BTC Chapter 224 : Pilot sales

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Xu Xiuying and her friends successful passed the interview, but Jiang Xunmei did not arrange for them to have a particularly high position, but let these people start from the basics.

Anyway, Pengyun Automobile has not yet officially operated, and there are some opportunities for promotion. It is said that there is a proud and arrogant people who can’t stand it. He resigned after three days.

However, Xu Xiuying let Lu Zixin look at her. She is very enthusiastic about her work. She still wants to worship Zhang Qiang as a teacher and learn his mechanical knowledge and technology.

When Zhang Qiang asked Lu Zixin, Lu Zixin gave him instructions. The basics can be taught, but the important materials are not open for the time being, unless Xu Xiuying can become the core staff of Pengyun.


After a period of drumsticks, Pengyun electric motorcycle was finally successfully produced.

However, the scale of production is still small, so the sales of the first batch of products are only set in Pengcheng. In the past, major cities still had some strict bans on electric vehicles. However, as the traffic congestion became more serious, these terms were also relaxed. Pengyun electric vehicles successfully passed the inspections of relevant departments and obtained sales qualifications.

Pengyun electric motorcycle is on sale, and the news is announced on the network. However, the degree of attention is not very high. First, everyone’s enthusiasm for mobile phones is significantly higher than that of electric vehicles. Second, because Pengyun electric vehicles are still producing very little, there is not much advertising.

However, in Pengcheng, Pengyun still did a lot of work, roadside bus stop signs, subway advertisements, elevator advertisements, etc., at least let many Pengcheng locals know that there is such an electric motorcycle.

In addition to the people, those related industries may not have relaxed their observations on Pengyun electric vehicles.

Now every product and move of Red Letter Group will be noticed by the people.

“Do they really sell electric motorcycles?” Qiandu companies, President Hu Lang saw the latest report, some doubts.

Since Red Letter claimed to establish Pengyun Automobile Company, they has been very concerned about Pengyun. Because Qiandu Company is doing Qiandu unmanned driving, this is the field where Tencent, Kerry and other companies have not tried their time, and Qiandu has already made an unmanned vehicle, which has been successfully tested.

The most critical part of driverless driving depends on Qiandu cloud technologies and artificial intelligence technologies.

The emergence of red cloud intelligence has made thousands of people feel the crisis. If the intelligence of Red Cloud is used in driverless driving, it is not unreasonable to reach their level.

So when Red Letter announced that it was going to make vehicles, the first thing they thought of was the smart car, which was unmanned.

Hu Lang thought that Red Letter was also preparing to enter the game of driverless driving, and vying for the future market. Who knows Pengyun’s first product, really just an electric motorcycle! And unmanned, simply can’t catch up.

“Is their ambitions so small?” Hu Lang is very skeptical, to the strength of the red letter, it is impossible to do an ordinary electric motorcycle?

“Bring me their promotional materials.” He told the subordinates.

“It’s all here, including technical analysis.” The assistant handed it over to him.

“Smart navigation? Nothing new, everyone has it, maybe we have to download our Qiandu maps at the time.” Hu Lang looked down with a smile.

“You can connect Red Letter’s intelligent control system, remote control, unlock, security check, and power management with Red Letter mobile phone or Xiaoyu speaker?” Hu Lang nodded. “This is good, but some people have done it.”

“Multi-core control high-efficiency motor, lithium air battery, battery life up to ten times the average electric motorcycle, can easily climb the load, fast charging takes only ten minutes?” Hu Lang saw here, suddenly suspicious.

“This is not easy!” As an entrepreneur, businessman, he keenly saw the huge potential. What is the most important thing about electric vehicles? It is the endurance and driving ability, and this Pengyun product can solve this biggest problem, for the target consumer, it is the best performance!

“And electromagnetic brakes, hazard alarm sensors and automatic brakes system?”

Hu Lang saw here, eyes widened, “Is this still an electric motorcycle? These features, many electric motorcycles can’t do it!”

The assistant said: “Look at the back, this is still a normal model. They actually have a racing type. It is said that the horsepower can reach the speed of the top fuel-powered motorcycle. The minimum starting point is 1.99 million, and only the advance order is accepted.”

Hu Lang went back a bit, and sure enough. He took a deep breath and said: “If this is true, the meaning can be great!”

If Pengyun can do these functions on electric motorcycles, then it should not be a problem in electric vehicles. When the electric vehicle industry arrives, there will definitely be a place for Pengyun.

“Ordinary models are 9888, this price is not low.” Hu Lang said, “Get some Pengyun electric cars as soon as possible to see if they have these functions. This is for our driverless and new energy vehicles. Very important.”

“In addition, the sales situation of Pengyun electric vehicles is also monitored, and report to me in time.”


The president of Qiandu is still the same, and those in the automotive industry are also the same. After seeing the promotional materials of Red Letter, they all tell employees about the situation of Pengyun electric vehicles.

Now the automotive industry is studying new energy vehicles. The motors, batteries and brakes of Pengyun electric vehicles are very meaningful.

In addition to paying attention to technology, the electric motorcycle industry is also very concerned about the sales of Pengyun products.

Emma electric motorcycle, last year, the nation’s number one electric motorcycle brand. In the first half of this year, their sales remained at the leading position.

When the Pengyun electric motorcycle came out, Emma’s senior executives opened a meeting to discuss the technology in Pengyun’s promotional materials.

They agreed that this is a very serious matter, and does not rule out Pengyun’s exaggerated publicity. But as long as some of the technologies in the promotion are reached, it is the technology leader in the field of electric vehicles! For them, it is the market competition crisis.

Therefore, Emma immediately sent a market investigator to Pengcheng, and once Pengyun electric motorcycle was released, it immediately investigated the specific situation.

Similarly, electric motorcycle brands such as Yadi, Xinyang, and Luyuan are also secretly watching. Looking at the electric vehicle industry, what changes will occur due to the addition of Pengyun.

A new day, on a certain street in Pengcheng. Here is a street dedicated to selling motorcycles, electric motorcycles, electric tricycles, etc.

What Emma, ​​Yadi and more than a dozen brands of electric motorcycles are sold here.

Xu Xiuying wore a visor and wore a work uniform printed with Pengyun, and was negotiating with the owner of one of the electric motorcycle sales stores.

Because Pengyun was established and lacked employees, her intern was sent to talk about business. The goal was to promote Pengyun electric vehicles.

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