MST Chapter 255 : Second Episode Broadcast

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The next day, after having breakfast at the resort, Ye Guang led the crew back to the city.

Heavenly King Liu and other guests went straight to the airport. No way, they were all too busy at work.

Ye Guang still working in person for video editing work of this episode, but with the last experience, other editors also ‘touched’ some ‘doors’. This time, Ye Guang didn’t have much work and the editing work completed smoothly.

It’s Saturday again.

The days when the second episode broadcasted.

Before the show broadcasted, Ye Guang received a call from his parents.

“Son, what about your show today? Neighbors in the neighborhood asked about it, saying that your show is good and everyone likes it. They also keep complimenting on your ability.”

Father and Mother mood is very good. Since last week running man aired, it also stained with Ye Guang’s face. As long as the neighbors see his parents, they have to say a few words. Of course, the topic of conversation can’t separated from Ye Guang. This makes the saving face Father and Mother suddenly feel to have a light on their face. Son is promising, the big guy has praised, and the second elders were also happy.

At nights

Countless viewers have been guarding the TV for a long time, whether they have watched the first issue or have not watched it, they are all looking forward to it.

Naturally, I still want to see what I have seen, and I also want to find out if I haven’t seen it. This week, the popularity of Running Man has been unabated. Everyone talks about it every day, but they have never seen it before, watching other viewers who have seen it. They have been chatting all the time, and through a few words, their heart is tickled. Besides, now everyone is talking about Running Man. If you not have anything to do and want to talk in work and school on weekdays, but everyone goes to watch it and you don’t watch it. At that time, what did you chat with your colleagues and classmates?

The most important thing is that if you miss the show, you will miss it. You can’t see the rebroadcast. There is no online version. Now if you don’t watch it, you can’t see it. Who knows what Beijing Satellite TV and Youxianqi “pumping” style, actually don’t sell online copyright.

The second episode of the program was officially aired.

“Come on, come, finally come.”

“Wow, so many beautiful ‘female’ guests.”

“Fuck! Ye Guang is really shameless, why he and Goddess Liu paired? it really Is the first to get the moon near the water platform, MMP! I can’t bear it.”

“Hahaha, I laughed to death. Xu Chen is so funny and can really enjoy it. Others are working hard to find True Emotions Water, but he and Wan Hua are enjoying a cold drink.”


When the program was broadcast, countless viewers in front of the TV is leaning forward and backward with laughter. Many viewers often make jokes when watched it with family or friends. I have to say that Running Man is really good show. It is suitable for both men and women of all ages and can bring a lot of joy to the audience.

The whole show was full of laughter. Many viewers with low laughter points grinned almost a few minutes after the show was broadcast. They laughed until their cheeks were sore, but they still couldn’t close their mouths.

“Luo Yu is great, Zhong Jing is man!”

“It’s amazing! My ‘female’ gods, they are better than the male guests. Haha, Xu Chen is right, really can’t provoke ‘female’. This fighting power… tsk tsk.”

“I used to think that they are all ‘female’ gods, but now I know that they are all ‘female’ men, and Goddess Liu image in my heart has been subverted.”

“It’s really enjoyable, the Six Kingdoms War. According to this plot, you can make a war movie. It’s the king of routines.”

The audience watched and laughed then complained. Many viewers who liked to send dynamics couldn’t help to update their Weibo about Running Man when the show was broadcast. However, this update is endless, because there are too many jokes that I want to complaint and share. The previous Weibo has just finished, and the next joke or highlight can’t help but want to send it out.

The show was played and came to an end. Just as everyone had a good laugh and was about to finish watching the last point, I didn’t expect to see another point of view.

“Fuck! Ye Guang is really not afraid of being killed by Goddess Liu fans.”

“He actually put a ring on Goddess Liu, damn it! Also on the ring finger, I’m so mad.”

“Please tell me Ye Guang address, I will send him a blade! One box! ”

“Acting! Just acting! This is just acting! It’s just acting! Calm, calm, forbearance and tolerance is over, son-of-a-bitch, can’t endure! Where is Ye Guang? I want to marry him! ”

“At the beginning of the show, when Ye Guang and Goddess Liu paired, I wanted to make complaints. I didn’t expect the show to come again at the end. I’m so angry.”

Of course, these are all jokes made by viewers and netizens. They all understand that this is just a program. When it’s not true, the complaint is just fun. No one will really sends a blade to Ye Guang because of this or something.

The second episode finished.

Most of the audience still have some ideas. Why can’t you broadcast such a good show more? Not enough to watch!

To this end, there are many netizens who specialize in ‘door’ @Beijing Satellite TV @Ye Guang on Weibo, asking for more multicast programs.

When Ye Guang saw the news, he was a little bit happy, and felt a little… Uh, helpless. I have seen some urged the novels, and I have also seen they urged online videos, but the TV station has a more fixed time variety show. This is the first time.

In this regard, In this regard, Yeguang just wants to say, you just want to urge, add more and I lose! Doing a show is not like writing novels. It can be urged wherever you are. Besides, we are not the conscience author of the novel “My Star Teacher” that Liu Chiyan used to relieve her boredom. It’s no need to urge the updates, he will consciously add more!

(Official complaint: shameless!)

After the program was broadcast in the evening, Beijing satellite TV’s deputy director, Zhang Zhi, was in an organization called the “Telecommunications Bureau”,  which is a subordinate department of the Media Management Bureau. First let’s introduce Media Management Bureau, Media Management Bureau is not the management of media, Media Management Bureau full name is General Administration of Media. It has a very large scope of functions. The management of all media things nationwide, what TV station, Radio station, news media, newspapers, internet platforms, TV dramas, movies, radio, novels, magazines and so on. As long as it is related to the media,  as long as the things that are ‘made’ is for the audience to see, and there are audiences to see, then all belong to his jurisdiction. I believe we also know what this institution is, it similar to… in a harmonious society, the name is not mentioned.

Telecommunications Office is a subordinate institution of Media Management Bureau, whose main function is to count the ratings of national TV stations and radio stations. Each TV station is independent, and the TV stations themselves cannot count the ratings. Every day, the national TV broadcast media’s audience ratings are counted by this organization and will be announced the next day. However, except for people in the industry, few people will pay attention to this organization. The general audience know that a program or a TV station ratings, most of them are known only through media or TV station announcements.

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