battlegrounds”, tomorrow, open beta, it is necessary to summarize the game experience, market evaluation and other aspects.

Perfect game, they are also the top five game companies in China, especially in PC online games, naturally also have to be prepared to keep an eye on the action of the Red Letter game tomorrow.

Sanqi, giants, tourists…

The  most concerned about is the Net One game company and the Tencent game company. After all, in this field, they are the dominant players.

The Red Letter game, as a latecomer, defeated them in the mobile game. Now that the Red Letter game has to be a computer online game, they naturally feel the pressure.

Net One game recently launched the “Wild Action” PC version, but this so-called PC version is actually a combination of mobile games and simulators, making rough, and “Jesus Survival: Big Escape” is a lot worse, the player evaluation is not high .

The Tencent game has already won the agency of “Jesus Survival: Great Escape”, the mobile game has been released, and the PC version will be launched soon. Now this hand of the Red Letter game is obviously to compete with them!

Therefore, the two game companies have specially set up a meeting for this matter, and strive for the quickest time to respond.

At noon the next day, at twelve o’clock.

Some loyal players of “Desolate Battlegrounds” have already waited in front of the computer. When the link to the internal test service comes out, they will download the demo.

Zhang Wei is one of them. Today is the day of vacation. He woke up at eleven noon, played mobile phone ink to twelve o’clock, and quickly climbed up to download the PC version of “Desolate Battlegrounds”.

“I am going, the resource pack is so big? Isn’t the memory enough?” Zhang Wei clicked to download, and the computer indicated that there was not enough disk space.

“The bigger the resource pack, the better the production.” Zhang Wei bit his teeth, and painfully deleted more than a dozen of his downloaded movies, which freed up memory.

He waited while playing with his mobile phone. It’s hard to download and install. He enters his own internal account and hurry to experience it.

The experience at the beginning was good, Zhang Wei said with excitement: “It’s still the “Desolate Battlegrounds” cow ratio, this operation is much more comfortable, and the degree of freedom is super high!”

After playing for a while, he found that there was a situation of carton, the computer host seems to be hot too.

“What the hell? Is it a BUG?” Zhang Wei quickly asked online.

He found customer service on the official website and asked why.

The customer service said: “Your situation is because the problem of computer configuration and the game do not match, the reference computer configuration is as follows…”

Zhang Wei looked, suddenly shouted: “F*ck, such a high configuration to play? My computer is fundamental Do not move!”

“This is forcing me to go to the Internet cafe to play?”

In a small Internet cafe, several middle school students have also encountered such a thing.

“Webmaster, how can this game not be played!” a student shouted.


“Not a problem with rebooting!” he stressed. “The game just got, the machine doesn’t move!”

The network management is a young man in his twenties who is in his twenties. He squats with the cigarette and comes over and drums up a few times. Said: “No, we can not take this Internet cafe.”

“What should I do? I managed to get the qualification for internal testing.”

“Go to the blue-blue Internet cafe over there, they are good.”

“Webmaster, you are not afraid of this. Was it expelled?” asked the student next to him.

“Open a fart, are you an adult? You don’t even have an ID card, don’t you go online here?”

Similar problems are constantly appearing, and netizens are complaining online.

“@”Desolate Battlegrounds” official, PC version of the configuration requirements are too high? My computer can play general games, you can not play!”

“I changed two Internet cafes today to play! But then again, production or Cattle fork!”

“How do you play this game? I still wait for the Tencent chicken online game!”

“@”Desolate Battlegrounds” official, I rub, you pay for my computer! I played for two hours, CPU burning Broken!”

“Garbage game, I haven’t finished downloading until 12 o’clock, and your internet speed is too garbage!”

“Upstairs mental retardation? Isn’t your internet speed not good?”

Faced with a series of complaints and suggestions The message, the official number has issued a new announcement.

“The “Desolate Battlegrounds” PC version has higher requirements for computer configuration. The recommended configuration is as follows…”

“For players who are temporarily unable to run normally, please wait a few days, we will launch the corresponding game accelerator, which will solve the player’s problem.”

“The players please don’t worry, this time is just a beta. It will be optimized when the service is officially opened, and it will definitely satisfy everyone!”

This is just a beta test, and the impact on the players is not great. However, in the game industry, all companies have seen the performance of the PC version of “Desolate Battlegrounds”, and they are relieved.

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