BTC Chapter 498 : Site Selection

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Site selection isn’t only a technical job, but it’s also individual job. Lu Zixin ran to all of place listed by Hong Xiaoxiao. Fortunately, his physical quality is far superior from ordinary people, and  high-tech equipment to assist him. Otherwise, it’s not enough for him to bear the fatigue.

On a certain wasteland in northern China, an inspection team led by Lu Zixin camped out on the wasteland. The investigation instruments has already arranged. It would collect data on geology, climate, light and other aspects, one by one for analysis and investigation.

“From a comprehensive point of view. The situation here is better compared to the site we visited before.” In the tent, the members of inspection team said, “The land here is rich in resources. Can go to east, facing the sea, going west, and Heijiang River system can provide abundant water resources. And here is close to Russia, it’s easy to buy various raw material resources…”

Lu Zixin kept frowning and didn’t comment. Today, he have visited many places, but he’s not very satisfied.

He now understands a bit why, in sci-fi movies, the research bases of big companies often in a place where people are rarely seen. From a construction point of view, of course, the better natural conditions, the better the place where the economy reaches.

From the perspective of protection of technological secrets and high-tech project planning, the less populated areas are, the more suitable for construction.

For example, some important high-level science and technology research bases. Security and confidentiality are much higher than economic costs. In particular, Lu Zixin has some black Science and Technology research. If you put it in these ordinary places, you will encounter various kinds of interference.

This is by no means a worry for him. Now some of Science and Technology from Red Letter Group have attracted the attention of all countries. In recent years, even commercial spies and Science and Technology spies have emerged, and they have been secretly disposed by relevant agencies.

“I don’t think it will work here either. Next place, let’s go to this place.” Lu Zixin pointed to a mark on the map.

When they saw this, all team members are shocked and said: “Desert?”


The Taklimakan Desert, located in the center of Tarim Basin, is the largest desert in China and the second largest in the world. Staying here, as if you came to a land abandoned by nature, the endless sea of ​​sand, which makes people fearful.

In the sky and yellow sand, I can’t see the breath of life. No green, no water, some are just the boundless sand and the undulating sand dunes!

The people in inspection team would never have thought that Lu Zixin wanted to build a research base here—they didn’t know the plan for ‘future city’.

“Although this is only the edge of the desert, there’s still no resources that can be used. If you want to build a research center here, it will take a lot of effort to prevent the desert. Not to mention the construction of large buildings on yellow sand!” The members of inspection team shook their heads, but none of them agreed.

“Who said no resources?” Lu Zixin smiled and said, “You are standing here, what do you feel?”

“A lot of sand!”


“Thirsty, a little heatstroke!”

“The wind is strong, the dust makes people blindfold!” The members of the inspection team complained one by one.

“Yes!” Lu Zixin didn’t deny their feelings and said: “The natural conditions here is really bad. But, it’s has the biggest advantage, that’s it!”

Lu Zixin pointed to the sky, the hot sun forced people to open their eyes. He continued: “The sunshine time here is long, and solar energy resources are the biggest treasure house! Is such a rich clean energy not the best gift that nature gives us?”

“President Lu, this… there’s sun exposure everywhere, and it’s much better than this place!” The team members said silently, “Moreover, the other natural conditions here are too bad, no vegetation and water resources. For scientific researchers nor I, we don’t want to stay in a place like this!”

“It’s safer here!” Lu Zixin said, “Building here will not suffer too much interference.”

“And, we are the world’s top science and technology company. The natural environment shouldn’t be our obstacle, but the ladder of our progress! It’s also our contribution to environmental protection!”

The team members have difficulty to accept Lu Zixin’s “brainwashing”. However, Lu Zixin already identified things, and they have no objection. They can only give their opinions.

Lu Zixin also knows how much his thoughts are unreliable to ordinary people, but he believes it here.

Located on the edge of Taklimakan Desert, it’s surrounded by uninhabited smoke and is suitable for the construction of important Science and Technology bases.

In addition, because of the increasingly serious desertification of the land. Local government is very welcome for the companies to come here to build and control the desert. Red Letter Group wants to build a city, and the required enormous land resources. No matter which economic conditions are acceptable. The price required for such a piece of land is defintly high price. But here, the local government can’t wait to give it to Red Letter Group for free. As long it can prevent the deserts, it can save a lot of environmental protection costs every year.

In addition, there’s no underground mineral resources here and the land is basically vacant. It’s unprofitable to hand over it to the enterprise for development.

The future city designed by Hong Xiaoxiao, the city itself has a complete ecosystem. With strong ability to fight against natural disasters, Lu Zixin only needs to solve the problem of desertification here to start the construction of future city.

The inspection team stayed in the desert area and Lu Zixin returned to the city to study related issues with Hong Xiaoxiao.

“To build a city in the desert, we must first solve the ecological problem. Desertified land isn’t suitable for large-scale construction and not suitable for human habitation.” Hong Xiaoxiao said, “Dad, according to the existing desert treatment. We have to spend at least 20 years, investing billions of dollars and other costs to green the desert in the demand area!”

“I will solve this problem.” Lu Zixin felt that the members of science and technology group must have a solution to such small problem.

“Well, the next question is energy. Urban construction and development require a lot of energy. Because the high cost of long-distance transportation. We can use solar energy to build power stations and carry out pre-energy maintenance. Before large industrial bases and urban operations start operating. Solar energy is enough to provide the required energy support.” Hong Xiaoxiao lists the second question.

“Then build a photovoltaic power station and make full use of solar energy.” Lu Zixin approved an “execution” instruction on the schedule.

The construction and operation of the future city will definitely require a lot of energy. Specially for fully intelligent cities, the consumption of energy is definitely an astronomical number. The traditional thermal power stations are estimated to be overwhelming and it must use nuclear power plants. In the short term, Red Letter Group doesn’t have the strength to build a nuclear power plant. It’s sufficient for solar power generation to cope with the current situation.

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