BTC Chapter 385 : Billion times!

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“It’s computing speed is 1.3 times that of Shenwei supercomputer!”

“1.3 times!” A group of computer experts from China was a little surprised. The speed of Shenwei supercomputer was so unimaginable that it took so much time to manufacture it. Unexpectedly it was exceeded by Titan II!

“Titan II, should be able to rank first?” One person said with emotion.

“No, no, this is not the first. This year’s supercomputer ranking will be the biggest year of change!” Tolan Bell said with a smile, “There is a better supercomputer!”

“Better?” Chinese’s computer experts suddenly became nervous. Is it true that the two supercomputers in China will be squeezed out of the top three this year?

“Of course,” said Plit. “IBM has teamed up with US Department of Defense to develop a quantum computer with fifty qubits that run dozens of times faster than Titan II!”

“Fifty qubits!” A Chinese computer expert was surprised to say nothing. Now Quantum Institute of Shanghai Capital is still conquering twenty qubits, even the most advanced Red Letter quantum computer research center, it seems that there are only twenty qubits.

Now, people have come up with fifty qubits of quantum computers, and the speed of computing completely crushes their traditional supercomputer!

Plit continued: “Six years ago, we stopped researching and developing traditional supercomputers and then conquered quantum computer technology. Now this is only a phased result. I believe that in the next few years, the computing speed of quantum computer will keeps refreshing!”

He said so, suddenly let a few experts from China feel a sense of shame. While they are still pursuing the speed of traditional supercomputer computing, people have long abandoned this stage of research, and then to study more advanced quantum computers.

The so-called supercomputer ranking has also become a joke.

The expert who just boasted just now, saying that Shenwei supercomputer can still be the first is silent, do not know what to say.

“Oh, the audit team is reviewing the quantum computer data submitted by Intel. This year, the top three supercomputer may have been occupied by their quantum computers!” Tolan Bell gave them a heavy blow.

They discovered that it was the first time that China’s super-calculations were super-calculated first, but the other party did not compete with them for the time being. When these foreign companies came up with more advanced quantum computers, the technology gap that China had been catching up in the computer industry suddenly became distant.

“The first three, I don’t think only the top three, the super-calculation ranking should be shuffled.” Lu Zixin suddenly said.

“Mister Lu, do you have any opinion?” asked Tolan Bell.

“There is no opinion, there is some information.” Lu Zixin told the assistant next to him, “Have our computer data been submitted?”

“Just submitted, the experts are in the process of review.” the assistant replied.

Listening to them, several people have come to the interest.

Even Bai Chenghui, president of Lianxiang, asked: “President Lu, when did your Red Letter Group develop a supercomputer, do you want to participate in this super-calculation ranking?”

Lu Zixin nodded and said: “Our quantum computer has made a small achievement, just to be criticized by international colleagues.”

Huawei president Wu Zhigao on the side, said with emotion: “The action of Red Letter is really fast, so there is a quantum computer formed so soon!”

“Is there a finished quantum computer?” Tolan Bell was amazed. He remembered that the last time he saw the quantum computer theory of Red Letter in the journal Science, it was only a few months.

During this time, they can make 20 qubits of superconducting quantum computers are good, actually dare to send to participate in the supercomputer ranking? Where is the confidence coming from?

At this time, the supercomputer data review office, a group of staff is discussing this year’s super-calculation ranking.

“Swiss’s Deute supercomputer is afraid to fall out of the top ten this year!”

“Japan Xiaoguang super-calculation rankings have to be dropped. In recent years, in order to develop AI technology and big data analysis, there have been many new supercomputers.”

“IBM’s quantum computer is too strong, and this computing speed will definitely reach the top!”

“No, Intel’s quantum computers are stronger, and the computing speed of IBM’s quantum computers can be tens of billions per second faster!”

“Scorpio, is this data true?” Suddenly a person in the audit team screamed.

“What’s wrong? Connie.” Colleagues asked curiously.

The man named Connie was growing his mouth, pointing to the data on the computer, stuttering and saying: “This quantum computer can be more than one billion times faster than the two!”

For the supercomputer computing speed, billion seems to have become a small unit. Not to mention an increase in the magnitude of the calculation for the change in the speed of the calculation, the optimization of other performances, is an infinite number of upgrades!

“What? More than one billion times faster than the fastest?” The members of audit team heard some of his words and could not believe it. This span is too exaggerated!

You know, before this, the world’s first supercomputer computing speed is only four times higher than the second, and now suddenly come a billion times, too exaggerated!

“This information is definitely wrong!” The team leader of audit team immediately concluded that “This is impossible, the performance of the supercomputer is unlikely to be such a leap, re-examine, if it is the wrong information, cancel its eligibility.”

“No, I checked it three times, and the information is no problem!” Connie said excitedly. “Unless every word above, every data is fake! Otherwise there is no problem with this data!”

The leader still did not believe, said: “It must be that you made a mistake, and you will help him check it again.”

Several members reviewed it again, but the results remained unchanged. According to the data, this quantum computer is completely ahead of other quantum computer companies such as IBM and Intel!

“God, did they really make such a computer?” Next, team leader could not calm down. He said: “Hurry to contact Red Letter Group, we must confirm this matter more strictly!”

The supercomputer has some size comparable to basketball courts and football fields, all over the world. It is impossible for the audit team to go to every research institution to check the public data. Until now, members of the audit team feel that this public data is a bit too fake! So they have to use a more rigorous review to ensure that this is not a joke.

Before the facts have not been 100% confirmed, the relevant news has spread, the members of IEEE and American Computer Association have heard some rumors.

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