BTC Chapter 400 : Does not recognize it!

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“Teacher, this is an invitation letter from China Computer Association and Red Letter Group.” In the lab, a young student walked in and handed the invitation to the old professor in the lab. He is the lab owner.

The old professor took it and read it carefully.

“Teacher, are we going?” The student asked.

“Of course, go!” The old professor affirmed.

“But I received the news that IEEE Association recommended that the electronic technology engineers in the conference should not participate.” The student hesitated.

“Don’t care about them!” The old professor said firmly. “We don’t do research for them. Advanced things don’t touch, are we waiting to be overtaken?”

“A few days ago, Academician Rand also suggested that I go to understand it. I don’t think there is a chance. You are ready to go with me to China next month.”


In order to make the global peers more aware of Red Letter technology, a week after the press conference, Red Letter Group announced a new news.

During the quantum computer conference, Red Letter Group will show some things in quantum computer manufacturing from superconducting raw materials and chips, as well as quantum brain design.

At the same time, Red Letter Group also released a video of a suspected Red Letter commercialized quantum computer.

In the video, there are several computers with different shapes. Because of the virtual projection technology of Red Letter, the computer is free from the heavy screen, so the shape of the computer is no longer limited to the plane when designing.

There are three types of computers in the picture, one is a hemispherical computer, one is a portable folding computer, and the other is a high-performance commercial computer with a relatively large size.

All three computers, all with ultra-high-performance quantum computers, also show some of the computer’s use of intelligence, such as auxiliary work, computer design and so on.

After the emergence of these two news, the industry has basically been able to affirm, Red Letter is really capable of launching commercial quantum computers, and has a quantum brain!

British ARM, they reconvened a meeting.

This time, the attitude of the top executives is very different.

“Our experts have carefully reviewed the information published by Red Letter, and the authenticity is as high as 98%! Gentlemen, this academic meeting, we have to go!”

“I agree. Americans have published standards, but they can’t produce good commercial quantum computers. We can’t be as old as they are.”

“Agree, we should adopt the standard of Red Letter to improve the business capabilities of quantum computers as soon as possible.”

The French Institute of Atomic Energy, a batch of documents sent to the Department of Quantum Computer Research, said: “Approved! Quantum Computer Research Department to send representatives to China to participate in China Quantum Computer Conference…”

Japan, Institute of Physical Chemistry, which is one of the subordinate scientific research institutions belonging to Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and also belongs to the international frontier in the field of quantum.

The so-called Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is a government agency similar to China’s education, science and technology and cultural departments.

After Red Letter Group with IEEE Association and American Computer Association fell out for the standard, an important official of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan also publicly condemned Red Letter Group, criticized Red Letter Group for it’s scientific spirit, the use of less stringent standards, and so on.

At this time, however, an official from Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology was secretly summoning a senior quantum physicist at Institute of Physics and Chemistry.

“We will also participate in this quantum computer conference in China. But in the name of the institute, you must bring students and assistants to participate in the name of the individual. Be sure to get the latest information and return. Do you understand?”

“Understand, I will live up to this important task!” Quantum physicists accepted the task.

The officials nodded with satisfaction, so that they and US were still on the united front, but in reality, they did not miss the opportunity to contact the frontier Science and Technology.


Within a month, Red Letter Group and China Computer Association were ready, and there were some other actions during the period. For example, several computer experts of Red Letter Group held important positions within the Computer Association or obtained honorary titles.

The quantum computer academic conference is finally going to be carried out as scheduled, and the scientific community is staring at this conference. They want to know, which party will win the final victory in this quantum computer hegemony!

“Europe has eight top research institutions, and six multinational computer companies have publicly stated that they will participate!” In American Computer Society, Walter sullenly listened to reports from his subordinates.

“These bastards are actually not in our position on the united front!” Walter whispered.

“Canadian Quantum Research Center, Australia… These institutions, universities and enterprises have also publicly replied that they will participate in the conference. Now it is open to the public, more than 50 countries and regions! Plus no public, it is estimated that more than one hundred!”

Walter’s face is completely black. Although there are hundreds of countries in the world, only those in the top ranks have strong Science and Technology. Nowadays, these countries and regions have representatives to participate in the quantum computer academic conference in China, which is a huge challenge for their industry authority!

”Pay close attention to the situation of the meeting. If there is a meeting within the association, write down the list.” Walter confessed.

China Quantum Computer Academic Conference lasted for five days. On the first day, the representatives of the conference were only those who had published public replies.

On the second day and third day, the delegates gradually increased.

At this academic conference, Red Letter Group took out the full dry goods. In the various fields related to quantum computers, mature standards have been adopted, and some even surprised these representatives and solved their confusion in this field.

On the fourth and fifth days, Red Letter Group also produced the finished products of commercial quantum computers, which were experienced by scholars and experts from various countries and institutions.

If they do not experience their position, they are still a little bit uncertain, but upon experience it, these representatives immediately strengthened their position and decided to support the standards of Red Letter Group.

Japan country, the official of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, received a reply from the representative of quantum physicist, and said: “What? You let us openly support their standards! Do you want to do it or do you want me to do it? The US imposes pressure, we must be held accountable!”

The Japan quantum physicist said helplessly: “Even so, I have to report truthfully. Red Letter quantum computers and their intelligence are simply the science and technology that leads us for ten years!”

“Quantum computers and their quantum brain AI technologies will drive the full development of the economy, society and science and technology.”

“If we can’t keep up, in the future of Science and Technology competition, our Japan nation will be more restricted to people!”

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