MST Chapter 149 : The strongest voice begins

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Although Ye Guang composition is still somewhat unfamiliar, but the songs are still no problem, a little mistake, after checking it, I also modified it.

Liu Chiyan took the score and began to sing.

I have to say that the foundation of Liu Chiyan music is still very solid. When he hummed the music for the first time, it was exactly the same. This is actually the basic skill of musicians. Many musicians with solid skills, just a little familiar a few times to learn a song. Of course, learn to return to learn, but to sing well, it is not so easy to sing each tone, and practice is always essential.

The practice time of one day is not long, but it is not too short. It is enough to learn and sing a song.

Liu Chiyan is still very satisfied with Ye Guang’s song. After a few times, she took Ye Guang and went to the singing room to practice singing. Ye Guang was actually the same as the past, but he was not bothered, Liu Chiyan is practicing song, he did not bother to disturb, just relying on the sofa to squint and listen, have to say, Liu Chiyan singing sound is really good, Ye Guang listened was quite enjoyable.

The day passed quickly. On this day, Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang didn’t go out. Ye Guang was so boring in the afternoon, it was a bit fresh at first, after all, the new environment. Well, But after a while it got tired and crooked. It’s boring to go out alone, it’s better to go back to accompany my wife to practice songs.

Sister Jiang is the busiest of the three people, said Ye Guang is Liu Chiyan assistant, but this goods only hanging assistant’s name and collapse on the sofa, what also, of course, this is because he also do not understand these messy things, so I am connected to the program team, and tonight and some arrangements for the next few days. Jiang Xin is busy in all aspects..

Jiang Xin has always been an assistant to Liu Chiyan. After Liu Chiyan opened her own studio, Jiang Xin became a manager, but occasionally she was also a guest assistant. Jiang Xin was busy before and after. She had no complaints about this. She had been clear about these things, and she was brought here specifically to let her take care of these various aspects. However, because of the reason why Ye Guang arched Liu Chiyan cabbage, Jiang Xin still had a resentment against Ye Guang. “You said you can do something? Are you an assistant or I am an assistant? We three people, you will be the most leisurely, Yan’er is busy practicing songs. After I run around, you fell down and went to sofa to be a grandfather.”

Ye Guang is little embarrassed, “That… Sister Jiang, then you see, I can help you with something, you told me. ”

Jiang Xin gave him a glance. “The show is about to start, you said, you don’t have to do it with. You still continue to be a grandfather.”

Ye Guang: “…”

A co-author of a long list in front of you is to Let’s chant?

At nights

The highly anticipated The Strongest Voice was launched.

Liu Chiyan was called to put on makeup early to do a good look.

Liu Chiyan painted smoky makeup, the style was a bit exaggerated, and the costumes were a bit strange, especially the long feathers on the head and the pair of translucent wings on the back.

In fact, Ye Guang can’t figure out, isn’t it just singing a song? Why do singers always dress up themselves? Is it not enough to attract attention when standing in the spotlight of the stage?

The TV signal in the lounge was also connected, playing the scene on studio.

Thousands of people in auditorium was full of people andthe seats full.

The starting point of the evening is 08:00.

The Strongest Voice show officially began.

The Strongest Voice is a live broadcast, and countless viewers across the country are in front of the TV.

Two hosts, a man and woman, came to stage from both sides, their faces were filled with smiles. The camera gave them close-ups and placed them on a huge screen behind them.

The two hosts, Ye Guang know each other, they are very famous host, one is Yi Shan, a sister from Zhejiang Satellite TV, and the other is Ren Keling, pillar of the popular television base of Hunan Satellite TV Happy Camp.

For the exclusive broadcast of the Zhejiang Satellite TV, there was an host of Hunan Satellite TV. Ye Guang still had some doubts. “Is this Ren Keling not a Hunan Satellite TV? Why did he come to be the host?”

Liu Chiyan was not surprised by this. She explained, “The organizer of the event is not Zhejiang Satellite TV. The Zhejiang Satellite TV is co-sponsored. Please ask the organizer to be the host. It’s not surprising that Ren Keling is hosting. Yi Shan, she came to preside because it was the organizer and Zhejiang Satellite TV team gave her face.”

Ye Guang nodded.

On the stage, Ren Keling and Yi Shan are already reading the opening slogan.

The title of The Strongest Voice is the world famous cultural brand name Lanya.

When The strongest Voice was broadcast, he ratings in China were unbeatable, and the ratings were scary, so it also attracted many brands to bid for title and advertising sponsorship, the specific title fee and advertising costs Ye Guang and other people are not known, but it must have been sky-high, Ye Guang Journey to the West storytelling program Fruit Run increased to 20 million, but 20 million estimate is still less than the number of people, and to know that his show is to broadcast three months, and The Strongest Voice only a few days.

“Love beauty, love yourself, this program is broadcast by Lanya, thanks…  for the strong support of this program…”

A series of advertising words, Ye Guang did not hear clearly, except for the previous few.

After the advertisement was broadcast, I finally got to the point.

“Before the show begins, I will first introduce you to the judges of our program.”

Ren Keling: “The first is the famous old artist in China, a senior composer and singer, Teacher Zong Zhengguang!”

The white-haired, but red-faced Teacher Zong Zhengguang stood up and waved to the audience.

The audience cheered warmly.

Yi Shan: “The second is the Chinese song god, and also the teacher of our previous “The Strongest Voice” Huang Bin!”

Huang Bin also stood up and waved to the audience.

The audience was screaming and cheering, and many audience calls for Huang Bin name.

“Huang Bin! Huang Bin! Huang Bin!” The popularity of Huang Bin is really high in China, and the qualifications in the music world are very old.

Ren Keling: “The third place is famous musician in the world, Teacher Sui Si!

Sui Si also got up and greeted the audience, and the audience was exclaimed.

Yi Shan: “The fourth is Yu Fengnan, who has won the Golden Melody awards many times and broke through Grammy!”

Yu Fengnan hasn’t gotten up yet, and some female voices on the scene have already started to scream.

Ren Keling: “The fifth, also our last judge, is our Chinese music association vice-chairman, and a senior lyricist, Chunyu Min!”

Chunyu Min rose to the audience and the audience applauded, but without the screams and shouts of the previous ones, there were actually few who knew him.

Yi Shan: “Keling, our program, the jury lineup is simply too strong, all of them are leading figures in the music world. I am really worried about the singers who are participating in this competition. I am afraid they can’t hold it.”

Ren Keling: “Yi Shan, you’re right, in front of us, our jury lineup is really strong, but I don’t agree with the latter sentence. Our judges are strong, but our players are not small. Oh, they are all those who stand at the top of the music scene.”

Yi Shan: “Keling, you are right. They are all people standing at the top of the music scene. So this game can be described as a strong showdown. I don’t know what kind of sparks I can come across. I really want to watch them play.”

Ren Keling: “I know that you are in a hurry. I believe that the audience members and the audience in front of TV are also curious as to who are the contestants. I will not sell them. Then we will ask the pleasure of seeing our first player on stage.”

“The first player is…”

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