BTC Chapter 74 : Unstoppable

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Zuo Yu immediately convened company meeting with the core team to discuss and study, but there is no immediate and effective way. Now what they can do is to crack the Red Cloud’s Cloud host function as much as possible, and find their vulnerability or deficiency, and use it to maintain the status of 330.

When the Incognito 330 Network Science and Technology company was in a hurry, Red Letter was a happy atmosphere. The momentum of new products has already emerged. When there is such a software on most computers, Red Letter will also occupy a place in the highly competitive Internet industry!

Before that, they still have a lot of work to do. The simple version of the computer housekeeper user feedback function is not perfect, vulnerability and the like, need to make up.

Most importantly, the company also cooperates with the network information security department to check that the Cloud host function does not infringe the user’s computer and steal information.

In addition, some additional conditions have been reached, which is inconvenient. In short, it was successfully passed the review.

In a few days, the downloads of Red Letter computer housekeepers are climbing. A week later, the number of users of Red Letter Computer Manager exceeded Jinhai Software and became the fourth-ranked computer housekeeper operator in the country.

In front of Red Letter, it is the market share 7.1% thousand degrees, the market share 29.4% of Tencent and the market share 45.7% of Qibao 330.

Before the launch of Red Letter Computer Manager, the market share of these companies was even higher than a few points. Now, users are attracted to Red Letter Computer Manager to varying degrees.

This ratio is still being adjusted constantly. It is expected that in a week, the users of Red Letter will be able to exceed 1,000 degrees, ranking to the top three!

After a few months, it is hard to imagine it! It is not impossible to climb to the top!

And online media has also begun to comment on this phenomenon, Cloud host has become a hot word, frequently appear in the news word.

“Cloud host screen, do you know what it is?”

“The computer dealers jointly denounced Red Letter and the Cloud host caused the user’s computer demand to decrease?”

“People News: Encourage the development of autonomous Science and Technology like ‘Cloud host’ to contribute to the prosperity of motherland Science and Technology!”

“An expert: Cloud host technology is a major innovation of the network Science and Technology. It can be predicted that the future development direction of the network Science and Technology is cloud technology!”

The netizen found that this expert was one of the previous questions about the Red Letter Cloud host, so he sprayed him.

“What ‘brick home’, are you a hot spot?”

“Brain stuff, I can’t say a few days ago, now I am jealous, don’t want Bilian(X-N: blue lotus in english, but i not really understand chinese proverb)!”

“Everyone can say that this guy is an expert. I can do it on my own. Anyway, I am taking the opportunity to blow!”

“The Red Letter is a cow, I will use the software of Red Letter in the future!”


In Lu Zixin office, Zhu An, Liang Song and Su Zhirong are all there.

Liang Song said with a smile, “According to this momentum, computer housekeepers are more than a thousand degrees in the next month. However, it will take some time to exceed Tencent and 330, and their users are highly loyal.”

“After all, it’s an old established company, users are used to their products.” Lu Zixin nodded.

“The download volume has increased, and advertisers have a lot to talk about.” Zhu An is in a good mood. The main income of computer housekeepers comes from advertising expenses. The membership system charges are only a small part.

“Right, there are still some media who want to interview you and write some reports.”

Lu Zixin thought about it and said, “I still don’t want it. If i’m famous, I have to wear a mask when I go to the streets.”

In the Internet sector, some companies have high visibility among managers. They walked down the street and were recognized by passers-by and even made into emoticon packs and various ghost videos.

As the CEO of Red Letter, Lu Zixin is so young and has hundreds of millions of net worth, which will definitely be reported by the media. The words and deeds of the future will be magnified to the public, and they will always be polite and look tired. At least, he is not ready yet.

“My personal information, try not to spread it. Any media wants to report my affairs, refused. To report, can only report the company and company products. If there are any rumors on the network, we must deal with it in time, and they will be handed over to you anyway.” Lu Zixin confessed.

“Well, I think it’s better.” Zhu An nodded.

“I still have a few things…” They explained things to Lu Zixin and Lu Zixin quickly processed them.

This week, his physical fitness and thinking ability have been enhanced a little, and he himself is more adapted to this change.

“I really envy you, if I have your energy and efficiency,” Su Zhirong said slightly envious.

She is wearing a black slim dress today, there is no extra decoration, but the body and legs are the most beautiful decoration! The waistband, the simple ones, the straight legs and the pretty face’s face reveal an elegant and calm temperament.

“You don’t have to be tired of yourself,” Lu Zixin said. “Some things can be arranged for others to do!”

“I still don’t understand too much.” Su Zhirong touched her forehead and said, “It’s a little tired.”

Lu Zixin stood up and held her down and said, “Come and I will give you a massage.”

“Don’t dare, you are the boss!” Su Zhirong said with a smile.

“You even dare to bubble, what are you afraid of?” Lu Zixin held her forehead and massage it.

“It’s obviously you… where are you?”


The development of Red Letter has made some people feel the threat and affect their interests. From a positive perspective, no one can research the Cloud host yet. But on the negative side, something happened that was not conducive to the red letter.

From the second week onwards, some software download centers on the Internet have appeared a lot of fake software under the name of Red Letter computer housekeeper, Cloud host. After downloading, they are all virus or bundled advertising software.

In addition, the number of computer viruses has increased.

Someone has already discovered the flaws of the Red Letter computer housekeeper. The powerful red letter is the Cloud host function. However, computer housekeeping software, the most important is the computer security protection function.

If security is not working, users will definitely not choose this software. The computer housekeeper of Red Letter is not as safe as Qibao 330 and Tencent, causing users to start complaining.

While other companies were secretly happy, they found that the computer housekeepers of Red Letter soon launched the latest version to address the vulnerability that emerged. The speed at which they update is simply horrifying, and almost no big vulnerability can exist for more than 24 hours.

However the strangest thing is that the solution time for small vulnerability is longer. This is actually Lu Zixin intention to stay in order to train the team’s ability, and his own vulnerability must be studied by the R&D team.

“In two weeks, the market valuation has dropped by 20%!” Qiubao 330 Company, Zuo Yu deeply felt the frustration, which is a rare difficulty he has encountered since he started his career.

Two weeks ago, he was also very enthusiastic, and he was delighted that the company could be listed on the backdoor, and it was highly publicized in major media. But now, all media interviews have refused, Weibo has not been updated for two weeks.

In the face of netizens ridicule, he could not respond at all.

“The listing plan is postponed!” Zuo Yu is deeply sighed.

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