MST Chapter 286 : Grandpa Liu

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It’s really remote enough. If it weren’t for Liu Chiyan pointing the way, Ye Guang would have thought it was a wrong place. After driving for a while, following Liu Chiyan’s guidance, he turned into a forest trail. After driving around the hill again, Ye Guang suddenly opened his eyes. A group of elegant and simple courtyards appeared in his eyes.

The car drove to the large ‘door’, and the heavily armed soldiers brothers who guarding the door didn’t let the car to stop for inspection, they immediately opened the ‘door’ of the gate and allowed them to enter while saluting.

Not because the security is not strict, just because the car Ye Guang driving now is Father Liu car, the license plate is a pass, and the soldiers on duty must be familiar with the license plate numbers of some special vehicles that come and go. If you change to a car you don’t know, you must verify the people inside the car, then the car three layers outside the three layers inside must be carefully checked again.

Liu Chiyan pointed to the road and the car drove into a garden. The main building in the garden is a courtyard.

The group got out of the car, and a burly middle-aged man in a tunic suit greeted him. This middle-aged man is not actually a middle-aged man. He’s a little younger than Father Liu, but he looked better and younger than Father Liu. He is the person around Liu Chiyan’s grandfather. His name is Wu Qiang. Now, he is in charge of everything from daily life to personal safety of Liu Chiyan’s grandfather.

“Brother Liu, sister-in-law, Yan’er, Yiyi, you are coming.” Wu Qiang greeted everyone.

Liu Chiyan smiled and said hello, “Uncle Wu.”

“Grandpa Wu.” Yiyi also greeted him politely.

Uncle Wu smiled and nodded, and when he saw the strange face of Ye Guang, he asked, “This is?”

Father Liu looked at Ye Guang in disgust and did not speak. Mother Liu smiled and said, “This is my son-in-law, Yan’er husband. We brought him to see Old Father today.”

Uncle Wu is obviously stunned. He is also one of the people who watched Liu Chiyan growing up. When will she have a husband without a sound?

Uncle Wu quickly said, “Quick, come in, come in, Old Father is inside.”

With that said, he led the way and led them into the yard.

The courtyard is “very” big and the decoration is simple. On one side of the courtyard, there are a few sturdy palm trees. The palm leaves are large, covering a large area of ​​shade. Under the shade, there is a rocking chair. An old man is lying on the rocking chair and fell asleep, there’s also an older woman in a white lab coat standing next to him.

“Old Father.” Uncle Wu shouted.

“Shh” The Woman in white lab coat immediately made a silent gesture, “Old Father just fell asleep, speak quietly.”

After speaking, she also saw Liu Chiyan’s family behind Uncle Wu, “Ah, Brother Liu, sister-in-law, Chi Yan, Yiyi, you are here.”

The woman in white lab coat is Uncle Wu’s wife, called Lan Zhi. She is also the full-time nursing of Liu Chiyan grandfather. Usually, the couple is accompanying Liu Chiyan grandfather and taking care of his life.

“Lan Zhi.”

“Grandma Wu.”

“Aunt Wu.”

The group greeted the woman in white lab coat one after another.

Ye Guang also followed Liu Chiyan, “Aunt Wu.”

Aunt Wu saw Ye Guang and heard him called her Aunt Wu. She is a little confused, “Is this?”

Liu Chiyan said with a light smile, “Aunt Wu, this is my husband, called Ye Guang.”

“Ah, Yan’er, are you married? When did it happen?” Aunt Wu looked surprised.

When it was mentioned, Father Liu felt uncomfortable, and looked at Ye Guang with a disgusting look.

Liu Chiyan was too embarrassed to say, she stubbornly said, “Well… not long ago, brought him to see Grandpa today.”

Aunt Wu didn’t ask much. She quickly leaned down and gently pushed the old man on the rocking chair. That is, Grandpa Liu “Old Father, Old Father wakes up.”

Father Liu: “Lan Zhi, don’t wake up Dad, let him sleep.”

Aunt Wu shook her head, “No, if Old Father wakes up and knows that his grandson’s son-in-law is here. I don’t want him to bury me.”

Then, she shook the old man again, “Old Father, wake up, Old Father.”

Grandpa Liu slowly opened his turbid eyes, still a little confused, “Lan Zhi, what’s the matter?”

“Your grandson-in-law is here.” Aunt Wu leaned over and said to Grandpa Liu.

Old Father opened his eyes immediately and jumped out of the rocking chair.

“Old Father, slow down.” Aunt Wu quickly wanted to help him, but Old Father is a little older and was not slow at all, but Aunt Wu still caught him.

“Grandson-in-law, grandson-in-law, where is my grandson-in-law?” Old Father stood up and shouted, and then he saw Liu Chiyan’s family, “Ah, brat is coming.”


Ye Guang almost didn’t stop laughing, brat?  This is… the nickname for Father Liu?

Father Liu couldn’t help but ‘puffed’ on his face. He felt a little embarrassed. If there were no others, it would be fine. There is nothing wrong with my own Father calling his son a brat. However, Ye Guang is here today, this feeling is a little shameful in front of the son-in-law.


“Great Grandpa”



A group of people greeted Grandpa Liu.

Grandpa Liu smiled with joy, “Yiyi, my obedient great-granddaughter, come, come and let grandfather hug.”

Yiyi ran to Grandpa Liu.

Of course, Grandpa Liu saw Ye Guang among the few people. He took a few glances and put Yiyi down. “This is my grandson-in-law, right?”

Liu Chiyan answered, “Yes, Grandpa,  his name is Ye Guang.”

Ye Guang smiled and greeted Grandpa Liu again, “Hello, Grandpa.”

Grandpa Liu smiled and nodded, reaching out and beckoning him, “Come here, let me see.”

Ye Guang walked up obediently.

Grandpa Liu looked at Ye Guang carefully as if looking at a monkey, “Well, he looks pretty good, but he’s thinner. It’s not a piece of warfare.”

Aunt Wu: “Old Father, you just like to talk about wars, now it’s a peaceful era.”

Grandpa Liu snorted, “You must prepare materials for wars in a peaceful era to prevent foreign enemies!”

Aunt Wu smiled and said, “Yes, yes, yes, you are right.”

Grandpa Liu ignored her and looked at Ye Guang again, “Yes, yes, although it’s not good, but it’s also a grandson and a son-in-law. A few years ago, I urged Yan’er to find someone else, she is a girl who is so old, she still doesn’t marry, what kind of girls it is.”

Ye Guang listened to this, his heart was tangled for a while, not knowing whether to be happy or depressed.

What’s happy is that Grandpa Liu seems to have no objection to him, and he doesn’t resist at all. Unlike Father Liu, he knows that Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan already married, but he still dislikes him. What is depressing is that, Old Father, what do you mean with he is not so good? We are such a good guy, who is sunny, handsome, and capable, so why is it not so good?

Fortunately, Ye Guang’s narcissism in the heart can’t be heard. Otherwise, he must be crowned with a narcissistic title, you really can see yourself.

Ye Guang said, we are telling the truth, you have to believe it!

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