MST Chapter 249 : I feel sorry for Luo Yu for 3 Seconds

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After some hard work.

The guests also ate some suffering, mainly today’s weather is relatively hot, mainly because today’s weather is relatively hot, it’s fine when indoors, but when outdoors, it’s really hard to run around under the sun. Fortunately, after everyone’s unremitting efforts, finally they all found the staff with True emotions water, the six groups who successfully got True emotions water came to the first floor of the main building of the resort villa to assemble.

Each group holds a bottle of so-called True Emotions Water. After everyone arrives, Shang Shan speaks.

“Congratulations everyone, you have successfully found…”

“Wait!” Before Shang Shan finished, he was interrupted by Heavenly King Liu, “Director, I have a question. Didn’t you say it is True Emotions Water? But the packaging of this True Emotions Water is too sloppy, why use Fruit Run Beverages bottle? And the label has not been torn. ”

Everyone laughed.

Heavenly King Liu made a hard advertisement in disguise.

Zhong Jing also has problems. “Director, didn’t you say that there is only one bottle of True Emotions Water? Why did each group get this, a total of six bottles. ”

Shang Shan: “This is what I’m about to tell you. Among the six bottles of water you got, only one bottle is true emotions water. Look carefully. Each group of you got a bottle of true emotions water with different cap color. So, you need to compete in the game next, get the clues that can distinguish which the real true emotions water. The team that gets the clues can exchange true emotions water with any team according to the ranking. I first explain, in the next game, only the top three can get clues.”

The second game session begins.

This game environment is a game of back-to-back competition.

The venue is a large lawn in the resort, and the track is ready.

Shang Shan: “In this link, you are racing with your partner behind your back. The top three teams can get clues about True Emotions Water.”

When I heard the rules of the game, Zhong Jing the first to yelled, “Haha, we are set to win this round!” Zhong Jing and Luo Yu high-five to celebrate.

Zhong Jing is the strongest one in Running Man group, and Luo Yu, who is with him, is the smallest of the female guests coming this time, so he feels that his pair has a huge advantage.

Lan Bao is not happy, “Director, this is not fair!” Lan Bao is the smallest, and he is the most disadvantaged in this kind of physical competition.

Shang Shan  continued, “I haven’t finished yet. In this competition, not the male guest carries the female guest, but the female guest carries the male guest. Moreover, the male guest should carry a basin of water in his hand. The water is not spilled. After reaching the end, the top three pairs with the most water left in the basin will win.”


Everyone laughed at Zhong Jing and Luo Yu.

Zhong Jing is dumbfounded.

Luo Yu looked at Zhong Jing up and down, as if thinking about whether her small body could carry Zhong Jing on her back.

Lan Bao was happy as the form suddenly turned over. As a female guest, Xin Lan should have the best body among the female guest. It is said she is also black belt in Taekwondo. While Lan Bao is the smallest. So, there is no problem for Xin Lan to carried him.

The track is not flat, but some sandbags are placed as obstacles. There are three obstacles. The first obstacle is only one sandbag. It is not high, which is equivalent to a staircase. The second and third obstacle is increased in order with one sandbag. The third obstacle is quite high, and you need to step over it.

The whistle sounded.

At the beginning of the game, the six couples were very quick to move. The male guests slid on the backs of the female guests with water in their hands.

Interesting scene appeared.

Lan Bao is the easiest one. Xin Lan carried Lan Bao on her back without much effort. Her pace was very steady, while leading the way.

The group of Yeguang and Liu Chiyan, as well as Xu Chen and Wan Hua, followed closely behind.

Liu Chiyan is not too small, her strength is not bad, and it is not too difficult to carry Ye Guang on her back. Wan Hua and Xu Chen groups are almost the same.

Hua Wutong also carried He Xing on her back, but He Xing has a heavy body.

Hua Wutong is struggling to carry him. She is swaying and twisting. She hasn’t walked a few steps. He Xing has a unbalanced center of gravity, and half a basin of water is facing Hua Wutong head.

Hua Wutong looked dumbfounded, and then restless, his center of gravity tilted, and the two of them fell to the ground with He Xing on her back.

The group of Heavenly King Liu and Li Feifei, and Zhong Jing and Luo Yu are still in the starting point.

Heavenly King Liu group has not set off yet, not because Li Feifei can’t carry him, but because Heavenly King Liu pointed and laughed at Zhong Jing and Luo Yu. The current state of Zhong Jing and Luo Yu is really funny. Heavenly King Liu laughter made himself almost unable to straighten his waist.

Li Feifei jumped anxiously on the side, “You come up quickly, they are all halfway away!”

“Hahaha!” Heavenly King Liu clutched his stomach, “hahaha, no, you make me laugh for a while, hahaha, it’s so funny.”

The scene of Zhong Jing and Luo Yu at this time is really funny.

Luo Yu is relatively short, a little worse than Lan Bao. It’s estimated about 1.6 meters tall, very petite. As for Zhong Jing, a man of 1.8 meters tall and strong.

Zhong Jing stood behind Luo Yu with his legs bent. Luo Yu half-squatted and wrapped her hands backwards around Zhong Jing’s legs. She used all of her strength until her face flushed, but she can’t get Zhong Jing up.

Zhong Jing looked helpless and unlovable.

This picture inexplicably poked Heavenly King Liu laughter. This scene let him laughing until tears about to coming out, even the game is put aside.

It’s not easy to cross the obstacles on the track. The female guests have low strength and they carry individuals on their backs. When they cross the obstacles, they can easily lead to uncoordinated centers of gravity. When Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang cross the third obstacle, because the center of gravity is unstable. Two people fell like a ball, but Ye Guang quickly helped Liu Chiyan. However, almost all of the water in the basin was spilled, and only a small part remained.

Heavenly King Liu and Li Feifei also set off, but they have delayed for a long time. It’s very difficult for them to catch up.

Heavenly King Liu was carried by Li Feifei, holding a water basin in his hand, and he kept telling Li Feifei in his mouth, “Be careful, be careful, we are not in a hurry, we are not in a hurry, we can’t catch up anymore. Ye Guang and He Xing’s water has sprinkled a lot, we keep our center of gravity steady and we will win with water transportation.”

Another group, Zhong Jing and Luo Yu.

Luo Yu used great power and finally succeeded in carrying Zhong Jing on her back. In fact, it needs skill to carry a person. It depends on the focus of the person on the back. At the beginning, Luo Yu didn’t master the skills, so she just wanted to carry it by hand. Zhong Jing recites, how can she move. Later, Zhong Jing lay half on her body, letting her back bear most of the weight, and Luo Yu carried Zhong Jing on her back.

However, her back is her back, but but it was like Luo Yu carrying a huge mountain on her back, and she is walking very slowly.

Well, I feel sorry for Luo Yu for three seconds.

Then laughed for half a minute, hahaha.

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