BTC Chapter 457 : Masters the dominance

Edited: XiaXue

At the beginning, it was an introduction to some related industries in China, which Robertson had already understood and disapproved. However, as soon as the picture changed, his expression became slightly serious when he entered the automobile industry, especially the emergence of maglev cars.

He has heard about the maglev car in Europe, but it is just a predetermined plan, saying that China’s Pengyun Automobile is trying to develop a maglev car.

At the time, the automotive industry was not optimistic about this. Even if maglev car can be developed, there is no road that can be matched with it. In short, it is too expensive and not suitable for development.

Now, they actually made it, and there is such a magical smart road! Seeing all the pictures from press conference, Robertson’s eyes are already straightforward.

“Terifying cars, only two or three months, how did they do it?” Robertson was full of surprise, why didn’t he have any news before?

If the car is mass-produced, is there a living road for traditional car? This will have a huge impact on the European automotive industry!

“Impossible, such a car, such a road certainly can’t be mass-produced!” Robertson comforted himself in the heart, precision industrial technology is in their hands, such car can’t be mass production, is mass production, will also be subject to their constraints.

But before he kept this idea for three minutes, he saw the demonstration scene of the latest universal CNC machine tool.

In the picture, the sophisticated machinery, the highly intelligent CNC program of quantum computer, the art of carving like the hand of God, let Robertson and the members of EU delegation look at it!

They have seen European countries, Japan, and even top American industrial technology that has always been a world of high science and technology, but have never seen such a magical machine!

In just a few dozen seconds, without any complicated operation and setting, only quantum computer scanning information is needed, and it can be automatically controlled to complete nano-precision industrial processing!

With such level, what other parts can’t be designed? Every detail is unbelievable!

Robertson turned pale, as a representative of European Commission, a staunch supporter of the Machinery Restriction Treaty, of course he knew what it meant! This means that with such industrial manufacturing technology, the restriction has become a joke for China!

And through this technology, they can completely upgrade industrial products, grab the world market, and even dump European market as an industrial product!

And the purpose of his trip has become in vain! With such technology, will China also agree to compromise? Absolutely impossible!

He finally understood that it is no wonder, the council just let him stop the negotiations and return to Europe. It turned out that such a major event happened! It turned out that the magical high-Science and Technology machine tool is the trump card of China Industry!

This card is too big, he can’t afford it, the European Council can’t afford it, even the United States can’t afford it!

The faces of the people who watched the EU delegation changed. The bigwigs of China side all smiled at each other. Now they should know who has the right to speak?

“Mr. Robertson, what do you think of the industrial strength of our Chinese company?” someone asked politely.

“Very good, it is already at the top international level. This kind of machinery is almost the same as our top industrial base machine. Your country’s industrial technology is really developing rapidly!” Although Robertson was shocked, he still maintained the style of a diplomat, praises on the surface.

The bigwigs of China side laughed and said nothing. Instead, Robertson was a little lacking in confidence and offered to suspend the talks.

If an hour ago, the China side would definitely be a little worried, but now, the big guys just smile and calmly say: “No hurry, no hurry, the trade problem between us is not a problem that can be solved in a moment, we Have patience.”

Wait for what? Of course, it is EU countries that recognize the impact of this incident and take the initiative to make concessions!

Robertson and others even had a hard time saying that, in just one hour, they completely lost the dominance of negotiations and had to retreat.

As you can imagine, when they return to Europe, the countries of European Commission will no longer think about how to obtain benefits from the China Market, but how to deal with this crisis, and quickly reconcile with China, in order to ensure that their economies are not affected to the greatest extent.

No one knows that a fierce international trade competition has come to an end and ended with China victory.


Half a month later, news of high-ranking officials from various European countries visit to China quickly spread. Some people have discovered that although the EU has not clearly announced the lifting of machinery restriction treaty, it has secretly added supplementary amendments, and related industrial technologies and products have been opened again, and even more open than before.

Correspondingly, United States, Japan, Korea and other countries have also opened relevant restrictions. Not only that, but the Chinese side found that some expensive and sophisticated industrial products that originally relied on imports have been reduced in price, and they even have the illusion that foreign countries are selling the same products in the clearance, and the conditions are quite favorable.

The savvy businessman knows that this is entirely because of the universal CNC machine tool launched by Pengyun Automobile Group this month.

Since Pengyun Automobile Conference, there have been news of cooperation between several large industrial enterprises and Pengyun Automobile Group. It is conceivable that the universal CNC machine tool will appear in more production plants for the industry manufacturing upgrades!

In addition, Pengyun Automobile also cooperated with Doka State Enterprises and large construction companies to declare that road reconstruction should be carried out nationwide. The main trunk roads will be equipped with magnetic levitation induction boards for the future of magnetic levitation vehicles.

The Ministry of Communications also announced similar news, encouraging local governments to carry out road upgrading. This is a good thing for infrastructure construction, expanding domestic demand, and improving economic growth. Local governments are naturally happy to see it.

The most important thing is that the capital market is also very keen on this. As long as which company or local government announces the construction of magnetic levitation road, the investment is convenient and swarmed, and the funding problem is solved to the greatest extent.

Everyone knows that the era of reform of transportation mode has come, and the future smart road may become a new economic model, including automobile sales, road intelligence, entertainment media, charging business and so on.

Pengyun Automobile Group, because of these things, directly climbed to the most potential automobile companies! Countless people are looking forward to seeing magnetic levitation cars appear on the roads everywhere!

Lu Zixin is also busy these days. There are many people interested in magnetic levitation cars and universal CNC machine tools. Not only businessmen, but also the country.

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