BTC Chapter 331 : Internal disintegration

Edited: XiaXue

Apple Park Headquarters, Cook can’t remember this is not the first headquarters has held a meeting because of the action of Red Letter.

Every time, it is not good news for them. This time is the same, but more serious than ever.

“Think about it, in the days that followed, on the other side of ocean, in a country with a population of more than one billion. All smart products have been updated from physical screens to virtual operating screens, and we are still using traditional Vintage screen.”

“There is no doubt that we will be abandoned by users all over the world!” Cook said with a heavy heart.

“Maybe this is just a means of propaganda?” someone said.

“It’s all today, you still expect the opponent to have nothing?” Cook can be angry, his hands on the table, as high-level person, he said: “I heard from the smart chip of Red Letter case. This is the saying.”

“Later Red Letter operation System, Smart Voice, HX GLASS, 6G network, people have not believed, but the result is that our market in China and Japan and other countries are gradually eroded, the company’s stock fell, the company annual turnover decreased by more than 25%!”

“Do you still believe in this kind of ghost?”

He shouted, and the other high-level officials were silent. At this time, they also hope that the other party is hype, but it is simply stupid.

“We can’t sit still!” A senior said solemnmnly: “We should mainly seek cooperation, introduce operational virtual projection equipment, and join this latest accessory in our smart products!”

“You want to let Red Letter enter North American market? Do you want North American market to be dominated by Red Letter products like Chinese market?” A white voice, he is one of the heads of Apple’s North American market.

“Robert, this is an inevitable choice. Even without us, there will be other companies using this accessory. Then we will lose competitiveness in global market!”

After some controversy, they finally got a helpless fact. It is necessary to cooperate with Red Letter. This is like the fact that Chinese companies must use their products in order to have market competitiveness, now this role play is reversed.

“What if Red Letter is not willing to sell such accessories to US market?” Someone asked.

“So we must also change our attitude.” Cook sighed. “The name of the Apple company is added to joint application for lifting the trade sanctions against China Science and Technology industry.”


The US Federal Communications Commission is conducting a vote. The proposal for this vote was to apply to Ministry of Commerce for contact with some of China’s Science and Technology companies, such as the market ban on communication companies such as Huayuan and Zhongxing, and to reduce the electronic product tax on China enterprises.

If it were six months ago, such proposal would not have appeared at FCC’s meeting table, and even the trash would not exist – because no one would mention it!

However, since the emergence of science and technology company called Red Letter in China, all this has changed. First, Federal Communications Commission took the initiative to contact the sales ban on Red Letter, but did not have the results they wanted.

After the implementation of Sky Network plan by Red Letter, there are more and more different voices in Federal Communications Commission. Some representatives began to think that they need to trade fair with China enterprises and introduce China technology and products.

Today, similar voices are getting bigger and bigger, and Federal Communications Commission has to vote, and then apply to US business department.

Chairman of the committee, Rees, sits at the chief and announces: “Now start voting on the proposal.”

In front of each member, there are voting documents and they need to vote in public.

Soon, there were members of committee who wrote their own opinions. It is not necessary to see that Rees knows that he chose to agree, that is, to support the development China Science and Technology in US market.

Behind this committee is VERIAZON telecommunications company in United States. Because of 6G communication network, those telecom companies have no less protests. They have long wanted to access China’s 6G communication technology.

Each member wrote their own opinions, and Rees looked at two of them. Behind one of them is Qualcomm, and the other is related to Apple. They were quite resistant to Chinese products, especially Red Letter.

Nowadays, they actually wrote the consent option! The two major companies actually changed their positions at the same time, and their positions changed from resistance to acceptance! This makes Rees stunned. It seems that the communication industry has really changed!

And Rees himself wrote the result of consent vote. He deeply knows that at this time, if US Federal Communications Commission insists on supporting the Ministry of Commerce again, I am afraid that it will only take two years, and the entire US communications industry will be overtaken by China!

The publicly vote ended and the results were placed before Rees.

The members of committee also quietly awaited the results of proposal. Last year, they passed the information security blockade vote on red letter chip, and also lifted the market blockade on red letter.

“The result of the voting, three people abstained, the rest agreed, the proposal passed!” Rees announced, “Now, we will formally apply to National Assembly in the name of US Federal Communications Commission to amend the rigorous review of China Communications related companies and Fifteen related regulations such as electronic product tax.”


The latest news from Washington Post: “China announced the development of operational virtual projection technology, which will launch a new generation of ‘de-solid screen’ intelligent products.”

“More than one hundred companies in US have jointly applied to National Assembly for reconsideration of China’s trade measures.”

AOL: “Google President: The trend of economic globalization is unstoppable, and the Ministry of Commerce should carefully consider trade with China!”

Former world richest man Bill Gates also issued a statement in the media: “United States should be an open and free country with Science and Technology technology. To maintain the leading position of national science and technology and enterprises, we must accept the advanced technology of other countries.”


Many people have come out to speak, and even some celebrities have publicly screamed that the decision of US Ministry of Commerce is a bunch of shit!

The reason is very simple, starting with the selection of China’s operational virtual projection technology. The US and even the world’s Science and Technology stocks have started a new round of decline. They have finally made investors have some confidence in US Science and Technology companies. As a result, the stock price has fallen even more.

A large amount of funds were withdrawn from US capital market and invested in China’s Science and Technology enterprises. This is a very heavy blow to US economy!

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