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Shang Shan acting skills were perfect, and his innocent and ignorant face instantly made everyone point the finger at Ye Guang.

“Humph! Push, you continue to push to see who you can push the blame on.” Zhong Jing contemptuously said.

Lan Bao: “Ye Guang,  I found that you are getting worse and worse. We don’t even talk about the entrapment, but you still push it to the director.”

He Xing: “Yes, the director looks so good and honest. Without your instruction, the director will not let us jump into mud pool.”

Heavenly King Liu also responded, “Yes, yes, how good director is.”

A group of guests attacked Ye Guang.

Liu Chiyan couldn’t help but tremble with a smile on the side. Others didn’t believe in Ye Guang, but she knew it. Ye Guang is banned with her, so there is no time to control the program’s regulations.

Ye Guang looked at Shang Shan fiercely, gritted his teeth and helpless. So many people were there, Ye Guang couldn’t really go straight up to Shang Shan. Ye Guang said, we still want face, isn’t it just a man? A man ‘chest’ embraces the world, and doesn’t care about them in general.

Xia Hai also smiled secretly, and whispered to Shang Shan ear, “Old Shang, really, you are not afraid of Scourge Ye to find you later?”

Shang Shan also secretly smiled, “Cut, I will be afraid of him? Besides, even if he settles it, it is also later. Now, I see see him deflated, my heart is also comfortable.” Shang Shan narrowed his eyes with a smile, so that Ye Guang can eat such a large deflated and there is nowhere to vent, this kind of opportunity is not many.


The program continues to record.

Shang Shan: “The two team members will use the method of ‘drawing’ lots.  Each team selected one member to be the catcher to catch the ducks. The other members put on elastic bands to bring the ducks caught by the catcher back to the cage, and finally the team with the largest number of ducks will wins.”

After hearing the game rules clearly, the players from the two team were “drawing” lots.

Lan Bao as the catcher in the red team draw, and Liu Chiyan in the blue team draw.

Liu Chiyan and Lan Bao took the lead in the mud pool.

Not to mention, although Liu Chiyan is Heavenly Queen, but there is no arrogance and idol baggage, facing the gray mud pool, Liu Chiyan went down without frowning.

Ye Guang, Xu Chen, and Zhong Jing tied the elastic band at the starting point with the help of the staff. After tied the elastic band, the three of them went down into the mud pool together.

“Hey, it’s really not shallow. ” Ye Guang said, “Thanks to the mud, the mud is relatively thin, otherwise I won’t be able to pull it out.”

Xu Chen got into play, he kept stepping back and forth in the mud, “It’s still quite cool when I step on it, haha.”

On the other half, the  three members of Red Team have not come down yet.

Zhong Jing turned around and shouted, “You come down.”

Heavenly King Liu hand waved to them on the shore, saying to wait a moment, and then turned around and said something to Kim Tae-seo.

The elastic belts of Heavenly King Liu and He Xing already fastened. but Kim Tae-seo still not attached. Heavenly King Liu and him have been talking about something. There is a writing distance between them. Liu Tianwang seems to have deliberately lowered his voice, so Ye Guang and others can’t hear.

“What’s the situation?” Xu Chen muttered.

Although I can’t hear what Heavenly King Liu and Kim Tae-seo are talking about, seeing the expressions of the two and He Xing standing there with his arms akimbo helplessly, everyone feels something is wrong.

“What’s the matter?” Ye Guang shouted.

Heavenly King Liu turned around again, smiled bitterly, waved at Ye Guang, motioned him to pass.

Ye Guang, Xu Chen and Zhong Jing, the three-stretched elastic band are connected together, so the three men went up to the shore and untied the elastic rope.

Ye Guang walked over and asked with some ‘confused’, “What’s wrong?”

Heavenly King Liu smiled bitterly, and said, “That… Kim Tae-seo didn’t want to go down.”

Ye Guang startled, “Why?”

Heavenly King Liu didn’t talk, Kim Tae-seo himself took over and spoke in substandard Mandarin, “What your show is doing? How dirty and dark this mud pool is, how many bacteria and germs there are, how can you design something like this? What about the game? I reject this game. Anyway, I won’t go down, or you will change the game link.”

Ye Guang stunned and looked at Heavenly King Liu.

Ye Guang felt a little bit angry. Originally, he didn’t have a good impression of Korea artists. If it weren’t because of a misunderstanding of the “yin” and wrong “yang” that made Kim Tae-seo appear on the show, it’s impossible for Ye Guang to take the initiative to find Korea artists for his own program, because of the cooperative relationship with Beijing Satellite TV, due to the love of Beijing satellite TV, Ye Guang just tolerated it and didn’t change him.

Ye Guang wanted to endure it, but Kim Tae-seo from the beginning of the show, playing big cards, didn’t want to go into mud pool? Just you love to be clean? Do you have the burden of idols? How can you do this?

Heavenly King Liu, a ten-year-old veteran Heavenly King, will his face be smaller than you? Why doesn’t Heavenly King Liu have a BB?

Heavenly Queen Liu, the national goddess, she must say who should have the burden of idols the most, but this “female” guest went down without frowning. She is still standing in the quagmire, why didn’t people say bullshit?

There are also He Xing, Xu Chen, Lan Bao, Zhong Jing, just picks anyone. Although they are not as popular as Heavenly King Liu and Liu Chiyan, they are all stars, but who has said a word?

To be honest, Ye Guang is really angry. If you don’t love coming, don’t come, it’s your own. Now, you don’t cooperate with the show. What kind of trouble is this?

Really hypocritical!

However, Ye Guang hold down his anger, it’s not easy to tear his face directly. After Kim tae-seo complained and complained, Ye Guang stayed quiet for several seconds to suppress his anger, and then said, “Sorry, maybe you don’t know much about our program. Our program format is like this. To participate in this program, you can’t have too much idol baggage. What we want to present to the audience is joy from the heart. Use our joy to bring the audience joy.”

Kim Tae-seo pulled his haircut and said, “Of course I know this show. If it’s some other links, I won’t refuse it, but this mud pool is really not good. I personally have a slight cleanliness, so let’s change the game links.”

Ye Guang’s anger in the heart rose again. I don’t know why, in the face of Korea man like Kim Tae-seo, his fire seems to rise quickly, like dry wood hitting a raging fire. Ye Guang is upset by seeing him, so he gets angry easily. Of course, there is another possible reason.

Who makes you so handsome than us!

Ye Guang’s face has faded, but he still suppresses the anger in his heart, “The program regulations have been set long ago. Unless there is force majeure, it is impossible for other reasons or a certain guest to make changes.” Ye Guang said that, then he pointed at Liu Chiyan who was still standing in mud pool, “Goddess Liu still has wounds on her body today. She is not afraid of the dirt or of bacteria or germs in the mud pool just because she is wounded. What are you afraid of as a big man?”

Kim Tae-seo frowned, and what Ye Guang said made him a little embarrassed.

Indeed, it is indeed embarrassing that a dignified man is still like a “female” stream.

Ye Guang’s words made Kim Tae-seo a little embarrassed and unhappy, but Kim Tae-seo still shook his head, “No, these are two different things. Anyway, I won’t get into the mud pool. I was invited to record the show, but you can’t let me rolling in the mud pool.”

Ye Guang’s face is even more unhappy, Heavenly King Liu and others also tangled, the other crew members also looking towards this side, the person in charge of Beijing Satellite TV and Kim Tae-seo agent already walked over here.

“*¥¥#¥%—*&…” Kim Tae-seo said another thing, using the Korean language, speaking at a relatively fast speed. Everyone didn’t hear him clearly, of course, everyone didn’t understand.

Ye Guang did show anger on his face immediately, and shouted angrily: “You are so dirty! If you don’t go, you will get out!”

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