BTC Chapter 415 : Western World

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In the next few months, it was the busy days of Red Letter Group, all kinds of business, orders, cooperation is non-stop.

Moreover, China market supervision department also found Red Letter Group to discuss the issues of quantum computer and artificial intelligence market supervision, and to control it, so that Red Letter and a dozen computer companies have reached cooperation.

For example, the company sells superconducting quantum computer chips to Lianxiang Group, and develops superconducting quantum computers, it opens up some artificial intelligence intellectual property licenses to several large software development companies, at the same time, it signs export contracts with some large foreign companies.

Red Letter’s quantum computer is unique, but the management department will not allow only Red Letter Group to sell quantum computers, which is contrary to “anti-monopoly law.”

Therefore, Red Letter Group will learn from the practices of companies such as Intel, control core technologies, and sell core hardware such as chips. As a result, profitability will not be reduced, but it will also stand firmly in the industry!

A new company under Red Letter Group, Xiaoxiao Intelligent Technology Development Co., Ltd. was also established.

The company’s name is “Xiaoxiao” command, the core is the quantum brain, engaged in intelligent technology development, service and improvement.

As soon as the company was established, “Little AI Community” was launched on the Internet. Anyone who uses Red Letter Quantum Computer can enter the community.

In Little AI Community, each user can share their own intelligent usage, and various convenient or interesting usages have been developed by users, which has further promoted the development of Red Letter AI technology.

“Interestingly, this person actually came up with an artificial intelligence to compare photos and video beauty through comparison and calculation. It is estimated that ‘small elder sisters’ on the Internet are hating!” Lu Zixin is also visiting this community and found some interesting little features.

“Dad, there is this, there is a netizen who helped me design a dance movement, so interesting!” Hong Xiaoxiao is talking to him, she also has identity on the Internet, and sometimes chats with other people in the community.

No one has realized that chatting with them is a smart life that is still growing. They think that Hong Xiaoxiao is a real person.

“I see, a little bit of this person!” Lu Zixin nodded.

When he communicated with Hong Xiaoxiao, Lu Zixin’s cell phone ringed and the caller ID was projected in front of him.

“Xu Xiuying?” Lu Zixin saw the caller ID, some doubts.

Xu Xiuying has been coming to the mainland for two years from Baodao. In the past two years, she has been working for Pengyun Automobile Co., Ltd. it is said that she also got a senior international mechanical engineer certificate and held an important position in Pengyun Automobile. These are all based on her own efforts and have nothing to do with Lu Zixin.

Lu Zixin took the call and heard Xu Xiuying with Mandarin in Baodao accent: “President Lu, are you busy? If you are busy, I will find you later.”

“Not busy, I am playing computer.” Lu Zixin said, “Do you have anything?”

“Well, there is no major event, just want to invite you to drink, are you free?” Xu Xiuying asked.

“I don’t believe it. Last time you said that, the result is not something?” Lu Zixin remembered, when she came to the mainland to find a job.

“Then you are coming or not? I will wait for you!”

“Well, where are you going to treat me?” Lu Zixin readily agreed, staying in the office all day long was a bit stuffy, just go out and have a chat.

Xu Xiuying is unrestrained and unconventional. She is a good drinker. The premise is that she does not drink too much on the road. After coming to the mainland, she has been educated by traffic police department several times.

“Well, Master, get off here.” At night, next to a street in Pengcheng, Lu Zixin came down from taxi.

Unlike other big business presidents, Lu Zixin is not very flustered about business activities, and corporate affairs are also handed over to subordinates.

Anyway, there is a black Science and Technology in hand, and the company will not lose money. In his spare time, Lu Zixin prefers to play games, eat, travel, watch movies and listen to songs, just like ordinary people.

Even traveling, he now likes to travel alone. As for personal safety issues, he is also prepared. When he travels, he uses the Mini Iron Man with artificial intelligence monitoring, and with his genetically modified physical fitness, there is basically no accident.

If you go out with a bunch of bodyguards every time, life is too boring.

“Are you there?” On the phone, Xu Xiuying asked.

“Come on, I am at the crossroads here.”

“You don’t see a fast hotel. Going along that road for a few tens of meters, there is a western bar, I am inside.”

Lu Zixin followed her tips and found the bar.

The Western Bar is not a jealousy, but a personalized bar with a Western American cinema style.

Lu Zixin only entered the door, a Bunny girl’s projection appeared at the door, gave him a passionate kiss and said: “Mr. Cowboy, welcome to the West Bar!”

“Smart technology?” Lu Zixin felt a little novelty. When he walked in, he found that in addition to the western style, the customers mostly wore western dresses, denim pants, and even model guns at the waist.

In addition, there are artificial intelligence cowboys chatting with guests and bragging about their heroic deeds.

This bar is very avant-garde and has applied artificial intelligence technology for bar business. Lu Zixin casually looked at it. The consumption here is not low. It costs thousands yuan to buy some wine, but there are also many customers. It seems that they also like this novel consumption place.

“Hey, pretty boy, here.” Xu Xiuying saw Lu Zixin and shouted at him.

Xu Xiuying and a group of friends are chatting around a sofa.

Xu Xiuying 1.7m is a few tall, dyed brown hair, light blue pupils, dark eyeshadow, and the delicate face of the mixed blood is more attractive under the light.

She is also dressed in a pair of western cowboys, a pair of high boots, and the upper end of the large long legs of the wheat is an attractive arc wrapped in ultra-short jeans.

Deliberately untied two buttoned plaid shirts, a brown dome cowboy hat, she also likened the gun, shot Lu Zixin, the killing power is amazing!

At least Lu Zixin saw that none of the men around him didn’t put their eyes on her.

“I knew that it was a western style, I also changed into a cowboy!” Lu Zixin walked over and said.

He wore a casual style casual dress on the spot, which was a bit out of tune with the theme.

“It doesn’t matter, you are so handsome!” With Xu Xiuying, a girl stood up and greeted Lu Zixin.

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