BTC Chapter 416 : Unmanned startups

Edited: XiaXue

This girl and Xu Xiuying are almost the same age, can also play a seven or eight points, the same cowboy dress, looking at Lu Zixin with a curious look.

In her opinion, Lu Zixin is still relatively handsome and temperament, so she took the initiative to know.

“Hello, my name is Zhao Qiaoqiao, Xiuying’s sisters.” The girl reached out.

“Lu Zixin, um, Xu Xiuying’s friend.” Lu Zixin shook hands with her, and Zhao Qiaoqiao pinched his back and praised: “Your muscles are really hard, must exercise regularly?”

“Occasionally.” Lu Zixin has already seen that this Zhao Qiaoqiao is very interested and wants to marry him, but he is not cold to Zhao Qiaoqiao.

“Well, sit down and talk.” Xu Xiuying greeted, “What kind of wine to drink, just point, I treat.”

Lu Zixin sat down and met each other with her friends. There are five people including herself, three men and two women.

They didn’t particularly feel excited when they saw Lu Zixin. It seems that Xu Xiuying did not tell them Lu Zixin’s identity, otherwise they would never be so calm.

“Brother, I heard that you are also a car and driverless?” A man raised his glass to him.

“Almost, I’m researching computers, artificial intelligence, I’ve done games before,” Lu Zixin said.

“Listen to Xiuying said, your company is very powerful…” The man’s words have not been finished yet, Xu Xiuying interrupted him and said: “First drink, these things will be said.”

“Well, drink first, play games? Take cards or dice?”

Taking advantage of the gap in the game, Lu Zixin grabbed Xu Xiuying’s arm and whispered, “Small girl, are you really asking me to drink?”

“Cough.” Xu Xiuying was drinking, she coughed twice as she heard this.

Then she put her head in Lu Zixin’s ear and said softly: “Sorry, my friends are doing startups. I have a little difficulty, I used to drink with them and brag about it… Please help me.”

Lu Zixin shook his head helplessly and said, “I know it’s not that simple!”

“It won’t be difficult for you, you will have to deal with it, I have not told them your identity!” Xu Xiuying said.

“You are really bold!” Lu Zixin said, and now there are few people who dare to pull him to do this kind of thing.

As Red Letter Group became more and more prosperous, the people around him became more and more respectful to him. Not to mention classmates and friends, that is his relatives and elders, who are also very different from him and respect his ideas and opinions.

“Do you help?” Xu Xiuying squinted a pair of phoenix eyes and looked at him with angry look.

“Help.” Lu Zixin finished, she smiled beautifully, the hot lips like a burning rose.

“Enough loyalty, I respect you!” Xu Xiuying took the initiative to drink a glass of wine, Lu Zixin also took a drink.

“Hey, how do you both talk about yourself, play together!” Zhao Qiaoqiao took the opportunity to sit next to Lu Zixin, her sexy body and her closeness, the big white legs under the lights are dazzling, intentionally or unintentionally wiped Lu Zixin.

“Hey, play and play, don’t lick oil, he has a wife!” Xu Xiuying said Zhao Qiaoqiao.

“Cut, you are sitting closer than me!” Zhao Qiaoqiao gave him a blank look. “Moreover, I don’t fall in love with him, handsome, you say yes?”

In the face of such an open sister, Lu Zixin was a little scared, and said: “Please ignore me.”

Opposite, the three men, see the two big women in the group are sitting next to Lu Zixin, the left and right hold is jealous, immediately pull the topic back.

“Buddy, we haven’t finished it yet. We will officially introduce it. We are all forward-starting companies. I am the CEO and technical director of company, Ji Fan.” Among the three, the one sitting in the middle said.

He seems to be less than thirty years old, wearing a pair of red letter smart glasses, talking quickly.

The two people next to Ji Fan also introduced themselves, the fat one is called Zhang Wei, the thin one is called Kong Guanyu.

“You start your own business! Great, powerful!” Lu Zixin praised, the three are young people, dare to start their own business, courage are worthy of praise.

“Generally.” Ji Fan said with modesty, “A small company, now only a dozen employees. But the projects we have done are not bad, driverless car is very promising.”

Zhang Wei next to him asked: “Lu Zixin, listen to Xu Xiuying, your company is doing artificial intelligence services, and there is research on driverless driving, right?”

“Yeah, there is one thing.” Lu Zixin nodded.

Red Letter Software Development Co., Ltd. had previously had an unmanned project, but it was later cut off. The main reason is that the personnel and technology investment should be placed on other artificial intelligence. This project has not progressed for a long time, and it has been cut down.

The current Red Letter artificial intelligence also has a little service related to driverless driving, but it is not really unmanned.

“Is it?” Ji Fan and the other three looked at each other and saw some doubts from the other side’s eyes.

They had known Xu Xiuying at a meeting in the automotive industry before, and later became familiar with them. After a drink, they mentioned that their company had some technical problems.

At that time, Xu Xiuying, who had drunk more, patted her chest and promised that she had a friend who could solve these problems. So, she had a meeting today.

But from the current performance, Lu Zixin has not revealed which company his company is, and what he does. So they are very skeptical, this guy is Xu Xiuying pulled over to make up the number, can not help anything.

“I am very interested in your unmanned startups. I can take the liberty to ask, what level are you doing now? Is the driverless car driving automatically on the street?” Lu Zixin asked curiously.

“Of course!” Ji Fan directly affirmed, “Our company’s currently unmanned System has enabled small cars to be unmanned on fixed lines! Have you walked through the Pengcheng International Airport to the XX Hotel? ”

“Our driverless car was there for a week before it was tried and it was quite successful!”

He only finished proudly, Xu Xiuying poured a cold water on him and said: “The result is not hit!”

“You bumped into people?” Lu Zixin was surprised, if it hits people, that’s not a trivial matter!

“I didn’t hit someone, I killed a pet dog!” Ji Fan reluctantly said, “The pet dog did not obey the traffic rules and rushed straight out. Our radar detection system did not respond, and it was directly killed.”

“You said it was troublesome, and it made investors think that our system has a problem, and 10 million that was supposed to be voted was not invested!”

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