MST Chapter 180 : Double Crowns on the Same Stage

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Old Zong words made many people fall into contemplation.

No one is angry because he chose to support Han Yurou instead of Liu Chiyan, including Liu Chiyan fans.

Although Liu Chiyan’s supporters not satisfied with this result. No one will blame Old Zong, because it was his right to choose who to support. Moreover, Old Zong does have enough reasons. This reason not only makes everyone not blame him, but instead respect him.

Old Zong, he is a true brave who will never change his love to death!

In the end, Han Yurou and Liu Chiyan support rate were announced.

Something interesting happened.

Han Yurou support rate is 50%.

Liu Chiyan support rate is 50%.

In the finals, the support rate has become a tie. This is something that has never happened in The Strongest Voice for many years. To be honest, the show group is now having a headache.

Feng Kaimou and several organizers gathered around the lower side of the stage to discuss quietly.

An advertisement played on TV urgently.

The audience was patiently waiting for them to finally discuss the results, and no one felt impatient.

“What do you think will happen in the end, who is the champion?”

“Liu Chiyan? Zong Zhengguang doesn’t mean that Liu Chiyan’s song is better? The organizer may consider this factor.”

“Not necessarily. After all, the score is the same. As Old Zong said, but he still supports Han Yurou.”

“Will it be the case that double crown is on the same stage?”

“……Is it possible? ”

“Maybe vote again.”

“I think double crown may be bigger.”

“What about the trophy? There is only one trophy.”

The audience talked a lot.

Ye Guang also pondering in his heart, but he can’t figure out why. Now this situation, everything can happen.

Finally, a few minutes later, the organizers discussed the results. Feng Kaimou called Ren Keling and Yi Shan to explain their words. Then they returned to the stage.

TV signal restored.

Ren Keling: “Everyone, I’m really sorry, because Liu Chiyan and Han Yurou have the same accidental scores. This is the first time in The Strongest Voice history. So we didn’t have a plan for this situation in advance,  organizer urgently discussed the ownership of the final champion, so everyone has to wait some time, sorry.”

Yi Shan: “Now, our organizers has confirmed the final plan.”

Ren Keling: “Han Yurou and Liu Chiyan, please come to the stage again. We are about to announce the final result.”

Han Yurou and Liu Chiyan are back to the stage again.

Ren Keling looked at the two, then faced the audience, “The program group confirmed that the current The Strongest Voice belongs…”

The audience were all concentrated, watching Ren Keling intently, waiting for him to announce the final result.

Ren Keling: “The Strongest Voice belongs of this year belongs to… Han Yurou!”

Many viewers shocked, how could it be Han Yurou?

“as well as……”

Before everyone was making noise, Yi Shan’s continued talking.

as well as? as well?

Yi Shan: “as… Liu Chiyan!”

Ren Keling: “Congratulations to the two, for the first time in the strongest voice history, double crown appears on the same stage!”

The audience exploded in an instant.

The sound of discussions, shouts and screams, wave after wave in an instant. At this time, the thousand-person studio hall has the atmosphere of a concert with ten thousand people.

Double crown on the same stage.

Unexpectedly, the final result is really a double crown on the same stage, but thinking about it, the organizer decision is also the best decision. Han Yu and Liu Chiyan have the same score. No matter who the organizer chooses, it is in the eyes of the other supporters, there are some biases. The program time is limited. It is no longer possible to re-vote, even if re-voting, the loser may have a bit of resignation. Double crowns on the same stage, even if everyone is still unwilling, but this is a compromise plan, and neither side should be guilty. Both sides have been taken care, and the honors belonged to Han Yurou and Liu Chiyan. Everyone is happy.

Liu Chiyan also had a smile on her face. Although she had a double crown on the same stage, she was very satisfied with the result. The step at The Strongest Voice, she didn’t dare to think about it. At first, she received The Strongest Voice notice already made her flattered, and now she is satisfied with the result. I have to say that Goddess Liu’s heart is still quite broad. If you switch to someone else, knowing that you have an advantage to win the championship, you might feel uncomfortable to get a double crown now.

Han Yurou is also smiling. She was originally at a disadvantage. What she didn’t want most was the result of re-voting, because Old Zong said that Liu Chiyan’s song is stronger than her, and Old Zong sentence “If you can choose, who would be willing to die, rather than grow old together?”. This sentence will undoubtedly make a lot of people more agree with Liu Chiyan idea, feel more sincere, originally she had no advantage in the votes, the final reversal is entirely because Old Zong unexpectedly voted for her, originally she has been discouraged to believe that she had lost, if really re-vote, Han Yurou didn’t have the confidence to win Liu Chiyan.

Ren Keling: “Congratulations to the two for being the strongest voice of this year! The honor belongs to you!”

Liu Chiyan and Han Yurou both said thank you.

The awards about to be presented. Miss Etiquette dragged the trophy to the stage. The awards guest was Zong Zhengguang. He was the oldest and most qualified musician on site.

But here comes the question. There is only one trophy, but there are two champions. Who is this trophy awarded?

In the end, when Zong Zhengguang presented the award, Liu Chiyan and Han Yurou both held with one hand and held the trophy together.

But after all, there is only one trophy, and it is impossible for the two to hold it together.

Liu Chiyan let go of the trophy, and the weight of the trophy was not light. Han Yurou suddenly sank and almost did not hold it.

“What are you doing?” Han Yurou didn’t use the microphone.

Liu Chiyan smiled and said faintly: “It’s nothing, let you hold the trophy.”

Liu Chiyan’s slightly improper tone irritated Han Yurou.

“You don’t need to let it!” Han Yurou didn’t use microphone, but her voice was quite loud. Through other people’s microphones, the voice was clearly heard from the scene.

Liu Chiyan didn’t argue with her and turned to the audience not to see her.

Han Yurou likes to be strong and victorious, but Liu Chiyan’s practice of concession made her unacceptable. The same stage is the champion, why is it that you seem to let me be superior? Let? Do you need it?

If Han Yurou really held the trophy alone, it will be lower than Liu Chiyan. When someone thinks about it. They will say, Han Yurou’s The Strongest Voice champion trophy was given to her by Liu Chiyan.

Simply, Han Yurou put the trophy on the stage without holding it anymore.

Sure enough, it was Han Yurou, the Champions trophy placed directly on the ground, and it was still broadcast live in front of national audience. This is really… Tsk.

The audience is a bit dumbfounded.

What is the situation?

Both of champion trophy gone?

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