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The entire smart garage is like a mechanized factory. Each parking space is an independent intelligent device. When the car is parked inside, it will automatically detect, repair and clean the car. This is the Pengyun Automobile Company specially prepared for the development of new cars. The place is still the first time to show it.

“Wow, the handsome garage is full of Science and Technology!” Xiao Bai was proudly said, they registered the seat number while they were waiting.

Industrial design style, intelligent garage arranged in order, automatic operation of various mechanical equipment…

The online audience also saw this and exclaimed: “This parking lot is really amazing!”

“The parking space in our community is about 100,000. If it is here, at least one million!”

“I want a garage like this too!”

“Suddenly a little looking forward!”

After the staff arranged, one of the smart garages was automatically opened, and a car that was praised drove out from inside, drove to them, just stopped in front of them, and the micro-devices on the car automatically confirmed them after scanning. The identity of the flight attendant who appeared in a virtual projection, said in a sweet voice.

“Two distinguished passengers, you are welcome to take the first generation M-015 magnetic levitation car developed by Pengyun Automobile. We are going to the press conference!”

The two men sat in the car with great expectations, waiting for the real good play to begin. At the same time, when they were in the car, they began to ponder the interior, space and functions of the car.

“The space inside is very spacious. Like the driverless car, there is no cab at all, so it looks like a lot of space.” Xiao Bai lay on the sofa and showed her beautiful legs.

“Wow! This is the latest car projector game of Red Letter Games, it’s cool!” Xiao Hei directly opened a projection game and showed it to the audience.

“The sofa is still folded, and after the spread is a small bed, you can sleep directly!”

“It’s a mobile hut. I want to watch movies, play games, even bring friends to play games, bring my girlfriend to play games! Surprise!”

The two of them introduced one sentence after another, and the audience watching the distance was even more envious.

“Good car!”

“This car is much more comfortable than what super-running! I am not so comfortable at home!”

“Isn’t it a magnetic levitation? How do you still have four wheels running on the ground?”

“Little elder sister legs are white!”

“This car is too forceful, and it is absolutely windy to drive out!”

They argued that the magnetic levitation car had already left the garage and came to the outside of the magnetic levitation smart road.

At this time, the magnetic levitation system was started, and the wheels of the entire car were retracted, smoothly “flying” and suspended on the road.

Although the audience could not see the suspension status of the two people riding the car, they could see the appearance of other cars through their live view, and suddenly they were full of screens.


“Fly! Fly!”

“Sure enough, magnetic suspension, I am!”

“The cow is better, my brother!”

“It’s the same car, you want to go to heaven?”


The two people in the car were also pleasantly surprised. They explained: “It’s really floating! Everyone sees that all the cars on the road are now suspended.”

“We just didn’t have any shaking or other feelings just now, which means the suspension is very stable.”

“Xiao Bai, have you brought coins?” asked Xiao Hei.

“Bring it!” The two put a coin on the small table in the car, the car is still driving, and the coin did not appear a little shake and collapse, which is enough to illustrate the stability of the car body.

“This kind of super high balance stability, I think passengers who have motion sickness will be very satisfied!”

The car continued to drive. Suddenly, the virtual flight attendant appeared, smiled and said: “Respected passengers, Pengyun Automobile X-new car release conference, will start now. Next, we will drive along this magnetic levitation intelligent road, you can choose to turn on the view mode.”

The two opened the viewing mode, and part of the body became transparent. Like them, other passengers sat in the car leisurely and watched each other.

On the road, there appeared the figure of Pengyun Automobile President Jiang Xunmei. She smiled and welcomed the guests and said: “I think this will be an unforgettable conference, because this conference, we will held it in the car, on the road!”

“The press conference held in the car! My God, I have been in the car industry for so many years, I really met it for the first time!” Xiao Hei exclaimed. “If it is another car company, I am absolutely too lazy to go.”

“But now! Everyone sees that although we are in the car, everything around us can be seen clearly, and other guests can chat freely through communication devices, much more comfortable than in the venue!”

“Hmm!” Xiao Bai nodded and said: “This experience is really good. This is a mobile conference! You see, there is a projection on the road, all cars are controlled by the driverless system. Everyone can see the video, the host of the conference is like chatting directly with us!”

In their field of vision, various projections appeared on the intelligent road. The host and everyone chatted and introduced the performance of this new car!

The function displayed by this smart road has also amazed many guests. The entire road has an intelligent control system that allows each car to charge at a suitable speed and position, and can also play large images. ……

“OH, MY, GOD!” In a car, a representative from an old car dealer in Detroit, USA, exclaimed, “This has subverted my imagination!”

At the press conference, he also directly contacted the senior officials of Headquarters and forwarded everything here.

“It’s amazing, this magnetic levitation car and smart road completely subvert our traditional travel! Turning the boring and uninteresting journey into a journey of enjoyment!”

“Boss, I swear, the auto industry has to shuffle again!”

In another car, several representatives from Japan are rushing to record various data and send them back to Headquarters.

“The various performance parameters that have been detected completely exceed the previous driverless cars of Pengyun, and the technical level of this magnetic levitation vehicle has reached the point of commercial development! How exactly did they do it! Too terrifying!”

Representatives from Europe at this time felt not only amazement, but also a trace of fear!

They know that to achieve this level, there is no strong high-tech and precision industrial support can not be done! And China, there is no such resource before!

“Are the Americans working with them privately? Or are some of us leaking technology to them?”

“No, there is no such technology in Europe. How did Pengyun do it!”

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