MST Chapter 240 : Recording Complete

Edited: XiaXue

Lan Bao is high-spirited. At this time, if this follow-up program is broadcast. It will definitely add a special effect to him and match with music.

Liu Chiyan cheered for him, “Lan Bao come on, fight.”

Liu Xuecheng laughed, turning around and said to Liu Chiyan, “Which side are you?”

The battle between Lan Bao and Liu Xuecheng began.

Sometimes the world is very realistic. This is not an anime. Fighting depends on roaring. High fighting spirit can’t fill the gap in strength. Liu Xuecheng knocked Lan Bao down without much effort.

“Lan Bao, out!”

Lan Bao was taken by the black man.

Liu Xuecheng watched Lan Bao being taken away, waved at Lan Bao, “Lan Bao, good job, you are a man!”

At this time, Liu Chiyan stood behind Liu Xuecheng, touched Liu Xuecheng’s name tag and made a tearing action to the camera, but she didn’t really tear off Liu Xuecheng’s name tag.

Liu Xuecheng also felt the movement behind him. After he turned his head, he saw Liu Chiyan behind him. This really scared him and made him instantly pulling away from her.

Liu Xuecheng was a little frightened. He smiled and pointed at Liu Chiyan, “Chiyan, what do you want to do?”

Liu Chiyan smiled and spit out her tongue, “Relax. I didn’t really want to attack you. If I really wanted to attack you, I just tore you.”

Liu Xuecheng gave a thumbs up, “Pay attention to it! Fortunately, it is you. If I change to Ye Guang, I must be torn up.”

Ye Guang has a criminal attack, Liu Xuecheng remembers it.

Liu Chiyan smiled.

Ye Guang is not here anymore, otherwise he will have a black line, is our character so bad?

Liu Chiyan opened the frame and said, “Come on, Heavenly King Liu, let’s decide the winner.”

Heavenly King Liu startled, “Really? Me and you?”

Liu Chiyan nodded, “Only the two of us here, come on!”

Heavenly King Liu: “Don’t, you are a girl, don’t hurt you.”

Liu Chiyan cut it, “Hey, looking down on people! Come, whoever is dead is not necessarily me!”

Liu Chiyan is quite aggressive.

Heavenly King Liu smiled and gave Liu Chiyan a thumbs up, “Goddess Liu really made me look up at me today, then come on.”

Liu Chiyan took the lead in attacking Liu Xuecheng. Liu Xuecheng is afraid of hurting Liu Chiyan, so he didn’t dare to use too much strength as the defender. Even so, the gap in strength of the two sides is too great. Liu Chiyan’s many attacks have no effect. Finally, Liu Xuecheng clamped both of her hands with his one hand, and the other hand also touched Liu Chiyan’s name tag.

“I’m sorry, Chiyan.”

Liu Chiyan smiled very freely, “Tear it, I did my best, that’s it.”

Heavenly King Liu slowly tore off Liu Chiyan’s name tag.

Competition Finished

Liu Xuecheng and Liu Chiyan went downstairs to the lobby. The other eliminated guests were also there. Seeing both of them came, they clapped together.

The last winner is Liu Xuecheng. He got the password. He opened the treasure chest in the lobby on the first floor and took out the holy water inside.

The crowd cheered and applauded.

Shang Shan: “Congratulations, you have overcome many difficulties and got holy water. With holy water, you can get rid of the black magic on the name tag. From then on, you are a real team, congratulations!”

After that, Heavenly King Liu, as the captain and winner, gave a concluding speech at the end of the program.

The crowd applauded and then shouted the slogan, “”Run Brother!””

All the necessary program content in the first issue has been completed, and the recording time is more than one in the morning.

Many people don’t understand why Running Man Name tag elimination mostly at night. In fact, the reason is very simple, because the Name tag elimination link needs a special environment and larger venues. For these venues like schools or shopping malls. There’s many people in these places during the daytime. Only at night after the business is closed, they can use the venue for shooting.

After staying up so late, everyone was tired. After work, they all went back to the hotel to rest. The guests’ shooting tasks were completed. It’s nothing for them. Tomorrow, the guests will go back to each house to find their own mothers.

When the next episode is gonna recorded, they will gather again.

The filming of the show is over, but Ye Guang’s work is not over. He is the chief director and the messy work such as post-editing also needs him to check.

Fortunately, he doesn’t need to do it himself in the post-editing period. There will be a dedicated editor and post-production staff to complete it. He only needs to see the effect in the end.

The next day, after a whole day of editing and post-production work, Running Man’s first stage into the oven, the speed is relatively fast, mainly for video special effects and it doesn’t need to spend much effort. Simply adding some sound effects, soundtracks, and fifty cents special effects that don’t require much technical content are enough.

The show highlights and the small appearance films with the personal characteristics of the guests have been edited. Some advertising interruptions and animations such as the intermission of the program have also been edited. This is the finished film. Ye Guang has watched it and there is no big problem. Then, this film can be broadcast next saturday night on Beijing Satellite TV.

Ye Guang and many staff gathered in a large projection room to watch the film.

The show started, first with some highlights, then several guests appeared one after another. During the period when the guests appeared on the stage, a small film with their own characteristics is inserted.

Ye Guang and many staff members watched the completed video enthusiastically. Although the staff participated in the video shooting, most of the staff could only see part of the shooting scene. For example, Wei Haijun, he followed Ye Guang and can only see what happened when Ye Guang was present. Other things he couldn’t see. Other staff members, because of the work content, saw less. So about the film, the content inside is absolutely fresh for most staff members.

Moreover, the effects produced after editing are very different. There are many special effects and many close-up pictures that can enhance the program effect. There’s also some people’s facial expression in the filming, what everyone sees is not particularly clear, but through the close-up of the lens and put it in the video, the effect is different.

When the video played, all the staff leaned forward and backward with laughter. Even the director from Beijing TV and Shang Shan were full of joy. As one of the guests, Liu Chiyan, sitting at the forefront, was shaking with a smile regardless of her image.

Only Ye Guang, although he smiled happily, but frowned from time to time.

After an hour and 50 minutes of video playback, the staff in screening room cheered loudly and applauded. After watching the video, everyone was very confident in the program. Even they laughed so happily and thought it was beautiful. So, the audience will definitely like it more.

Many employees surrounded Ye Guang, Shang Shan and the others.

“Director Ye, Director Shang, this film is really great. If this show is not popular, the law of heaven is too difficult to tolerate!”

Hahaha, it’s really funny, it’s so good to watch, haha, this show will definitely be popular. Congratulations to Director Ye and Director Shang in advance.”

Many staff members began to compliment, Shang Shan and Xia Hai also smiled confidently.

Ye Guang smiled and nodded to everyone. When everyone’s enthusiasm slightly reduced and there’s no longer chaos, Ye Guang spoke.

“Well, it’s really not bad, everyone has suffered, but…”

“But what?” Liu Chiyan asked.

“However, this film is not good yet!”

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