MST Chapter 201 : Stabbing in the Back

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On the way back, because Teacher Fan enlightened Ye Guang, his mood became good. Although there were a lot of troubles recently, but there was no thorn in my heart, the others were nothing.

I remember that Liu Chiyan likes to drink milk tea from the milk tea shop across the street from People’s Square. The hospital is not far from People’s Square. Ye Guang specially detoured to buy a batch of milk tea. Well, why do you say a batch? Because Ye Guang brought for Studio employees. In the past two days, the employees were worried for him. Ye Guang was grateful for their love.

That’s what I said, but Ye Guang still felt a bit painful when he paid the money. He paid for the milk tea personally. With his pocket money of a few hundred yuan a month, it was a big bleeding.

More than 20 cups, it’s a problem to carry it. Fortunately, the little sister in the milk tea shop is enthusiastic, hehe… it may also because he’s good looking, or because he drove a good car, the milk tea shop’s little sister helped Ye Guang get all the milk tea to the car. After several trips, the little sister of the milk tea shop kept talking with Ye Guang without a word, which made Ye Guang become more confident about his looks, so he directly excluded milk tea. He directly ruled out the tea shop little sister is because of enthusiasm or because he drove a good car, people think he is rich.

Back to the company, Ye Guang greeted several employees to help distribute the milk tea in the car to everyone. The employees were surprised by Ye Guang’s sudden hospitality and the flying face.

“What’s wrong with Scourge Ye? It seems to be in a good mood.”

“Yes, he treat everyone to drink milk tea.”

“I saw him slumped in the morning, and he changed after going out.”

“Isn’t online public opinion changed?”

Some employees immediately check the Internet.

“No, still scolding him.”

“Then what’s wrong with him? Don’t be irritated by the stimulus and break your brain. This is abnormal.”

“Hey, why don’t you expect someone to order good.”

“Uh, just kidding, just kidding.”


Upstairs office.

Ye Guang took the cup to Liu Chiyan, “Liu’er, brought you milk tea, people’s square.”

Liu Chiyan took over and watched Ye Guang’s face without a gloom. She couldn’t help but curiously ask, “You…”

Ye Guang knows what she wants to ask, smiles, “When I went to the hospital, Teacher gave me a lesson. I figured it out and worried you.”

Liu Chiyan glimpsed, then smiled and smiled brightly. Ye Guang can get out of this horn tip. Apart from Luminous, she was the happiest person. She still remembers the frowning uneasiness when Ye Guang’s sleep last night. Liu Chiyan’s heartbroken at the time, but she can’t do anything. Unexpectedly, today, Ye Guang went out to breathe. Ye Guang went to the hospital, but his teacher explained it to him. Liu Chiyan couldn’t help but think that Ye Guang would go to the hospital again, and she must follow up to see Ye Guang teacher, thank you very much for his old man.

In the afternoon, after school time.

Ye Guang went to Kindergarten to pick up Yiyi.

I don’t know why, Teacher Liu looks at Ye Guang’s eyes. Ye Guang always feels a little weird. Ye Guang didn’t care too much, but Teacher Liu wanted to ask Ye Guang for an autograph last time, but this time she didn’t ask for it.

Yiyi also saw that Ye Guang is not the same as yesterday morning, she is also curious, “Ye Guang, are you finally happy?”

Ye Guang smiled and picked up Yiyi, “Yes, because I ate the lollipop that Yiyi gave yesterday.”

“Cheat.” Yiyi obviously didn’t believe it, but her face was full of smiles. Obviously she was satisfied with Ye Guang’s answer. Anyway, Ye Guang is happy. Ye Guang is happy, and Yiyi is happy.

Unconsciously, Ye Guang has begun to influence Yiyi.

Ye Guang is not only affecting Yiyi, oh, it should be said that Ye Guang’s involvement in the jump event is not just an impact on himself.

At this time, in an office of CCTV, two people are talking.

“Director, yesterday’s Journey to the West storytelling program has a somewhat declining ratings. Just over 1, I guess it’s related to the jump event that involved Ye Guang.”

The director sitting behind the desk was a little apprehensive and nodded, “Well, this matter is very hot on the Internet.”

“I’m afraid… the ratings will fall tonight. After all, things have fallen since yesterday, and I’m afraid they will fall even more today. I’m afraid this fall will not stop.”

The director frowned, and the man continued.

“Director, the online review of Ye Guang is not very good, many people reject him, so it also hurts this program. If the ratings drop and the audience resists Ye Guang, we also broadcast him. Isn’t the program not so good? Director, if it’s not working, we can consider stopping this show for a while to see the trend of public opinion. But Director, you don’t have to worry about stopping the show and not having a new show on top. I just have a show. …not bad.”

The director looked at the person who spoke and said, “Let’s see it first.”

“Well, Director, you think about it, I will go out first.”

the other side.

Provincial Writers Association.

“Leadership,  I said before, this hairy boy is not you can see. You see, only in a few days. He violently hit the shop, even forcing people to Jump into river. This kind of person has a serious lack of character. It turns out, he hides well and deceived leadership, but now his ugly face is exposed. Leadership, I suggest we immediately kicked out this shameless villain from our team. I believe most of my colleagues and I think is consistent, don’t want to associate with such brutal shameless people.”

The leader frowned, “You can see clearly the thing about jumping into the river, but you can’t see it clearly. It doesn’t matter to Comrade Ye Guang.”

“How to deal with him… well, even if this has nothing to do with him, what about his smashing the shop and beating the security guard? Although he has a reason on Weibo, no matter how he explains it, it can’t cover up that he is a brutal violent. He threatened me, saying that I’m not a woman, and he’s going to beat me. He is a savage villain. Now everyone is screaming at him on the Internet. Leader, kick him out of the team. This kind of person is in our province. In the team of Writers Association, that is to shame us and discredit the Provincial Writers Association.”

The leader was silent, “Writer Kong, I know your opinion, but expelling a member of the provincial association is not a simple decision. I will carefully consider your opinion. Writer Kong, if there is nothing wrong, go back first.”

Yes, it’s obvious that Kong Xiulian who spoke ill of Ye Guang in front of leader of Provincial Writers Association.

Kong Xiulian: “Well, then leader I go first, leader you to think about it, you must think about it, get rid of the borers early, so that our team will be innocent as soon as possible.”

Ye Guang is still completely ignorant of these things. I didn’t know someone stabbed him in the back so soon.

Of course, even if Ye Guang knows it’s useless, he can’t be the master of CCTV or Provincial Writers Association.

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