MST Chapter 261 : I’m glad, I didn’t miss her

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Father Liu wanted to explode, but before it exploded, Liu Chiyan poured a spoonful of oil on Father Liu.

Liu Chiyan hasn’t finished talking yet.

Father Liu is very angry, but Liu Chiyan had always lowered her head and had a lot of tears on her face. Which made Ye Guang feel distressed.

Liu Chiyan looked at Father Liu whimpering with tears and said, “Dad, I’m sorry, I know I did something wrong, I shouldn’t hide it from you, I’m sorry, you can call me whatever you want, I will admit it, but…” Liu Chiyan paused, and with determination in her watery eyes, “If I come again, I will do the same, I will marry him!”

Ye Guang almost cried and moved when he heard this. However, wife, can we have a snack? Can you say this now? Isn’t this just adding fuel to the fire, Yeguang feels like being pitted by teammates, don’t know if his legs can be kept? I hope Father Liu will act lightly.

But, Father Liu completely stimulated. It felt like a cat he had raised for many years, one day, the cat suddenly abducted by others. The daughter who he had been raising for so many years suddenly became someone else’s family, and she also turned to others.

Angry, and some sad.


Father Liu patted the coffee table again, “Marry a fart!” He said the dirty words, “Go and divorce for me!”

Liu Chiyan’s pupils sharply shrinking, and Ye Guang’s expression changed drastically.

Mother Liu and Aunt Lian also surprised.

The tears in Liu Chiyan’s eyes could no longer be held back, it suddenly flowed down like a sluice opened, looking pitiful and aggrieved.

Ye Guang felt uncomfortable, and quickly pulled a few tissues from the coffee table, squatted down and wiped Liu Chiyan’s tears.

Mother Liu grabbed Father Liu, meaning that he had said too much. She also angry with Liu Chiyan, but she never thought about letting Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang divorced.

Mother Liu: “Yan’er, don’t talk back to him. Your father is angry. What he said just now is angry words. Don’t worry about it. You didn’t have to get a divorce.”

Father Liu retorted, “Why not, just let you divorce! If you don’t leave, you have to divorce. If you don’t leave this marriage, you don’t need to call me Dad!”

The expressions of those present were startled again, and Yiyi already sobbing on the side.

Mother Liu stood up and confronted Father Liu, “I think you are dizzy and your words are not light or serious.”

Father Liu doesn’t say anything.

Mother Liu walked to Liu Chiyan’s side and helped her stand up while comforting her, “Don’t cry, don’t cry, Yan’er won’t cry anymore, your father is angry, be good.”

This tone is a bit like coaxing a child as old as Yiyi, but Liu Chiyan is already twenty-seven. However, in the eyes of parents, children are always children.

Liu Chiyan calmed down a lot, Ye Guang helped her to wipe her tears and brushed her messy hair.

Liu Chiyan looks at Father Liu, although Mother Liu had spoken, it was Father Liu who was in charge of the family, so it would depend on Father Liu attitude.

Father Liu didn’t know if he also felt his words is a bit heavy just now, so he stopped speaking silently.

Looking at Father Liu, Liu Chiyan said in a pitiful and stubborn cry, “Dad, I am not divorcing.”

Ye Guang heart also very uncomfortable. He felt distressed for Liu Chiyan, also said, “and said, “Uncle, I know you are angry, but please don’t push Yan’er like this. Such multiple-choice questions are cruel to anyone. I know this thing is our bad. We shouldn’t deceive you. We admit our mistakes, but Yan’er and I love each other sincerely. Since we are married, we never thought about divorcing.”

“You may look down on me. Yes, I have no money, no status, have ordinary family background, and you are different. You are a high-ranking minister. You are promising. If you are not Yan’er’s father, I will never see you on other occasions. Shaking hands with you made me trembling. Yan’er is also a magnificent queen, national goddess, speaking of it, Yan’er and I are indeed improper.”

“But I never wanted to be worthy of her question, because we together not because of some external reasons, material or something. Whether it’s her status, her father like you, and her family background, it doesn’t matter to me, I don’t want to climb the dragon and the phoenix. I don’t care about this. In fact, I didn’t know that you were Yan’er’s father until I saw you for the first time.”

Ye Guang continued, “I’m glad that I can marry her. This kind of fortune has nothing to do with her family background or her status. Fortunately, I met such a wonderful person who I loved and loved me. I’m glad I didn’t miss her.”

Father Liu glanced at Ye Guang, , then looked at the pitiful Liu Chiyan, snorted, and turned his head.

Yiyi is really scared to cry just now. And after Aunt Lian helped her wipe off her tears. She squinted her eyes, pouted. Then she walked up to Father Liu, pitifully and cutely, and shook Father Liu thigh, “Grandpa, you don’t be angry, Ye Guang, he’s very good.”

Ye Guang immediately felt that he didn’t love Yiyi in vain, she would speak for him.

Father Liu rubbed the tears from the corners of Yiyi’s eyes, looked at Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan, then said, “Wait here.”

Having said that, he got up and walked upstairs, not knowing what he was doing.

In a moment, Father Liu came down again, holding two books in his hand.

Father Liu put the book on the coffee table, so Ye Guang can see clearly, one is “Women conduct” and the other is “Men’s conduct”. These two books are world-famous books. You can tell from their names. “Women conduct” teaches women’s words and deeds, “Men’s conduct” teaches men how to behave and benefit the country. It is worth mentioning this “Men’s conduct” has widely circulated in this world and it has great significance. This book is a bit like the “Cai Gen Tan” of the dream world, or the “Cai Gen Tan” of this world. [X-N: This is the wiki]

Father Liu: “One book per person, you will be punished to copy ten times!”

Liu Chiyan, Ye Guang and Mother Liu were all startled.

Ye Guang is not clear, but Liu Chiyan eyes suddenly lit up. She quickly took the two books on the coffee table, as if she was afraid Father Liu would go back, “I know Dad, I will copy it well.”

Liu Chiyan breathed a sigh of relief. Father Liu punished her and Ye Guang to copy the book, basically, it means that the matter has passed. Since childhood, Liu Chiyan’s occasional mistakes will make Father Liu angry. After Father Liu got angry and reprimanded Liu Chiyan. He could only punished her for what she has done. As long as Liu Chiyan admitted the punishment, Father Liu would forgive her and not angry anymore.

Father Liu now punished her and Ye Guang again. If she didn’t think wrong, the signal was clear. Father Liu attitude made Liu Chiyan’s heart relaxed and happy.

Father Liu snorted again, “Copy it well! You two not allowed to go anywhere until you finish copying!”

With that, Father Liu got up again, this time walking towards the door.

Mother Liu quickly asked, “Where are you going?”

Father Liu said without looking back, “I’ll go out to get some air, stay here again, I’m afraid I’ll be mad!”

Mother Liu thought for a while, maybe Father Liu had something to say to her alone, so she chased after him, “Wait for me, I will go too.”

Ye Guang is still a little confused, now, what’s is this? What do you mean in the end?

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