BTC Chapter 445 : Survey of German Trade Unions

Edited: XiaXue

Peter Parker : “Can I learn the second gear? @Mr. L, Owner, is there a second gear for spiderman?”

Mr. L : “No, you can study it yourself. For example, the last venom parasite.”

Peter Parker : “The alien parasite affects my spiritual consciousness and cannot be used.”

Red Queen said at this time : “After my research on venom parasites, it has been able to suppress it for a short time with a variant Biochemical virus.”

Peter Parker was surprised and said : “Really? Does that make me borrow the power of venom?”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: teasing you.] This is the result of experiments three months ago. Now the venom parasite has swallowed Biochemical virus and the behavior of bloodthirsty is more obvious.”

Peter Parker : “…”

Reed Richards also said : “I have a question to ask you about how to conduct long-term space navigation.”

Lu Zixin asks : “You want to travel to the universe? You can ask Optimus Prime, he often sails in the universe.”

Reed Richards said : “It’s not me, but other people need the space to sail. The coordinates of the planet and the space jump are very cumbersome things.”

The miracle of this parallel universe has not yet reached the point where it can travel through time and space with Black Science and Technology. It is difficult for him to travel long distances.

He Aite Optimus Prime, and soon Optimus Prime appeared, directly issued a Red envelope to Reed Richards, saying : “I have a way about the cyberspace space migration and cosmic coordinate positioning. If you need an energy column, I can also send you a few.”

Reed Richards thanked : “Thank you, the energy column is not needed. I improved the aerospace version of the Kun-style fighter, the energy inside is enough to sail.”

Optimus Prime : “The energy column can be used as an energy reserve. In the universe, losing energy means losing life. Not only must we prepare the energy to start, but we must also prepare for the return of energy.”

Reed Richards : “In this plan, as long as the departure is enough, there is no need to consider returning. Maybe the big green man is not suitable for staying on the earth.”

Peter Parker : “Hulk?”

Reed Richards : “Yes.”

Peter Parker was surprised : “What are you going to do to him? He is not bad.”

Reed Richards : “Yes, you are right, he is not bad. But he can’t control himself. His existence is a threat to many humans on the planet.”

“We gave him enough time, he still can’t control his emotions. So after the agreement of Illuminati, we decided to send it to other planets. A planet more suitable for the green giant, maybe he will live a better life there.”

Illuminati, an organization that is independent from Avengers, is even rarer. It is worth mentioning that Tony Stark is also one of the core members of Illuminati Club, but I don’t know if there are Illuminati in both parallel time and space.

Lu Zixin does not express any opinions on this, but is thinking about when he could own a space navigation machine. From mechanics to energy, it is estimated that there is still a long way to go.


In the global automotive market, with the authorization and sale of fully automated driving technology by the pioneer unmanned R&D company, there are more and more types of fully-automated vehicles. Some companies have mastered some core of fully automated driving technology through imitation.

But helplessly, the intelligent technology of quantum computers is still in the hands of Red Letter Group, and they are unable to move.

In addition to driverlessness, the new energy vehicles of Pengyun Automobile brand are appearing more and more on the road. Some countries have also introduced sales. It is growing rapidly and becoming a famous automobile brand.

The news that Pengyun Automobile is developing magnetic suspension vehicles and building magnetic suspension smart cars is also spreading among large enterprises and countries.

Germany, Europe’s largest economy, world trade power, nearly half of the world’s famous car brands are here. Germany’s machinery manufacturing and processing industries are also among the best in the world.

Here, a meeting has just been held recently by German automotive industry and German Association. The theme of the conference is related to the car revolution that is taking place in China.

In a modern conference center, German Trade Union representative Hornby is reporting the latest investigations to conference members.

The meeting was attended by important representatives of German Workers Union, officials of Ministry of Economic Affairs, tycoons of automobile industry and big capitalists.

Hornby holds a document and reads word by word: “According to a joint survey by German Workers’ Union and Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering in Germany, there are more than 84,000 jobs related to the automobile industry in China!”

“Among them, there are 10,000 related to the car’s powertrain and parts production. But we noticed that the large-scale emergence of new energy vehicles and fully-automated vehicles has led to the risk of unemployment for some internal combustion engine manufacturing and gearbox manufacturing workers. There are also car driving, chemical energy, etc., and workers who may be unemployed are expected to exceed 20 million!”

“Everyone, this will be a very serious problem! We are industrial countries, industry is our pillar, and workers are the cornerstone of the pillars. If they are unemployed, then our society will face turmoil, and a new economic crisis is coming!”

“It is undeniable that new energy vehicles and unmanned vehicles will create new technical jobs for the society. But these can not make up for the vacancies of the current unemployed jobs.”

“More importantly, in the field of new energy vehicles, United States, Korea, Japan and China have become our strong competitors in the world automobile market. These jobs may not be for the workers in Germany, but for other countries benefit!”

“So on behalf of all German trade unions, I would like to make recommendations. I hope that the national industry and economic management departments will adjust their strategies in a timely manner to cope with the upcoming unemployment tide, and politicians will formulate comprehensive industrial and re-employment policies.”

“And our industrial workers should also adjust the regulations on technology and product exports and cooperation, do not give experience and technology to our competitors. Instead, under the impact of new energy vehicles, we will strengthen our industrial status and protect domestic automobile industry, protects the interests of workers and the economic development of the country.”

Hornby read this, the participants were all frowning, expression serious. The reason why they came to the meeting was because everyone recognized this problem. This is not a trivial matter, but an important issue concerning the development of the industry and the national economy. It must be addressed and resolved.

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