MST Chapter 212 : Preparation for shooting

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After Ye Guang sent Yiyi to Kindergarten, he went to work at the company.

He went out to shoot for half a month, and the people got tanned. The studio staff were surprised to see him.

“Advisor Ye, you are back.”

“Advisor Ye, welcome back.”

“Hey, Advisor Ye, are you going to the South Africa? It’s so dark.”

“The black spots are good and more manly.”


The employees greeted and laughed at Ye Guang.

“Why didn’t President Liu come today?” Some employees asked.

Ye Guang explained, “President Liu is a little uncomfortable today. Today she is resting at home. Everyone works as usual.”

Back at the office, Ye Guang turned on the computer and connected the camera used for shooting out to the computer. He needed to sort out some videos and pictures for framing.

The pictures, materials and some data that originally found on the Internet have been sorted out. Now I have all these materials for shooting out. After all these taken out, the documentary he wants to make will be completed. The rest is speech and recording the program.

It took him a morning to pick and choose all the pictures and materials used to hand it over to Ruan Qiwu from editing staff, and asked them to make slides of these materials in the order he requested. It’s difficult. Ye Guang can do it himself, but he’s not very skilled, and each profession has a professional talents. Studio has professional talents that can improve efficiency and ensure quality. Ye Guang doesn’t need to do it himself.

When Ye Guang handed the material to Ruan Qiwu. Ye Guang also asked about the small animation of pm2.5 that he requested early before the journey to the west completed.

“Don’t worry, Advisor Ye. It’s already done. Small animation, it’s not difficult.”

Ye Guang nodded, “Yes, then you put this animation together with these materials into a slideshow. I have sorted them out. Just press this one. When will it be ready?”

Ruan Qiwu thought about it, “It won’t be long, this is easy. It can be done in an hour or two.”

Ye Guang nodded, “That’s OK, you call me later.”

After explaining to Ruan Qiwu, Ye Guang found Shang Shan, let him arrange large conference room in studio for follow-up shooting.

Dream World’s recording under the sky has a small stage, similar to a press conference, but Ye Guang didn’t intend to copy it. It doesn’t matter how the form is. He has no energy to go through the whole thing.The large conference room in studio is spacious enough, and the hardware hardware facilities such as projectors, speakers and amplifier already available, and you can start shooting with a camera.

In the afternoon, Ye Guang bit his pen and immersed himself in writing the speech for the shooting. He has already written a long paragraph, some of which are quotes from Dream World Chai Jing, and some is his own organization. After all, there’s deviations in two worlds, and it’s impossible to copy them all. It’s only possible to write the most appropriate speech according to actual situation.

At the same time, Ye Guang speech  also pay special attention to the scale. Chai Jing in Dream World directly focused at disease. What can be said and can’t be said is said. Ye Guang don’t want to touch those sensitive issues, he just want to spread the concept of PM2.5 to public, let the masses pay attention to, can be protected. As for the fundamental issues and how the country is governed, it’s not the problem he needs to consider. The film that Ye Guang is about to make is not consistent with Dream World except for the concept. It’s to popularize pm2.5 to general public. The others are basically different. Strictly speaking, this is no longer a documentary, it’s more inclined to pure science video.

After written the speech was. Ye Guang took a closer look and reorganized it for a long time, and finally nodded with satisfaction.

After reading the entire manuscript, Ye Guang stuffed the manuscript into the shredder.

Ye Guang has Highly Retentive Memory skill. After he seen it, he didn’t worry about forgetting the content of the line when shooting. Plus, The Gift of Gab and Singer’s Excellent Emotions and Voice skill, shooting similar to a speech is not a problem.

Around four o’clock, Ye Guang took the slides Ruan Qiwu made into the large conference room. He had already seen the finished film and it did a good job. When shooting, Ye Guang only needs to hold a small remote control. Can control the slide show to pause or play the next picture, which can fit the rhythm of his talk very well.

The camera has been set up and everything is ready.

The employees Ye Guang wants to record the program. They have already known what Ye Guang did during this period of time, and vaguely knows that Ye Guang is going to record a film about pollution, but Ye Guang didn’t talk to them in detail. So everyone doesn’t know much.

All employees gathered in the large conference room spontaneously and sat down in the auditorium that was originally arranged. The lax studio employees also released the news that Ye Guang want to record a show early, so the property staff and several security guards who were not on duty also came.

Ye Guang: “What are you doing here?”

“Watch your recording.” Some employees said naturally.

Ye Guang smiled bitterly. “I didn’t let you see it, I just record it myself.”

Originally, Ye Guang planned to record alone. Turn on the camera, sing a one-man show alone, and without the audience. Even if this will affect final films quality. However, he couldn’t think the consequences of this film. In order to prevent it from happening, he tried his best to do this by himself. Although the studio staff were helpful in all aspects. He would erased their traces, and only one name will appear on the final list of directors, actors, and cameras – Ye Guang.

It’s not Ye Guang is too cautious, but he can’t predict the consequences of this film’s when released. The documentary of Chai Jing in Dream World has just revealed pm2.5, and the masses have already caused such a big response. And this sensation turned into some negative influences, and eventually blocked. And in his world, the masses still in the state of ignorance about PM2.5. It’s difficult to predict how this film will have impact to country, but also unpredictable whether he will be implicate. So, he can only take all the responsibility to put on himself. This film is only personal act. It’s absolutely can’t involve other studio staff and Youxianqi entertainment has nothing to do with it!

This is what Ye Guang has realized and has already done well.

“Why don’t you let us watch it. How can you record a program? How can you do it without audience? Advisor Ye, let us see it. We are also curious. Besides, isn’t it just for people to see when you shoot.”

The employee said to Ye Guang.

Ye Guang thought about it and nodded, “Good, if you want to see it, look at it. Pay attention to discipline. Don’t make noise and affect the shooting.” Then, Ye Guang waved to three brothers of sea, land and air, “You adjust the camera position. Try not to capture audience face and arrange the outsiders who are easily caught by the lens to sit there.”

This made three brothers of sea, land and air puzzled. Wei Haijun asked, “Why?”

Ye Guang’s said with stern face, “Let’s you do it, just do it. Which so many why!”

The three brothers followed Ye Guang instructions.

After a while, everything is ready. The audience has seated, camera is ok. Ye Guang in place and the slideshow connected to screen.

Pulling up the curtains and blackout curtains. The room instantly plunged into darkness like night time. Only the screen shining with some light, and the not bright light above Ye Guang head turned on. It’s illuminating the podium of several square meters where he was.

“Shooting starts!”

With a single order, the shooting officially began!

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