MST Chapter 259 : Father Liu Explosion in Place

Edited: XiaXue

When Liu Chiyan was still in the ‘bed’ with Ye Guang in the morning and didn’t want to get up. Mother Liu told Liu Chiyan to come home immediately.

When Mother Liu called Liu Chiyan, Liu Chiyan motioned to Ye Guang to stop speaking, and then picked up the phone.

“Hey, Mom.”

Liu Chiyan just answered the phone, but Mother Liu hurriedly spoke, “Where are you?”

“In crew hotel, What’s the matter?” Liu Chiyan heard Mother Liu’s tone seemed a bit wrong.

Mother Liu: “A person or two?”

Liu Chiyan startled, “What do you mean, mom?”

Mother Liu: “You come back to me! Right now! Now! Right now!” Mother Liu said with harsh tone, “Bring the person next to you! Come back to me quickly, if you don’t come back today to make it clear, don’t call me mom in the future!”

Liu Chiyan was a little confused, and she didn’t wait for her to talk. Mother Liu couldn’t help but hang up.

Ye Guang also heard it on the side. Although Liu Chiyan didn’t press the loudspeaker, the two were close, and he heard Mother Liu voice on the phone.

Bring the person next to you!

Who is next to you? Who else can you besides Ye Guang!

Liu Chiyan stunned for a while, looking at Ye Guang with a worried look, “My mom seems to know.”

Ye Guang also frowned, “Well, hurry up to get up and go back. Aunt seems ‘very’ angry.”

The two hurriedly got up from ‘bed’ to wash, and then hurried back.

Along the way, the two of them were a little nervous, but the matter had already been’exposed’, and the matter had to face with a hard scalp.

After Liu Chiyan arrived home with Ye Guang, she hesitated at the ‘door’, and things were ruined. After entering this ‘door’, she didn’t know what kind of storm she would face, but there was no way to hide. Mother Liu, who has always been gentle and graceful, released her harsh words, showing how angry she was in her heart.

Enter the house.

Father Liu, Mother Liu, Aunt Lian and Yiyi are all in the living room.

Aunt Lian saw Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang coming in and got up and greeted them, “Yan’er, you’re back.”

Liu Chiyan greeted her with a smile, “Aunt Lian.” Then she said hello to Father and Mother Liu, “Dad, Mom. ”

Ye Guang also greeted Father Liu, Mother Liu and Aunt Lian, “Uncle, Aunt, Aunt Lian.”

In addition to Aunt Lian nod to Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang. Both Father Liu and Mother Liu has cold face and didn’t say a word. Yiyi also did something wrong, she is just sitting quietly on the sofa and not talking.

Father Liu looked at Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan with a cold face, sighed, and said to Liu Chiyan, “Say it yourself!”

Liu Chiyan glanced at Yiyi, not knowing how much Yiyi said to Father Liu and Mother Liu. After thinking for a while, she said, “I and Ye Guang… are together.”

Liu Chiyan also thought of “meng” and “mixed” to pass. She said that she was with Ye Guang, and the meaning of being together can be limited. It’s just that they are together when they fall in love, they are together when they live together, and they are together when they are married, and they are also trying to test Father Liu and Mother Liu mentality.

Mother Liu has no expression, and the tone sounds dull, “What else?”


“You think about it.”

Liu Chiyan just opened her mouth, Mother Liu  already interrupted her, “You are here today. If there is still half a lie, don’t blame your dad and me for not caring about you as a “daughter” in the future. Let’s talk about it when you think about it. Don’t say it is unexpected.”

Liu Chiyan’s heart sighed, and she finished with a secret thought in her heart. Her mother’s tone was very flat, but Liu Chiyan understood her. The more she like this, the more it showed that her mother was angry. Even the gentle mother was already like this. That dad…

Liu Chiyan didn’t dare to argue. She lowered her head slightly and whispered, “We… Married.”

Damn! They already learned from Yiyi’s mouth. Hearing Liu Chiyan personally admitted it, Father Liu and Mother Liu couldn’t help but change their eyes.


Liu Father patted the table, oh no, patted the coffee table.

Both Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang were shocked by Father Liu.

“You kneel down for me!” Father Liu was obviously very angry, and pointed at Liu Chiyan with angry expression.

Liu Chiyan was shocked. In her impression, Father Liu never made such a big fire. Liu Chiyan had some grievances on her face, but she didn’t dare to disobey Father Liu and slowly knelt down in front of the coffee table.

Ye Guang suddenly felt uncomfortable. What kind of situation is this? How can it make people kneel down, angry is angry, but what’s this with people kneeling? At that time, my parents also very angry when they knew the truth, but they didn’t let him kneel.

It didn’t let you kneel down, but my father almost couldn’t hold back and gave you a ‘leg’ discount.

Having said that, Father Liu and Mother Liu are Liu Chiyan parents. It’s okay for Liu Chiyan to kneel to her parents, but Ye Guang still feels a bit too much. He wants to help Liu Chiyan say something out loud, “Uncle…”

“Shut up!”

Ye Guang just said, he was immediately gagged by Father Liu’s roar, Yiyi was also taken aback by Father Liu roar, and she quickly squeezed into Aunt Lian’s arms.

“This is not for you to talk!” Father Liu said to Ye Guang.

Ye Guang frowned and said nothing. Now that Liu’s father and mother Liu were angry, it would be useless to say anything. Ye Guang couldn’t figure it out. As a high-ranking person like Liu’s father, what big winds and waves he hadn’t seen. It is reasonable to say that they are not ordinary people, and they must be calm when they encounter everything, but they are so angry like ordinary people on this matter, they are not even as good as his own father, not like his style at all.

However, Father Liu is also a human being. He’s also a father. The parents in the world have the same mentality for their children. This has nothing to do with status and wealth, but a human nature.

Father Liu to Liu Chiyan is same. Father Liu loved Liu Chiyan very much. Although he had always had prestige at home since she was a child and Liu Chiyan was a little afraid of him, but it was probably just because of his “work” personality and stren face. He’s really good to Liu Chiyan, always treat her as treasure. After Liu Chiyan grow up, Father Liu also basically did it all according to her. His thought is also very open, although he has high weight position, he didn’t want to plan for Liu Chiyan’s life according to his own ideas. Liu Chiyan likes to be a star. Although Father Liu doesn’t like this industry, he didn’t stop her. Because, the child just did what she liked, as long she is happy, everything is good.

Similarly, with regard to Liu Chiyan’s future marriage, Father Liu also didn’t think about interfering too much. The check will certainly be, this is the responsibility of parents, but he also didn’t think about finding Liu Chiyan what a distinguished family background. On the contrary, Liu Chiyan has been so beautiful and moving in recent years. There’s many rich and powerful children, a lot of the parents of the children of the elite or dark has said want to form in-laws with Father Liu, but Father Liu never considered it, directly refused. He said children’s things is children’s own decisions.

He didn’t like Ye Guang, but it didn’t mean he couldn’t accept it. As long as Liu Chiyan liked it and people weren’t really unbearable, Father Liu wouldn’t have any opinions. If Liu Chiyan started, he would be generous. She took Ye Guang home and told him that she had talked with Mother Liu. Father Liu would never say anything. At most, he put pressure on Ye Guang so that he would treat his daughter better in the future.

However, he couldn’t accept Liu Chiyan’s approach.

Married! Stealing the household registration book without telling the parents to get married!

Afterwards, there will be all kinds of deceptions, all kinds of lies, so they played their parents as monkeys?

Is there still this home in your eyes?

Are there parents in your eyes?

Liu Father thinks this and gets more angry.

So he chose:

Explode in place!

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