MST Chapter 129 : I’m Really Married

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It is already late when arrived to Studio .

However, Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang are the highest levels of the company, and it doesn’t matter if they are late for such a thing.

As soon as I entered studio’s door, studio’s employees encircled Ye Guang for a compliment, congratulating him on the program’s ratings.

The attentive staff found that Yiyi didn’t come today and asked Ye Guang about the reason. Ye Guang is an assistant to President Liu, and every day he picks up and delivers President Liu to work. He should know why.

Ye Guang certainly knows,he knew more than that, or he was in charge of it by himself, and briefly told Yiyi to go to school, and the staff did not ask much. Yiyi is supposed to go to school at this age.

Last night’s ratings also came out, with little fluctuation, 1.09, a small increase. In addition to Ye Guang, others were very satisfied with this data. The 0.98 rating on the original broadcast day has surprised studio employees, not to mention it has broken one now.

The employees are clamoring for Ye Guang to eat.

“You guys let me invite you to dinner all day. I have no money for you to eat.”

“Who believes, you are the general counsel, the salary is higher than us, I don’t know where to go, and this program is so good, President Liu will definitely give you a big red envelope!”

Ye Guang smiles, heaven and earth conscience, I still have wages, I can’t see a penny of wages, but also red envelopes, yesterday, the point of private money was almost confiscated.

Ye Guang did not refuse to say that the employees were invited to dinner. After all, the big guys also made a lot of effort during this time. Each one was busy before and after, and the show did a good job. The dinner was not overdone.

“Success! Then please eat, after a few days, this time is busy, wait for this time, everyone to eat a meal, this meal will be reimbursed by President Liu, you can eat whatever you want!” Ye Guang gave the ball to Liu Chiyan. I really asked her to ask her if she could please, please ask studio to have a meal, more than 20 people, at least three or four thousand is necessary.

Ye Guang wants to play the ball, but the Studio staff doesn’t do it. “Advisor Ye, this can’t be done. President Liu is the thing of President Liu. President Liu gives us a bonus. This is your show, the ratings are so good, you It is not allowed to express it. The brothers can’t eat the meat behind you, and it’s not too much to drink the soup.”

Ye Guang is speechless. He understands it. This was to deliberately beat him.

Helpless, but can’t refuse, Ye Guang can only nod, “I please, I please!” Ye Guang promised, I can only find Liu Chiyan to ask for money to eat, and the employees are so hard during this time. Every day, seven or eight episode are kept on record, and several post-sounding artists often work overtime.

“That’s still the old rules, you choose the place, when to go you will discuss it, but it is best to cut off the most busy days, don’t drink too much and not come up the next day.”

The employees were delighted and excited, and they played another local tyrant.

“Don’t worry, Advisor Ye, we can’t delay our work.”

Ye Guang nodded. “Yes, then you have a good time to tell me, I am looking for my wife to apply for funding for the event.”

All the staff are dumbfounded.

What did Scourge Ye just say?

Did you hear it?


Real or fake

The employees were stunned for a while, and then the first question was Yu Xuejia at the front desk, “Ye… Advisor Ye, you… you are married?”

“Yes.” Ye Guang nodded.

Although I can’t say who the marriage partner is, it doesn’t matter if I say that I am married.

“Oh shit!” Some employees didn’t hold back and sweared. “Advisor Ye, you are actually married, when are you married, we don’t know.”

Ye Guang is happy, and said. “If you don’t know it is not normal? I will tell you if I am not married, I get married before coming to studio.”

Everyone is looking at each other.

“Advisor Ye, you are married so young, don’t be kidding, I don’t read books, don’t lie to me. ”

Ye Guang: “There is nothing to do with your book reading and I don’t lie to you. It is true. I am really married. My condition is so good, my character is good, my looks are good, and the woman is chasing it tightly. I am married if I am not careful.”

The employees automatically filtered the words of Ye Guang’s narcissism.

“Advisor Ye, I didn’t listen to you, sister-in-law… No, brother… also not good, that, Mrs. Ye, who is it, when is it brought over to let the big guy open his eyes.”

“That is, Advisor Ye is very tight. It’s been so long since came to Studio. We only know that you are married today.”

Ye Guang smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter much to you if I get married, let alone, you didn’t ask, it’s because I’ve not proclaiming that I am married all day long, and it’s not something to show off.”

Married Liu Chiyan still doesn’t know how to show off?

Ye Guang continued, “As for who my wife is…” Ye Guang paused. “This can’t tell you.”

“Cut, still hiding, screaming, seeing no one else.”

Ye Guang: “My wife can’t see anyone!”

“Advisor Ye, you will find the opportunity to bring out to brothers and acquaintances. I think you will bring Mrs. Ye together next time you invite us to dinner.”

Ye Guang waved his hand. “I will talk about it later. One day you will know it. Okay, don’t pull it with you. It’s gone. I am going to prepare, and then I will record the program.”

Ye Guang turned upstairs and was not entangled with the staff.

The employees got together and didn’t disperse immediately.

“Scourge Ye is getting married so young, is he only twenty-four?”

“It’s not too early, that is, he didn’t pass the wind. Everyone didn’t know. It was a surprise to say it suddenly.”

“Where is he like a married person, this temper is no different from a big child.”

“Yes, I think so, but it’s good, at least there is no shelf, so I can get along, or I will change to Manager Jiang. You just dare to say this to him.”

“This is also true.”

“It’s Advisor Ye, this is married, we are less than…”

The staff looked at the front desk Yu Xuejia.

Yu Xuejia: “Is all looking at me, what happened to me, he won’t get married and shut me down!”

Yu Xuejia is full of smiles, but the traces of strong smiles are too heavy. The big guys didn’t disassemble them, and they didn’t say anything. They were aware. Yu Xuejia has some feelings about Advisor Ye. The employees know more or less.

Fortunately, Yu Xuejia is still in a stage of some meaning, otherwise the fun will be big.

Today’s work is focused on the recording of the Journey to the West storytelling program. Now that the show has just been recorded in half, it takes a long time to complete the entire work.

This is the first formal work of studio after moved to Nanchang. The original Studio staff were not very optimistic, but with the good ratings in these days, studio employees did not question this work. Okay, the market has already given the answer.

Because of this, the work enthusiasm of studio employees today is exceptionally high, and the work is much more careful than before, and the efficiency has improved a lot.

Even Jiang Fengxian, who has been steady, smiled all day.

The program’s ratings are good and it’s a great thing for Studio.

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