BTC Chapter 453 : Highlights

Edited: XiaXue

They are full of doubts, but they don’t know the answer. Some people suspect that Americans and Pengyun have contracted in a private, leaking technical information, and some people think that it is Japan. In terms of precision technology, only a few countries can compete with European precision industry.

“In any case, this time we come to China, we must figure out! If someone violates the agreement, we will definitely appeal to EU and the World Trade Organization!” For them, this fact is hard to ignore.

In the past few decades, relying on the monopoly of precision industry, European developed countries led by Germany have exported a large number of industrial products to developing countries such as China.

And if China owns such technology, with their industrial output capacity and low labor costs, it will not be long before the high-end market will be filled with “MADE, IN, CHINA!”

The press conference is still going on. The discerning guests have been unable to hold their own excitement or doubts. They want to find Pengyun Group to ask.

And this unique car launch conference is on multiple platforms, attracting the microscopic of the majority of netizens!

For the first time, they saw the “Public Launch Conference”, the intelligent road avatar filled with the virtual stage of Science and Technology, light and vocal music, everything!

Some businessmen with brain light have even thought that this smart road can be developed into a tourism project, similar to an amusement park, not just an infrastructure for transportation.

“Good things!” On a magnetic levitation commercial vehicle, the director of Municipal Traffic Management Bureau expressed sincere gratitude.

“Maglev cars, unmanned driving, and this intelligent road, if the city can cover such a new type of transportation facilities, traffic management is only 10,000 times easier!”

“It’s always going to happen!” Lu Zixin said. “Now we already have such a technology. If you want to promote it, we need help.”

In this commercial vehicle, in addition to Director of Traffic Management Bureau, there are also senior executives from large enterprises such as Zhongnan Construction Group and Huachao New Energy.

Through a series of demonstrations and introductions, these CEO’s are very interested in this project.

“Red Letter Group is really a big deal. I dare to assert today that in the next ten years, the smart road will definitely replace the current conventional roads and spread all over the world!” The CEO of Zhongnan Construction Group vowed to say that the tone was full of surprises.

“I really didn’t expect that today I can see such a cross-era road. Before we started construction, we never thought that the function of road is not only transportation, but also a place for recreation and entertainment! The current cross-industry competition is really terrifying!”

The CEO of Huachao New Energy also seriously said: “I agree with you. I don’t know much about other aspects, but the function of charging this new energy car is too powerful!”

“Before, we have cooperated with many new energy auto companies, and we have also cooperated in developing some methods to improve the charging of new energy vehicles. Various batteries, various power stations, and various methods have been tried. So far, we have not found any Traditional fueling is a more time- and labor-saving method.”

“If the roads in the future can be charged by magnetic induction, then we don’t need to spend a lot of manpower and resources to build the charging station. We only need to lay a rechargeable road to solve this big problem!”

“The endurance of new energy vehicles can be almost unlimited! The market prospects are immeasurable, President Lu, well, I have subscribed for this project, and no one should grab me!”

“Hahaha!” Someone on the car said with a smile: “President Zhang, you can say this late, this conference is over, I think the investors will rush to invest in construction.”

There is no shortage of capital in the market, and only the projects that can be invested are missing. In recent years, all promising projects seem to have been monopolized by Red Letter Group. It is hard to see a big project that Red Letter Group can’t afford. Those capitals and enterprises will naturally not miss this opportunity.

The more people in a car are talking, the more they are working, and some people have already contacted the assistants and secretaries in private, preparing for the relevant matters.

The magnetic levitation vehicle travels smoothly to the end of the intelligent road, which is the park of Pengyun Automobile Industrial Park. Here, there is a Pengyun product exhibition hall.

The crowd was guided off and entered the exhibition hall. Jiang Xunmei made a brief introduction and said: “The functions of our magnetic levitation vehicles and intelligent roads must have been seen by everyone. However, these are not all of our conferences.”

“The real highlight of this conference is coming soon!”

Her words whipped up everyone’s appetite. For them, the magnetic levitation car and the intelligent road are already shocking enough. Actually, there is still a big show? What should it be?

The media workers have already been excited. This wave of no loss will definitely get the headlines. Some editorial departments even Jiang Xunmei started to push the news.

In the center of the exhibition hall, a maglev truck unloaded a carriage, and everyone was full of curiosity about it. What exactly was there? Is it a new type of magnetic levitation vehicle?

Jiang Xunmei began to explain and said: “After more than a month, our Pengyun car encountered some difficulties, which caused our car to be out of stock and brought a bad experience to the users. I will say sorry to you first.”

Everyone listened quietly. They all knew that the EU’s mechanical restrictions and the technical restrictions of various countries made Pengyun Automobile suffer a head-on, almost halfway through the road.

Honestly, if it weren’t for today’s magnetic levitation car, how far Pengyun can go, it is an unknown number.

“The reason for this incident, I can tell you calmly now. In the automobile manufacturing, some sophisticated spare parts, we rely on imports and imported products are restricted by the importing country, which makes us unable to continue production. This is not only the problem of Pengyun Automobile, but also a problem faced by the entire Chinese automobile industry.”

“Today, we are proud to announce that we have solved this problem with the help of our engineers from Pengyun and with the help of Red Letter Group! From now on, we can proudly say that we can make all the precision parts of the car, we have the best technology and products in the world!”

After Jiang Xunmei finished, the scene suddenly boiled and the performances of the parties were mixed.

“What did you do?” The media staff waited nervously.

“Too much will brag!” Several Americans whispered, “Chinese people always like to overstate.”

“It’s ridiculous, can it be stronger than our technology?” The representative of Europe did not believe it.

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