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Ye Guang knew about the video because Jiang Fengxian called and told him after he had left the hotel and still driving home with Liu Chiyan.

“Hello, Old Jiang, what’s the matter?”

“Advisor Ye, where are you?”

“Chiyan and I are going home today, now on the road, what’s wrong?”

“You were recorded in a video when you hit Kim Tae-seo, and now the video has been uploaded to Weibo.”

Ye Guang startled slightly, “Huh? Is it okay?”

Jiang Fengxian: “How can it be okay ? Now, everyone on the internet scold you so hard that I don’t know how harsh it is. Kim Tae-seo fans also can’t wait to take your life away.”

Ye Guang snorted, okay, it was attacked by a group of netizens again, huh, why did you say it again?

Jiang Fengxian: “How do you see this thing now? Do you want to clarify it?”

Ye Guang: “I know, I’ll see what’s going on the Internet later, I’m driving now, it’s not convenient to talk, let’s go ahead, hang up.”

After saying that, Ye Guang hung up the phone.

Jiang Fengxian listened to the busy tone from the phone, silent for a while, “just your heart is big.”

It’s not that Ye Guang’s heart is big, it’s indeed inconvenient for him to answer the phone, why? He was stopped by the ‘traffic’ police.

A’traffic’ policeman in uniform, looking’very young’ and handsome, stopped Ye Guang’s car, and Ye Guang could only stop.

The Comrade ‘Traffic’ police knocked on the window and Ye Guang put the window down.

Comrade ‘Traffic’ first paid a courtesy with Ye Guang, “Sir, you can’t make calls while driving, please show your driver’s license.”

Ye Guang’s phone didn’t connect to the car’s Bluetooth, so when Jiang Fengxian called him, he held it directly after he picked up, and was stopped by the ‘traffic’ police.

Let me tell you that making and receiving calls while driving is a violation of the “traffic” regulations, which will bring great safety risks to the itinerary. For the sake of safety, please avoid them as much as possible. In addition, if you use Bluetooth or hands-free, you don’t need to hold the phone to make a call and don’t affect safety, it is not considered an illegal act. Although this kind of behavior is not illegal, it is not recommended, because after all, making a call is still distracting and if you can avoid it, avoid it as much as possible.

Ye Guang didn’t have anything to do with the comrades of traffic police, he found the driver’s license very cooperatively, and handed them to the traffic police comrades.

Comrade ‘Traffic’ took over Ye Guang’s driver’s license and opened it to take a look.

Huh, Ye Guang?

Comrade Traffic Police is quite tall, standing by the window of the car, only half of his face can be seen, so he slightly shrinks and takes a closer look at Ye Guang.

“Yeah! Ye Guang, it’s really you.” The young ‘traffic’ police comrade looked surprised, he casually blocked an illegal car. He didn’t expect to block Ye Guang car, “Ye Guang, I like you, your Running Man is so good, I just watched it last night! It’s so funny.”

Uh, I didn’t expect this’traffic’ police comrade is actually Ye Guang fans. Ye Guang is a little flattered, smiled at him and said hello, “Hello.”  As he said, he took the initiative to reach out and shook hands ‘Comrade ‘Traffic’ police.

Not to mention, this kind of accidental encounter with someone, and then that person says he likes you, this feeling is ‘very’ cool for Ye Guang who has just become a public figure not long.

The comrade ‘Traffic’ police happily shook hands with Ye Guang, and then saw Liu Chiyan sitting in the back seat, “Ah, Liu Chiyan also in the car.”

Liu Chiyan nodded to him and smiled.

Comrade’Traffic’ police is even more excited.

Ye Guang: “Comrade, what else do you have? If it’s okay, can we leave? A little hurry.”

Upon hearing this, the ‘Traffic’ police comrade quickly put away his excitement and said, “Teacher Ye, when driving you shouldn’t make calls, it will disturb your concentration. If there is an emergency, how dangerous it is.”

Ye Guang quickly nodded and received education, “Yes, yes, I’m wrong, I will pay attention later, can I go now?”

Comrade ‘Traffic’ police: “Okay, just pay attention later. This time,  two points will be deducted and a fine of 200 will be fined. You can go after I open the list.”

Ye Guang startled and happy, “You still say you like me, so you will have to deduct points and fines?”

The young ‘Traffic’ comrades also froze and smiled shyly. He smiled, and then said sternly, “Safe driving is no small matter, always remember, sorry Teacher Ye, I have to issue this ticket, this is my duty.”

Ye Guang don’t deny the punishment, he’s just joking. He smiled and nodded, “Thank you, Comrade Traffic Police. I have no other meaning. How to punish as you should, I will recognize it later.”

On the spot, the Comrade Traffic Police issued the ticket and deducted two points for his driver’s license. Then he gave both the driver’s license and the ticket to Ye Guang. He also asked him to ‘pay’ the fine as soon as possible. Then he asked with a little embarrassment, “That… can you still sign me?”

Ye Guang is happy again, this young’traffic’ policeman is kind of cute. He just issued a ticket to Ye Guang, so he will ask Ye Guang in this tone. If he didn’t sign him, he probably felt that he had just issued a ticket to Ye Guang, and Ye Guang is unwilling to sign him.

Ye Guang smiled and nodded, “Of course no problem.”

Comrade’Traffic’ overjoyed. He quickly took out a small book from his pocket and handed it to Ye Guang. Ye Guang took over and signed his name, and then said, “Would you want Goddess Liu to sign too?”

Comrade ‘Traffic’ policeman became overjoyed again, actually buying one and getting one free? Who doesn’t want this kind of good deeds, he nodded repeatedly, “Yes, yes!”

With a smile, Ye Guang turned around and handed the small notebook to Liu Chiyan. Liu Chiyan also smiled and signed the name under Ye Guang’s signature on the book.

After signing the name, Comrade Traffic Police shook hands with Ye Guang, then saluted and released Ye Guang’s car.

After Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan left, the’traffic’ policeman still standing there, watching their car leave. At this time, another ‘traffic’ policeman came over on a motorcycle and saw the young’traffic’ policeman. The police stopped and said, “Hey, Xiao Ning, why are you standing here? How do you feel on duty today?”

Yes, Xiao Ning is this traffic police comrade name, today is his first day on duty. Xiao Ning smiled and said, “You may not believe it. As a traffic policeman, the first car I stopped in my career. It turned out to be Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan’s car.”

It’s really coincidence. As a ‘traffic’ policeman, on the first day when he was on duty, the first car he stopped actually Ye Guang’s car. I don’t know if he caught it, or Ye Guang gave it.


When Ye Guang arrived at Liu Chiyan’s house, they didn’t stay long. Father Liu and Mother Liu took Yiyi, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan in one car to visit Liu Chiyan’s grandfather.

The car driver is Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan is guiding the way in the co-pilot. Father Liu and Mother Liu sat in the back seat with Yiyi. Father Liu had a full-time driver, but he just sat down in a car and didn’t trouble the driver to drive another car.

The road to Liu Chiyan’s grandfather’s house is quite far away, the car is getting more and more remote, not to mention people, even the houses not visible. There is no car coming and going on a highway after Ye Guang driving for a long time.

It’s really remote enough, isn’t it a mountainous area? Ye Guang murmured in his heart.

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