MST Chapter 284 : Beating video exposure

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However, sometimes things don’t always develop as you expect.

The wind is calm and the waves were quiet for several days.

The third episode also aired on Beijing Satellite TV on Saturday night as scheduled.

The program effect still as good as always. Those who have watched it still want to watch the programs that are already popular. People who have not watched it is attracted by the hot topics. So, there are more audiences of this program.

A fan of Kim Tae-seo.

In order to pull the ratings, Beijing Satellite TV already released the news Kim Tae-seo will show up on the show. Their purpose is to let Kim Tae-seo fans to watch the show and  pushed the ratings to new heights. The effect is indeed effective, a large number of Kim Tae-seo fans stayed in front of TV on Saturday night.

However, something went wrong during the recording of the show. It’s impossible for Kim Tae-seo to appear on the show. Fans of Kim Tae-seo were surprised when the show was broadcast. The guest was actually Yuan Hong, and then from beginning to end. If you look at it, you can’t see Kim Tae-seo shadows, where is the Beijing Satellite TV earlier said Kim Tae-seo will be on the show.

Although Beijing Satellite TV has issued a statement after Kim Tae-seo was beaten. It announced the program’s guests may have changed due to program adjustments, but the spread of this news is not high. Many Kim Tae-seo fans only know Kim Tae-seo will be on the show, so Kim Tae-seo is not seen on the show, they immediately felt that I was deceived.

As a result, after the show aired, many fans of Kim Tae-seo immediately began to ask questions in the official website of Beijing Satellite TV.

“Say good, let our family XuXu on the show? What about people?”

“Liar! Beijing Satellite TV Big Liar!”

“What’s wrong with my family XuXu not good? Why is Yuan Hong!”

“Beijing Satellite TV gives us an explanation. Are you playing us as monkeys?”


Beijing Satellite TV  also has a headache. There is no way. Who told them to release the news ahead of time on the spot. Now, it is considered to be stealing the ‘chicken’ and it is not a counterattack. Moreover, this cannot be explained to the audience. I can’t say Kim Tae-seo can’t be on the show because Ye Guang beat Kim Tae-seo, right?

No way, Beijing Satellite TV can only explain, they already issued a statement the day before yesterday about the changes in the program’s guests. So, there is no deception to the audience.

However, the effect of the explanation is minimal. Kim Tae-seo fans don’t care if you really made any statements. They only care about why Kim Tae-seo failed to appear on the show.

As a result, the official Weibo of Beijing Satellite TV fell overnight and the comments on Weibo were all questions and denunciations from Kim Tae-seo fans.

Zhang Zhi is quite troubled by this, but he had no choice but to deal with cold treatment, it’s better to let them make a fuss and ease their emotions.

However, contrary to expectations, the next day, when Kim Tae-seo fans were arguing the most, a netizen on Weibo with the ID name Dabai posted a Weibo:

You want to know why Kim Tae-seo didn’t appear on Running Man? You will know after watching this video.

The video file is attached below.

There is no doubt that the content of the video is Ye Guang beating Kim Tae-seo. At the beginning of the video, a big watermelon was filmed, and then the screen flicked. Ye Guang and Kim Tae-seo appeared in the lens at the same time, when Ye Guang appeared in the lens, he already kicked Kim Tae-seo. They saw Kim Tae-seo was kicked by Ye Guang, then Ye Guang also still reluctant, and he caught up with Kim Tae-seo agent and pushed Kim Tae-seo himself on the ground to constantly ‘pumping’ him, how cruel and ferocious it was. Then, the crowd quickly surrounded, and the picture ended here.

Once uploaded, this video was quickly forwarded after being discovered by netizens, which in turn detonated the entire network.

“F*ck! Big event, big event!”

“Ye Guang… this guy is so cruel, he hurt Kim Tae-seo face. ”

“Ye Guang, %%… &%¥%……, actually hit our XuXu, you will not die.”

“Remember that Ye Guang used to tear clothes and fight security guards. It’s really a violent person.”

“Ye Guang gets out of the entertainment circle! Slag scum, mad violent!”

“XuXu is so pitiful, why doesn’t he fight back, Ye Guang this &%%¥*#.”

“I want to take revenge for our XuXu!”


The network has exploded. Regardless of whether Kim Tae-seo fans is interested in this video, but standing from an objective point of view, violent people are definitely disgusting, not to mention if they are public figures, it’s easier to be enlarged and interpreted. For a while, the perpetrator, Ye Guang, is pushed to the cusp of the storm, and countless netizens accused him of abuse and scolding. Of course, the most ferocious is Kim Tae-seo fans, but in fact, many of them is passers-by, not Kim Tae-seo fans, just ordinary netizens, but on this kind of violence, from the objective, they definitely think Ye Guang did the wrong thing.

Even Ye Guang’s fans, fifty cent parties have no voice on this matter. They turned to help Ye Guang, because they felt that Ye Guang didn’t do anything wrong, so they dared to argue. However, this time, Ye Guang has really beaten people. What else could they say? Even if you stand up and become a brainless fan, you will instantly be drowned in the saliva of angry netizens.

There’s also more sensible netizens who speculate it have some inside story. After all, there is no love for no reason, and no hate for no reason. It is impossible for Ye Guang to beat people for no reason, but now they don’t know the whole story. So, they can only remain silent, but most people have watched the video and pointed the finger directly at Ye Guang. Moreover, no matter how it’s finally revealed, but Ye Guang in the video is really cruel. Constantly ‘Pumping’ Kim Tae-seo slaps, I am afraid this violent hat can’t be taken off.

Moreover, he had a criminal record. He had beaten a security guard. This violent incident maybe just accidental, but this time, no matter what others think, many netizens label Ye Guang as violence in their hearts.

However, what is Ye Guang doing at this time?

He is now trying to dress in the room. Today, Liu Chiyan family and Ye Guang is going to visit Liu Chiyan’s grandfather. This is the last time Liu Chiyan said good things, so she also serves him as a staff officer.

“How about wearing this one?” Ye Guang  picked up a white ‘colored’ shirt, “wear a shirt more formal.”

Liu Chiyan: “You still wear a little T-shirt, you look good in a T-shirt.”

“What about the shoes? Which pair to wear? Leather shoes or sneakers?” Ye Guang asked again.

“Wear this.” Liu Chiyan gave him a pair of plain canvas shoes.

Ye Guang changed into clothes and shoes, looked in the mirror, “Will it be too plain and casual?”

Liu Chiyan waved her hand, “It’s okay, it’s just right. Grandpa likes a simpler person. He doesn’t like ‘flowers’ person.”

Ye Guang shrugged, “Okay, let’s do it, then it’s like this. Anyway, I am handsome, people love, you can wear whatever you want.”

Liu Chiyan gave him a white look, “Smelly beautiful.”

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