MST Chapter 287 : Passing on from generation to generation

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Grandpa Liu really has no opinion on Ye Guang. He is different from Father Liu, and he is separated from Liu Chiyan by a generation. For him, as long as Liu Chiyan marries early, find himself a grandson-in-law, and open branches for the family, it is something to be happy. After all, the generation is different, and the mentality is also different. If Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan are married, as long as Ye Guang is not bad, then he won’t have any opinions.

However, Grandpa Liu still complained about Liu Chiyan, blaming her for getting married and not telling himself this grandfather earlier.

It’s not too early. Grandpa Liu’s meal is also cooked by Aunt Wu. Aunt Wu looked at the time, “Oh, it’s almost noon, you chat, I change clothes and cook.”

Father Liu stopped her and said, “Lan Zhi, don’t be busy, let me cook today.”

Aunt Wu smiled, didn’t refuse and nodded.

Ye Guang is surprised, Father Liu can still cook? Real or fake? This big boss actually cooks the food himself? This is something that I can’t imagine. Ye Guang brain made up for the scene of Father Liu cooking in the kitchen, and he shook his head quickly. The picture was so beautiful that I didn’t dare to think about it.

Father Liu doesn’t usually go into the kitchen, but coming to Grandpa Liu is different. He is usually busy with work and doesn’t have much time to see Grandpa Liu. Grandpa Liu also doesn’t need anything and doesn’t need him to buy something. Therefore, when he occasionally comes to see him. He will cook a meal for Grandpa Liu himself, and he will do his filial piety.

Father Liu went to cook, and Mother Liu followed suit to help, and Yiyi caught a small ‘flower’ cat from the outside in the yard full of flowers.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan were chatting with Grandpa Liu from left to right. Old Father sat in a rocking chair, while Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan sat on each side with a small bench.

Grandpa Liu is a “very” talkative person. Maybe people like to talk and chat with others when they are old, and he talks with Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan under the shade.

Old Father looks at Ye Guang, “Grandson-in-law, don’t look at my old bone now. Back then, your grandfather, I am strong, and the blind bear sees me have to hide. I’m also famous in the rivers and lakes.”

Ye Guang smiled and listened to it, that is, Old Father sentence about your grandfather. Why do I feel a little awkward? Although it seems that there is nothing wrong with this.

“I think back then, I was also a good player in the army. I always rushed to the forefront in battles. The enemy was so scared to pee when he saw me.” Old Father danced and blew his words, “Grandson-in-law, come, grandpa tells you the story of our war.”

Liu Chiyan smiled and said, “Grandpa, how many times have you been telling me about the war?”

Grandpa Liu blinked, “What do you want to hear? I didn’t tell you, I told my grandson-in-law.”

Ye Guang smiled, “Grandpa, you speak, I listen, I Love to listen.” Just kidding, you have to listen even if you don’t like it!

Grandpa Liu’s suddenly smiled and became very interested.

Ye Guang is a clear understanding, Liu Grandpa is an old naughty boy, maybe this is a common nature of many old people. The older he is, the more childlike he is, and his joy, anger, sorrow, and joy are like children.

Grandpa Liu began excitedly tells of the past, “Back then, when I was like you, still a young man, that was my first year to join the army, remember the year ……”

Old Father’s tells the past of joining the army, sometimes dancing and making gestures while falling asleep, and sometimes saddened by the sacrifice of comrades in the story

Liu Chiyan didn’t think it was interesting. It wasn’t that Grandpa Liu didn’t tell the story well, nor was it that the story wasn’t very “precise”, but she has heard it too many times. She could almost memorize this story, so she naturally felt that it was nothing. Meaning, she is just sitting on the small bench with both hands supporting the chin, don’t know if I am listening or in a daze.

Ye Guang listened with great gusto. The story told by Grandpa Liu was indeed very passionate. Ye Guang listened quite tastefully. From time to time, he clapped with Grandpa Liu, or sighed together with Grandpa Liu.

Grandpa Liu talked for a long time, a little dry mouth, Ye Guang handed him a cup of water, Grandpa Liu drank a couple of sips, more comfortable, smiled at Ye Guang, “You are a good doll, have patience. You listened to Grandpa talking for so long about the matter of sesame seeds and rotten grains, not like this girl.” Grandpa Liu glanced at Liu Chiyan as he said.

Liu Chiyan looked helpless, how did she get hit?

Ye Guang smiled, “Grandpa, you are not a thing of sesame and rot. You are the heroic deeds of the revolutionary martyrs. Listening to Grandpa passionate talks about this, my heart is full of enthusiasm. I can’t wait to be born in that era and fight with these heroes.”

Grandpa Liu laughed and looked at Ye Guang with satisfaction, “Okay, okay, you are a nice kid. Grandpa likes you more and more.” As he said, Grandpa Liu turned his head and said to Liu Chiyan, “Look, you see, grandson-in-law can hear it, how can’t you listen?”

Liu Chiyan said with a wry smile, “Grandpa, how can I not listen? You have said so many times, I have listened to it even if I don’t want to hear it, but even more beautiful stories had been heard so many times, will makes people don’t want to listen to it anymore.”

Grandpa Liu glared again, “Nonsense, it’s boring. What I’m talking is the glorious deeds of the revolutionary martyrs. Now the country can prosper and be able to settle with peace, they are all from those revolutionary martyrs. They were killed with blood and tears in the enemy’s artillery fire. Their stories are told a thousand times and ten thousand times, and you must listen to them! Not only must you listen, but also remember, your generation, the next generation, and the next generation. No matter how many generations have passed, you have to remember their things! You must never forget these heroes who used their flesh and blood to prop up the backbone of the country!”

Liu Chiyan felt a little wronged. She just said that and Grandpa Liu caught and reprimand her. Such a reprimand is not wrong, but she can only follow Grandpa Liu words, “I know Grandpa, I remember.”

Ye Guang also spoke for Liu Chiyan, “Grandpa, Yan’er is just like that, don’t be angry. Don’t worry, we all remember it, not just me, but in the future, I will also let my and Yan’er children to remember, then let our grandchildren remember the deeds of these revolutionary martyrs that Grandpa told us, from generation to generation, we will remember them from generation to generation.”

Grandpa Liu very pleased to hear this, “Good, good, good boy.”

Ye Guang smiled and said, “Grandpa, tell me about other things you did in the past, I love to hear them from you.”

Grandpa Liu was so happy that he slapped his legs, as if he had found a bosom friend, “Okay! Grandpa will tell you again. In those days…”

One old and one young, one willing to listen, one willing to talk, chatting under the palm tree was quite speculative.

Liu Chiyan looked at this enthusiastic old and young, and the corners of her mouth also smiled. Grandpa and Ye Guang get along well and can talk. It is a happy thing that Grandpa likes him.

In other words, in Liu Chiyan’s family. Liu Chiyan, Grandpa Liu, Father Liu, Mother Liu, Yiyi, except Father Liu, everyone seems to get along well with Ye Guang, at least the senses are good. Needless to say Yiyi, she and Ye Guang are very close to each other. Mother Liu also has a good impression of Ye Guang. Otherwise, it’s impossible for Mother Liu to help Ye Guang and speak in front of Father Liu when the East wind incident happened. Although Grandpa Liu saw him for the first time, but now it seems that, he is still ‘quite’ fond of Ye Guang.

However, why Father Liu alone who disliked Ye Guang?

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