BTC Chapter 455 : is lifelike

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Processing continues, and people can clearly see that the original ordinary metal block has become a metal sculpture, the metal shape and Fran are really similar.

This step is already very remarkable. This represents the numerical control ability of quantum computer, the precision and dexterity of the machine tool processing. Some viewers nodded secretly.

The metal powder is continuously dropped, the strong wind is blown out in the work space, the dust on the metal surface is removed, and a delicate and compact metal figure appears in the eyes of everyone.

Through virtual projection, everyone can see clearly.

“Hiss!” The sound of inhaling air sounded in the field, they clearly saw that the metal block had become a “small Fran”!

Body proportions, clothing, movements, demeanor, and even the corners of the eyes seem to be exactly the same!

Fran was horrified, this metal villain was delivered to him. He looked carefully, as if he saw himself in the mirror.

The appearance is similar, and many mechanical processes can reach such a level. The key is the subtlety, which is exactly the same!

He can see that every hair of his own is carved clearly. In order to facilitate his observation, the projector also specifically enlarges some places for him to see. Tens of thousands of hairs are real. Engraved out, not the blurring done!

The corner of the metal sculpture, the small creases on the clothes, the pattern, the pores on the skin, can only be seen after zooming in!

And this is not a mirror, but a metal sculpture of only the size of a palm, all done by a machine tool!

Fran can no longer calm down, he knows that Bosch Group’s best machine tools, the most sophisticated machines, can’t do this!

The hair is carved on nano-level operating unit, and it is a three-dimensional all-round operation, controlled by a quantum computer, which is even more brilliant than their best CNC program!

Mechanical design, CNC system, mechanical precision, these technical barriers that have been built for decades, all at this moment, are broken!

It seems that for decades, the Bosch Group and European high-tech brought the faith for Fran is ruthlessly crushed!

Fran still held the metal sculpture, but his hand was slightly trembling, as if he had lost his strength.

Jiang Xunmei said with a smile: “Is Mr. Fran satisfied with this assignment? This metal sculpture will be given to you.”

“Satisfied, very good.” Fran hardly squeezed a few words from his dry throat, and his heart fell into the sky.

pā pā pā …” There was a warm applause in the field, like firecrackers banging in the ear, some people cheering, an old mechanical engineer even left tears of excitement, shouting with a joyful voice that could not be suppressed. : “I finally saw it! Finally, one day, I saw Chinese machine tool of China, can make such beautiful works of art!”

“They have already done this kind of way! It is possible to carry out nano-scale micro-carving, and it is certainly no problem to make a precision part!” said an American, shocking companion in the audience, “I think, our country related restrictions have lost their effect!”

“The Ministry of Commerce should have a headache again!” Another American is rather calm. His company does not operate auto parts, but sells cars and assembles. He came to China, mainly to understand Pengyun. Whether the magnetic levitation car has commercial value, and then choose whether to cooperate with Pengyun Automobile Group.

As far as he is concerned, he has already strengthened his confidence. Today, he will send back the information he has learned from the conference to Headquarters, and strive to be the first agent of Pengyun Automobile in US market!

“Fast, send a message back to the company, this is much more advanced than the previous five-axis linkage machine!” China entrepreneurs are also very excited. In the past few years, China independently developed a five-axis linkage machine tool and barely owned it’s own advanced production machine tools.

Now, the universal CNC machine tool that Pengyun Automobile come out has unparalleled performance! If you can buy such machine tool, it will be a great improvement for the related industries, so they can’t wait one by one, and quickly pass the news back from the press conference.

Most of the audience watching the conference did not understand what it meant, but they saw that the exquisite carvings, lifelike, were all applauded.

“666, really, exactly like a real person!”

“This level, if you are carving a wax figure, it is a hundred times better than those in the wax museum!”

“It’s too much, my sky, my legs and my hair are clear!”

“I just want to know, is the nose hair in his nostrils carved out?”


The applause continued for a long time. Jiang Xunmei was interrupted several times. When she knew that everyone was tired, she said with pleasure: “I believe everyone has seen that we have the confidence and strength to complete every step of the automobile industry! From a small screw to the whole car, we can make the maglev car on the modern intelligent road and make the tired journey to comfortable journey!”

Next, she introduced some public information of the universal CNC machine tool in detail, and said that Pengyun Automobile Group has started to build it’s own Pengyun auto parts factory, and reached an agreement with some partners at home and abroad to use the latest universal CNC machine tools. Started production of the existing Pengyun unmanned new energy vehicles and various magnetic levitation vehicles.

Pengyun Auto uses the most authentic products to let everyone know that they have the strength to become a new generation leader in the automotive industry. They will subvert the pattern of the industry and even redefine the mode of transportation!

The press conference ended satisfactorily, but this traffic change has just begun.

Within an hour, the news about the magnetic levitation car and the universal CNC machine tool has already smashed the media network.

Weibo hot search the first three, two are “Pengyun magnetic suspension car”, one is “universal CNC machine tool nano-engraving”.

In the first place, the first question on the hot list is “Does the Pengyun magnetic suspension car release have an impact on the automotive industry?”

Second, “Is the universal CNC machine tool really so powerful? What is it so powerful?”

These two questions, the heat rises hundreds of thousands every minute!

Needless to say, the news media, the first column of headline, hot push, all similar news.

The people who eat melons soon enjoyed the video of the conference. The maglev cars inside them made them marvel and surprise, and they imagined that they could own such vehicles. Some wealthy assets were even looking for ways to buy them.

Pengyun Automobile’s industrial park is even more lively. The release was over, and the guests not only did not leave, but also found various reasons to stay, and some media workers who came to them, they all want to know more about the magnetic suspension car, smart lanes and universal CNC machine tools.

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