MST Chapter 45 : Goddess can cook

Edited: XiaXue

Liu Chiyan is still armed, fortunately, the weather is not hot, need to wear a coat, she can use the trench coat wrapped tightly, with sunglasses and large masks do not have to worry about someone to recognize, if it’s summer is troublesome, summer wear less, at least Liu Chiyan this figure is unable to hide, her body inevitably arouse the eyebrows of others, the probability that carefree matter be found is much bigger.

Since entering the department store, Liu Chiyan began to install dumb, no way, her voice is pleasant, and the recognition is very high. She is afraid of being recognized by fans when she speaks.

There are too many things to buy, pots and pans, oil and salt, daily necessities, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan almost see what to buy, with the need to buy all, of course, do not need to be Liu Chiyan buy, I believe that the vast number of male compatriots have their feelings, The woman at home always buys something that seems useful, but in fact it doesn’t have to be used two times.

There were so many things to buy, and Ye Guang took several times to move these scattered things into the car, filled a trunk, and put a lot of things in the back seat.

When I came out of the mall, it was already more than five o’clock. After two people discussed it, they didn’t return to the studio and went straight home, Liu Chiyan vowed to cook for Ye Guang, because it is not too familiar with this one. In a few days, the dishes were bought from supermarket, but fortunately, the quality was good. Ye Guang looks at Liu Chiyan hand like a soft white jade. It has always been a question for Liu Chiyan able to cook, and she is Chinese entertainment Heavenly Queen, and she will condescend herself to cook.

After returning home, they worked hard to move the purchased items back in batches, and then packed them up and placed them where they should stay. Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan was really tired.

Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang both rested on the sofa while sterilizing the tableware and the like in a sterilizer.

After a break, Ye Guang gave Liu Chiyan a pinch of death, but in fact he wanted to take advantage of the opportunity. Liu Chiyan knew that he had bad ideas, but she did not refuse him. Anyway, she was touched by this bad guy. Finally, some of Ye Guang’s teasing make her red face and couldn’t stand it, so she pushed him into the kitchen.

Ye Guang was not idle. Liu Chiyan cooked and he played with her. He followed Liu Chiyan to help her choose dishes and saw Liu Chiyan’s skill. This made him believe that Liu Chiyan would cook seven things.

Why is it seven? The remaining three points are checked by the taste buds.

It turns out that Liu Chiyan does cook, and it is still quite good. Three dishes and one soup are out of the pan, a sweet and sour pork vinegar, a steamed squid, a fried cabbage, and a broth soup. They are all ordinary home-cooked dishes, but the taste is very good. Ye Guang, who is eating, yells, “You wife are worth it!”

The typical ones are cheap and sold, and the Chinese entertainment Heavenly Queen are married to you. What else is worthless.

Finally, three dishes with soup and half pot of rice are two people eat naked, Liu Chiyan eat not much, she diet more temperance, although not diet, also do not eat what diet meal, but also control the appetite on the better, most of them are Ye Guang to eat, Liu Chiyan didn’t do anything after she was. She smiled and looked at Ye Guang eating with great satisfaction.

Ye Guang also asked Liu Chiyan when she was cooking. Liu Chiyan told him, “It will happen very early. I will cook when I go to high school. My mother told me that a woman who cooks can keep the man.”

Ye Guang feels that Liu Chiyan’s mother is indeed a good mother. She taught her how many things in the end. Finally, he said to Liu Chiyan very seriously: “Must thank your mother!”

Can not thank you, if there is no mother’s embarrassing teaching, maybe Liu Chiyan would marry him, and still so gentle and virtuous, when the boss still made the meal.

After dinner, the two went out for a walk to eliminate food, and came back to sleep together or watch the boring TV series, a very flat but very sweet little life picture.

After a shower in the evening, Liu Chiyan had been touched by Ye Guang last night and had done a lot of shame, but today she is still very shy, but Ye Guang will not let her go because she is shy. Holding Liu Chiyan in bed, it was a good time to get up and down, causing Liu Chiyan to be red-faced all night, and finally fell asleep.

The next day, when Ye Guang got up, Liu Chiyan was already busy in the kitchen.

“Wake up.” Liu Chiyan is wearing a scarf and holding milk in her hand. “You should go to the wash first, breakfast will be ready soon. You can eat it after washing.”

Ye Guang obediently went to wash. After washing, Liu Chiyan had put the breakfast on the table. It was very rich, toast bread, poached egg, oatmeal, milk, and fruit. The colorful ones were beautiful.

Ye Guang was a little surprised. “It’s all you do.”

Liu Chiyan nodded and smiled. “Well, you can taste it.”

Ye Guang touched her head with affection. “You made everything delicious. In fact, you can buy breakfast outside. Don’t be too hard. Sleep more in the morning.”

Liu Chiyan smiled and shook her head. “I didn’t buy it outside. Don’t worry about it. It’s not hard. I usually do it myself at home, and I can make breakfast for you every day. Very happy, I am willing to do it for you.”

Ye Guang smiled, didn’t say anything, and with Liu Chiyan started eating breakfast.

Ye Guang is also very happy to be able to eat her breakfast every day.

After breakfast, Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang went to Studio. They thought it was necessary to avoid it, but yesterday, when Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang went to the department store from Studio, they opened Ye Guang’s car and Liu Chiyan’s car also parked in the underground parking lot of Time Square where Studio is located.

It’s a coincidence, it’s not right, it’s a coincidence that when they parked in the underground parking lot, they just happened to meet Jiang Xin.

Jiang Xin looked at Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan in a car with a strange look.

Liu Chiyan hurriedly explained: “Jiang sister, my car didn’t drive back yesterday, let Ye Guang pick me up in the morning.”

Ye Guang also nodded in a hurry.

Jiang sister not silly to ask yesterday Liu Chiyan why did not drive back, to do, nod way: “All right, Little Ye now is your assistant, is should go to pick you up, I look after you also do not drive, other people’s bosses are equipped with drivers, If you don’t want to be with a driver, let little Ye part-time to pick you up every day.” Then said to Ye Guang: “Little Ye, don’t bother.”

Ye Guang quickly said: “No, no trouble, it is my pleasure to serve President Liu.”

Liu Chiyan’s eyes are bright, Jiang Sister’s proposal seems to be very good! In this way, you don’t have to be afraid of taking a car with him and being misunderstood by others. Otherwise, you have to work hard to find an excuse to explain.

So, Ye Guang has another position in studio, Liu Chiyan full-time driver!

Ye Guang is also very happy with this new position.

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