BTC Chapter 496 : Team Building

Edited: XiaXue

Lu Zixin found Wu Huaide and revealed his thoughts. This made Wu Huaide overjoyed and vowed: “As long as I can help with tumor immunotherapy. I can even give you this old bones! But, why this new drug must be manufactured by Red Letter Group? If it’s given to us tumor immunotherapy Center, the speed may be faster…”

“Old Wu, I admire your dedication. But you also know that drug research and development can’t be done by dedication alone.” Lu Zixin said sincerely, “What I want to do is a benign pharmaceutical R&D ecosystem. There’s output and input.”

“You’re right,” Wu Huaide said with emotion, “The international pharmaceutical giants have invested billions of dollars in pharmaceutical research and development. These money are all based on corporate earnings.  Let me tell you, even if we are National-level cancer research and treatment centers often encounter insufficient research and development funding.”

“Let’s do this, let me take the lead and contact my friends in the industry to help you get the medical research team up as soon as possible!”

With Wu Huaide matchmaking, Lu Zixin can do this more convenient.

In the medical field, Wu Huaide is highly respected. If Lu Zixin want a simple person to do this, spending money might solve some problems, but truly talented people might not be able to recruit. Wu Huaide knows many talented medical experts and they can be recruited for Red Letter Group.

The Cancer Research Center of Capital Medical University, the famous oncologist in the hospital, Ji Peng is explaining the latest Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology about tumor immunotherapy with his team.

“After the interaction between PD-1 antibody and LD-L1 antibody was blocked by inhibitor. The cancer cells escaped from immune system will be discovered again, and the human immune system will clean it up. This idea gives us a brand new direction, perhaps our research goal can find a way to kill cancer cells and how to help our immune system discover and clear cancer cells…”

“I decided to set up a new medical research team to start a new approach for cancer treatment from this new direction, and to be in line with the international frontier…”

“Teacher Ji, I want to sign up!” Someone responded immediately.

“I want to, maybe we might find new cancer treatment drugs!” Everyone interested in this.

“That’s it.” Ji Peng arranged, “If you want to participate. You will find me privately after the meeting. I will arrange and coordinate it again. Don’t forget the work in everyone’s hands!”

At the end of meeting, Ji Peng discovered there’s a lot of missed calls in his mobile phone.

“Teacher Wu?” Ji Peng used to be Wu Huaide student and is the best in the field of cancer immunity.

He quickly called back and greeted respectfully: “Teacher, I’m in the meeting just now and didn’t look at at the phone, what are you looking for?”

Wu Huaide said straightforwardly: “Ji Peng, now there’s a new medical research center to be established. You must join!”

“What?” Ji Peng was confused, “I work very well… what are you?”

He is now not only one of the important persons in charge of this research center, but also the honorary vice-president of Capital Medical University. There’s many other titles. In short, Ji Peng didn’t expect, Wu Huaide will suddenly say this to him.

“Great opportunity!” Wu Huaide said, “Whether it’s for medical research or for you personally. This is a rare opportunity in a lifetime!”

“Teacher, what are you talking about? I’m doing a good job, do you drink too much?” Ji Peng asked.

“I didn’t drink much.” Wu Huaide also knew he was anxious. So, he explained: “President Lu from Red Letter Group decided to set up a world-class medical research center. Now there’s a shortage of people, I will inform you the first time!”

Ji Peng smiled twice and said: “Teacher, you don’t know, I have working here for decades. It’s not a little bit on the shoulder. How can I easily change jobs? If you lack people, I can recommend some students!”

“What are you in hurry? Have I finished?” Wu Huaide taught.

“Sorry, you said, you said, the students listened!” Ji Peng quickly apologized.

“This is the case. Red Letter Group has a brand new cancer treatment. I have personally verified it can treat advanced lung cancer! It inhibits the growth of cancer cells. If this drug is successful, the cancer may no longer incurable disease in the future. You think about it, how important is this thing?” Wu Huaide said.

“What? You are not kidding?” Ji Peng’s first reaction is unbelievable. The problem of cancer cells has plagued the medical profession for many years. There’s never a drug with such a good effect, and there’s a cases cured!

“I’m getting older, what jokes I’m with you?” Wu Huaide reprimanded, “If you don’t have anything important, come to me immediately! I will tell you carefully!”

“Really?” Ji Peng shocked again. Then he reacted and said: “No, no, I’ll come right away. Where are you?”

He called while walking, and an expert asked in the back: “Director Ji, the research group…”

“I’ll talk about it when I come back!” Ji Peng rushed out, “By the way, tell them, I have something wrong, and I won’t back today!”


Under Wu Huaide and others efforts. Red Letter Group Medical Research Center team quickly established.

Lu Zixin generously funded the establishment of a research center as quickly as possible. This incident caused certain social concerns. However, because the medical research center of Red Letter Group only released the wind, it will be established. After a while, there’s very little attention.

On Xue Bai side. After more than half a year of treatment. He’s no different from normal people. As long as you don’t stop taking the medicine, you will not relapse.

During this time, Luke finally got the gene therapy agent out. Lu Zixin didn’t tell anyone he had injected the medicine to Xue Bai. His illness will be cured slowly and cancer cells will completely be killed from his body.


In the office, Lu Zixin looks at the projection displayed by Hong Xiaoxiao. It was a futuristic city full of science and technology, with towering technology towers and a research center several kilometers deep underground.

Various simulated intelligent transportation, intelligent buildings and public facilities operate in the city. The city basic operation almost completely processed by the super quantum computer in city center.

Power System, Transportation System, Environmental System… connected one by one to form a huge urban intelligent management network.

“Dad, what do you think of this drawing? I chose it from trillions of drawings!” Hong Xiaoxiao said in a bragging tone.

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