BTC Chapter 330 : Begins to do things

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With the green light of relevant departments, the procedures for approval of new products from Red Letter Group have been completed at an ultra-fast speed.

And for some consideration, National Academy of Sciences and Red Letter Group quickly announced that China has mastered a complete operational virtual projection that can be applied to commercial products.

Red Letter Group will launch a new generation of intelligent products without physical screens, allowing smart products with light and shadow interaction to face the market!

The statement also contains relevant technical explanations and technical effects display diagrams. In the display diagram, the user can perform the barrier-free operation of the projected light and shadow. The various physical screens that you are familiar with disappeared. Instead, you can change the virtual operation interface of plane or volume, area or volume at will!

As soon as this news came out, it immediately spread throughout the country, and all the media were reprinted and commented.

People’s Daily News: “China has developed a large core Science and Technology, which can operate virtual projection!”

New Wolf Science and Technology News: “After 6G communication, go to ‘screen’ smart product era!”

Tencent push: “Virtual projection can be operated manually? Red Letter Group united Nations Academy of Sciences released the latest Science and Technology!”

Thousands of hotspots: “Operational virtual projection technology is available to shock the world!”


Similar messages can be seen on the large and small media. The Chinese people who saw this news were also pleasantly surprised.

“Great! I didn’t expect the virtual projection to come out soon, I can operate it!”

“Before the things in science fiction movies are becoming reality! The times are developing too fast, playing CALL for red letter!”

“What will the computer and mobile phone become like after that? There is no display.”

“When is Red Letter a new product, buy it and buy it!”

“Hahaha, our country also has the technology of such a fork! The world is leading!”

“I don’t understand, but it looks very powerful.”


Many people still don’t understand the meaning behind this technology, and experts have analyzed it soon.

“The operational virtual projection technology is very significant, and its emergence represents a revolution in information media.”

“Every aspect of contemporary people’s lives requires a variety of displays, ranging from watches, mobile phones, car displays, computers, to televisions, advertising screens, movie screens, and even publicity screens in public facilities, street signs and more.”

“When operational virtual projections appear, these screens can be replaced with the latest technology. Removing heavy screens may require a small smart projection instrument to replace their functions, saving space and improving efficiency. In the hospital, military and scientific research are of great significance.”

“Besides, the operational virtual projection will also bring a more convenient and intelligent experience to our lives. Maybe one day in the future, you can use your pen to write assignments, build work models, design advertisements, or play games, and project communication with friends in the distance…”

After reading the introduction, many netizens have a preliminary understanding of this technology. They have expressed their praise and marvel.

Those big companies saw this news and the reaction was even stronger.

Rice’s R&D department, Tian Xiangshan is still working with the team to discuss the display.

Tian Xiangshan emphasized: “We must study our own display screen and get rid of dependence on other companies!”

At present, the display screens used by domestic smart products are mostly products from Japan countries, Korea, and the display suppliers of Baodao. The screen designed and produced by itself is the same as other core Science and Technology, which is still worse than the foreign one.

“General Tian, the latest news!” said the assistant in a hurry. “Look! Red letter has created a major event!”

Tian Xiangshan read the latest news and couldn’t help but pat the table: “This red letter! How do you engage in major events every day! Isn’t their research center an alien research base?”

“General Tian, what’s wrong?” asked the rest of research team.

“Red Letter has developed an operational virtual projection technology! They want to make smart products with no screen!” Tian Xiangshan loudly said.

“I XXXX!” has a well-prepared high-level executive can not help but shouted, they are still studying the technology of the independent screen, people have realized virtual projection operation, no physical screen! This gap is too big!

“This is a perverted company!” An old professor spit out!

“Great change!” Tian Xiangshan took a deep breath and said: “The big change in smart products, hurry!”

“What are you doing?” The crowd is puzzled.

“Contact Red Letter!”


In Huawei company, when Zhi Zhigao saw the report, he was very worried.

What he is worried about is that the technology of Red Letter seems to be getting farther and farther away. With this technology, the competitiveness of Red Letter products will be upgraded again, which will inevitably affect their market.

The good news is that with this killer, Science and Technology abroad will definitely feel the crisis. In particular, the United States who is currently sanctioning China’s Science and Technology companies. Now China’s Science and Technology companies are also leading the way with them. What are they going to impose sanctions?

Lenovo Group, Jingdong, Qiandu… Almost all large companies are researching and discussing this technology, and are also inquiring about relevant departments and Red Letter Group.

Science and Technology are evolving rapidly, and if they don’t want to be eliminated by the times, they must follow the cutting-edge technology.

Red Letter Group also announced that it is establishing a new Red Letter electronics factory to produce MSI projection accessories.

In the future, this accessory is like a CPU or battery and can be installed inside any smart product.

In the world, there is only one factory that can sell such accessories, currently only Red Letter Group.

The news of this technology has caused various reactions in the country. In foreign countries, many countries Science and Technology companies have felt a strong crisis.

Sharp Japan, a world-class electronics company, is one of the world’s largest screen suppliers.

As early as virtual projection appeared, they worked with US Science and Technology company to develop a projection device that was inferior to Red Letter Group.

But they haven’t figured out this technology yet, and has actually heard the news of virtual projection technology from China!

This makes Sharp’s top management feel the crisis is imminent, perhaps in the near future, the entire physical display industry will start to decline, and all this is because of the company called Red Letter in China!

In addition to Sharp, Samsung and LG of Korea are also screen suppliers for most smart products in the world. It is said that when this news came out, Samsung’s president immediately returned from United States to Korean Headquarters meeting, and LG was also holding an emergency meeting.

And the most nervous, that is, the country with the highest number of Science and Technology companies, United States.

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