BTC Chapter 458 : New Member of Glorious Evolution

Edited: XiaXue

A military industrial enterprise ordered a special edition of a universal CNC machine tool from Pengyun Machinery. In addition, it also ordered a quantum CNC system from Red Letter Smart Development Co., Ltd.

After another rigorous research and discussion at the headquarters of Red Letter Group, the group decided to adjust the scope of business management of the group. The three major businesses of Red Letter Electronics, Red Letter Intelligent Technology and Pengyun Automobile were divided into three sub-groups. And the core leaders such as Lu Zixin formed a presidential meeting to be responsible for the management of Red Letter Capital and the supervision and management of the three major groups.

So far, Red Letter Group has changed from the former head office, subsidiary and branch model to the current multinational super-large group, namely the group and sub-group structure.

And below each sub-group are the subsidiaries and branch companies. The field radiated by red letter industry chain involves almost half of the high-tech industry!

The goal of Red Letter World Science and Technology giant is gradually approaching! All of this is due to the help of many friends at Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group.

Therefore, after Lu Zixin waited for the random red envelopes in the group to appear, he sent out benefits to the group friends again..

Peter Parker : “Thanks to owners!”

Kayaba Akihiko : “I have a good luck, actually got the program thinking adjustment template!”

Red Queen : “[Dynamic emoticon: every time the group owner’s send red envelope, I can’t get any good things, I just crash after red envelopes, I just leave the group, and I won’t order red envelopes from the group owner again!]”

Tony Stark : “Hahaha, I grabbed a good baby, great!”

Red Queen said curiously : “[emoticon: poking out his head] What is it?”

Tony Stark : “Confidential.”

Red Queen : “(pouting emoticon: I don’t want to know.)”

Bruce Wayne : “Great, I also got a good thing!”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: a giraffe-like neck visit] What is it?”

Bruce Wayne also said mysteriously : “You’ll know after you get it.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: I’ve read a book, don’t want to fool me!]”

Lu Zixin also played a big heart and deliberately said : “Oh, it seems that there is only one place left. If you don’t grab it, there will be no more.”

Red Queen was silent, when Lu Zixin saw the group members list, it seems that someone was online.

Just then, the group prompt : “Red Queen received your Red envelope, you can check the status of the collection.”

Lu Zixin immediately sent emoticon : “[Eating emoticon: really fragrant!!]”

Red Queen : “[Deny three even emoticon: No, I don’t have one, don’t talk nonsense!]”

Lu Zixin : “[emoticon: super funny.]”

“It seems that I missed something.” The group members who just went online said that was Creator Luke, who hadn’t shown up for a long time.

Since the last time he foresaw the crisis, it has been quiet for a while.

Kayaba Akihiko said curiously: “@Creator Luke, how is the intelligent life transformation?”

“It’s okay, the feeling of losing my body, I’m not quite used to it.” Luke didn’t say what happened, but Lu Zixin could also guess that the former Hebron planet’s dominance suffered a bigger blow.

Kayaba Akihiko comforted: “After you get used to it, you will feel that there is nothing wrong with being a virtual life, but it is more comfortable!”

“I’m still used to the feeling of having a body.” Luke said, “When I dormant for a while, I must reshape my body!”

Skynet : “Be a mechanical body, stronger than the human body!”

Creator Luke : “After this disaster, I have found that pure Science and Technology has some drawbacks when it comes to magical power. I have to make a body that can resist magic attacks.”


As they chat, Lu Zixin has launched a random invitation group option within the group.

Group Tip : “Inviting group member from Ten thousand realms, please wait…”

The waiting time was not long. After a short time, the group reminder sounded again : “‘Victor has joined the group.”

In the group of members, a new name appeared, the mechanical pioneer Viktor.

His avatar is himself, a robot, or a person whose body has been mechanically modified. The body is a layer of armor, each part of the body reflects the metallic luster, especially in the eyes, making a strange light, like the eyes of death staring, with indifference and cold.

Lu Zixin quickly opened the information of the new group members and learned about him.

Group Information – Mechanical Pioneer Victor, from Valoran, born in the city of pollution and technology, Zaun, is a famous technology genius, or a technology madman!

He been seeking answers to the causes of disorder and people’s pain. He concludes that human emotions are the cause of all disasters, advocating the glorious evolution of mankind—that is, abandoning human emotions, transforming the human body into machinery, possessing more powerful power and absolute rationality way of thinking!

Seeing that there are new members joining, the group of friends also expressed their welcome.

Red Queen sent the fastest message : “[Pandaman in the office emoticon: welcome newcomers, pay protection here.]”

Peter Parker : “[emoticon: welcome gay friends, wrong, new friends.]”

Bruce Wayne : “Looks like another incredible figure.”

Lu Zixin sent the rules of the group to Victor, as usual.

Victor’s acceptance of Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group was high and he quickly responded by saying, “So, is this a communication group of void creatures?”

Peter Parker : “WHAT? What is void creatures?”

At this time, Mr. Fantastic Reed Richards said: “There must be differences in the way we express them in different languages.”

Victor explained : “In Valoran, everyone who does not belong to our world, we think they all come from the void.”

Red Queen : “I know, it’s the meaning of aliens! [emoticon: I am so smart!]”

Lu Zixin said : “It can be understood almost like this.”

Victor : “It’s the first time I have seen a void creature like you. Other void creatures are ugly monsters, only knowing destruction and destruction.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: fried hair!] Ugly? Sorry, there is no such word in my vocabulary, please don’t use it to describe me. If you describe the group owner, I have no opinion.”

Victor checked the information of the group members and became more interested. He said : “I don’t think there are glorious evolutioners here too! It’s too rare! There are people in the void who have the same thoughts as me, but your glorious evolution is not enough!”

Peter Parker : “Who?”

Victor Aite Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne and Optimus Prime, all have a common feature, both steel armor or mechanical life. Perhaps this is part of what Victor thinks of glorious evolution..

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