MST Chapter 239 : Fighting Like a Man

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Lan Bao, Zhong Jing, and Mu Huang are ready to attack.

In this group, Zhong Jing is the most powerful person. He is the largest and has a great advantage over others. Sapphire and Mu Huang are much worse. Mu Huang is a girl, in strength there is a gap with is short and small, relative to other people is also a lot worse. It makes sense for the program group to group the guests, combining the strongest and the worst. This way there can be some balance.

They first found He Xing. When they found He Xing, He Xing still looking for clues.

Seeing the three people coming together, He Xing suddenly felt bad.

“What are you doing, don’t mess around. I’m going to call people, if you make trouble.” He Xing said while carefully retreating and keeping a distance from the three.

Lan Bao smirked and said the classic line. “You call it, it’s useless to call until your throat broken.”

He Xing ran away, but it was a pity, this room was too small to rush out. The three of them forced He Xing to dead end within two move.

He Xing begged for mercy without ethics, “Let me go, let me go, help!”

In the encirclement of three people. He Xing is like a white rabbit ready to be slaughtered, desperate and helpless. Finally, Zhong Jing violently turned him over and tore off the name tag behind him.

The announcement in the mall rang.

“He Xing, out! He Xing, out!”

Everyone else has some surprises.

Ye Guang is with Liu Chiyan at this time, “He Xing is out, shit, who did it?”

Heavenly King Liu and Mu Feng formed a group together, “He Xing out, it seems that Lan Bao and the others have started. Let’s go together, don’t be caught by them.”

The battle has started. While looking for clues, the guests have to beware of attacks from other teams. From time to time, you can hear rapid footsteps in the mall. This is another person chasing, and sometimes you can hear someone yelling ‘help’ or call your team member’s name.

After some competition, Xu Chen also out. He was also blocked by Lan Bao. However, before Xu Chen before being eliminated, Xu Chen took advantage of the fact that the three of them were not careful. He teared Mu Huang’s name tag. This death together situation, it is a exchange, no white death.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan also encountered Heavenly King Liu and Mu Feng. Taking advantage of the two of them not paying attention, Ye Guang attacked from behind and tore Mu Feng’s name tag.

At that time, Heavenly King Liu and Mu Feng had stunned expressions, while Liu Chiyan was trembling with laughter.

After Ye Guang torn off Mu Feng. Heavenly King Liu went crazy, ready to fight him. Heavenly King Liu is not big, but he is also very strong, similar to Ye Guang and looks stronger than Ye Guang, nearly forty years old. However, Heavenly King Liu isn’t old-fashioned. Forty is prime age of a man’s, so he is not afraid of Ye Guang.

Ye Guang is very rogue, he carried forward his shameless spirit. After tearing Mu Feng off, Heavenly King Liu wanted to confront him. But Ye Guang suggested, “Heavenly King Liu, wait, wait, I have a suggestion.”

Heavenly King Liu stopped, “What advice?”

Ye Guang: “Let’s make an alliance.”

Heavenly King Liu sneered, “Allied? You just ripped off my teammates and wanted to form alliance with me?”

Ye Guang seduce, “You see, now on the field, left only me, you, Goddess Liu, and then Zhong Jing and Lan Bao. You know Zhong Jing’s size, we are probably not his opponents. If we separated and blocked by them, it will be difficult to handle. We form an alliance, at least in terms of numbers. Goddess Liu can hold Lan Bao, we two work together to deal with Zhong Jing. I don’t believe it, if we two still can’t beat him.”

Heavenly King Liu thought for a while. He felt, there is some truth in Ye Guang words, “What about after Zhong Jing was torn?”

Ye Guang: “After we eliminated Zhong Jing and Lan Bao, let’s go one-on-one!”

Heavenly King Liu nodded, “Okay! That’s it!”

Thus, the first alliance in Running Man was born.

Heavenly King Liu, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan walked side by side, but Heavenly King Liu still had some distance from Ye Guang.

“Ye Guang, you will not attack me through the alliance, right?”

Ye Guang shook his head, “How could it be possible that we are revolutionary comrades now. We must trust each other. Am I such a dishonest person?”

Heavenly King Liu nodded without thinking, “You are, how else would you sneak attack me and Mu Feng from behind.”

Liu Chiyan covered her mouth and smiled, Ye Guang had black line.

Not far away, in a corner, Zhong Jing and Lan Bao appeared, the two men collided with each other. They stood still and opened the stance.

Lan Bao pointed to Ye Guang and Heavenly King Liu, who are side by side. “I rely on, what are you doing?”

Ye Guang: “We are now unwavering allies.”

Zhong Jing is very confident about his strength, “Come on, isn’t it just one-on-two? Come on! Let’s end the battle tonight!”

As a result, the battle began. It was a melee. Lan Bao and Liu Chiyan waited for an opportunity behind the two parties, while Ye Guang, Liu Xuecheng and Zhong Jing is in a stalemate.

Zhong Jing’s strength is really not covered. Ye Guang and Liu Xuecheng can hardly contain him after they work together.

The battle scene is fierce. Zhong Jing still slightly weaker against the two, but he defended very well. For a while, no one could do anything.

In the end, Lan Bao looked at the opportunity very cleverly. When Ye Guang, Heavenly King Liu and Zhong Jing entangled in a group. With several vigorous steps he rushed into the battle circle.

“Tear it” someone’s name tag is torn off.

“Tear” another sound of name tag being torn.

Everyone saw Lan Bao and Liu Chiyan each holding a name tag, while Ye Guang and Zhong Jing were empty on their backs. Lan Bao took the opportunity to attack Ye Guang, and Liu Chiyan unwilling to lag behind, taking advantage Ye Guang and Liu Xuecheng to grab Zhong Jing. She attacked Zhong Jing and tore his name tag.

“Ye Guang, out!”

“Zhong Jing, out!”

Both of them is eliminated. They are dumbfounded with this, especially Zhong Jing. He is very depressed, because Liu Chiyan torn him from behind at this time. He just touched Liu Xuecheng’s name tag in his hand. Just a little bit more and this deadlock will be broken. By then, he can say that he will win against Ye Guang. Who knows Liu Chiyan will killed him halfway.

Therefore, the old saying is true, ideals are beautiful, but reality will always slap you. Huh, what kind of old saying is that? Who said this? I don’t know, no matter what.

Ye Guang and Zhong Jing were taken off the court by the men in black. So, there’s only three people left on the court, Liu Xuecheng, Liu Chiyan and Lan Bao.

Liu Xuecheng and Liu Chiyan are allies, and even if they are not allies, Lan Bao can’t deal with Liu Xuecheng, so he just ran away.

Heavenly King Liu and Liu Chiyan quickly chased him.

While chasing, Heavenly King Liu shouted, “Lan Bao, don’t run away, it’s useless. Don’t run, let’s fight openly.”

Lan Bao stopped, turned around, holding his knees and gasping, he smiled bitterly.

“Come on! Don’t run, I am also a man, I have to fight like a man, come!”

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