MST Chapter 248 : It’s so capricious!

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Next, Ye Guang grouped several female guests and male guests into groups.

Lan Bao and Xin Lan.

Heavenly King Liu and Li Feifei.

Zhong Jing and the smallest in the group, Luo Yu.

Xu Chen and Wan Hua.

He Xing and Hua Wutong.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan.

The male guests didn’t have much opinion on which female guest to team up with. This is just to record the show, but not really to pair and date. How to group depends on the arrangement from the show group. First, consider the effect on the show.

However, having said that, everyone still has some opinions on Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan.

He Xing: “Ye Guang, you can do it, why are you teaming up with Goddess Liu?”

Zhong Jing also followed, “Yeah! Why are you teaming with Goddess Liu?”

Ye Guang shrugged and taken it for granted, “No way, who makes me the general director? I have the final say on my show, it is so capricious!”

Ye Guang’s expression is very low.

As a result, Ye Guang was beaten.

During the non-program recording, the group actually besieged Ye Guang.

Of course, this is all jokes, which also shows that everyone gets along better, whether it’s recording a show or in private, you can make some harmless jokes.

In the afternoon, the show began to record.

This episode also designed a simple storyline. It’s story tell them, there’s a magical witch in the legend who is refining a magic potion that can make lovers love each other for a lifetime.

However, to refine this magic potion, there is still a lack of a colorless and tasteless magical material— the true emotions water. The magic potion will successfully refined soon, but the Witch can’t find the last ingredient, true emotions water. So, She’s got six lovers who want to love each other for a lifetime, let them help find true emotions water. In return, the witch will give a magic potion that can make people love each other for a lifetime to the couple who finds true love water, so that they can love each other for life.

According to reliable information. The True Emotions Water is hidden in this villa. So, the six couples of lovers came to this villa to find clues of True Emotions Water.

The program recording begins.

On a grassy field, the Running Man guests had been divided into groups decided to enter the field one by one.

Because everyone is acting as a couple in this episode, there is a lot of interaction between the male and female guests. The male guests take care of the female guests and enter the venue hand in hand. Ye Guang also walked hand in hand with Liu Chiyan. Said, holding Liu Chiyan’s little hand in front of so many people, the feeling in my heart is really a bit different.

After all the members arrived, several couples had a chat and laugh interaction. Lan Bao was the best performer at this time. The height difference between him and Xin Lan caused everyone to laugh constantly.

Why is the height difference so coordinated? Because if the gender is changed, the height of 176 with 162 is a very good match. However, Lan Bao is the man of 162.

After some laughter interaction, Shang Shan released the task.

“In order to help the witch refine magic potions that can make people love each other for a lifetime, the six couples need to find the last material for refining magic potions – True Emotions Water. True Emotions Water is hidden by a certain staff member in this villa. But if you want to find True Emotions Water, you need to work hard to get it. Next, let’s go to the first environment. You need to find the staff member in the villa and play dice game with him. If you win, and this staff member holds True Emotions Water, then he will give True Emotions Water to you.”

After understanding the game rules, the six teams of couples set off one after another, looking for the staff of the villa to play a game of dice.

The resort is quite large, and there’s many staff scattered all over the resort. Although it is not difficult to find them, it takes a little effort to find them.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan also joined hands and looked around, looking for the staff member, Wei Haijun, Wei Kongjun, followed them throughout the entire process. They extremely despised Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan’s behavior of holding hands throughout the process in their hearts.

Well, only despised Ye Guang.

Ye Guang is beautiful in his heart. On several occasions, Liu Chiyan had already let go of his hand, and also quietly signaled for Ye Guang to also let go. After all, it’s inconvenient to always hold her hand, but Ye Guang didn’t let Liu Chiyan go.

Finally, Ye Guang caught an opportunity to pull Liu Chiyan’s hand openly in front of the camera. He was secretly refreshed. It wouldn’t be so easy to let go. Liu Chiyan didn’t care. He was willing to pull it, just pull it. Anyway, she is also very happy. It’s a rare opportunity to show affection in an upright manner, although in the eyes of the audience, this is just a performance for show effect.

The taff in the villa is not difficult to find. You can meet one or two within a few steps. However, although there are many staff and is easy to find, but there is only one bottle of True Emotions Water. To find the staff who holds a bottle of True Emotions Water is really not easy.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan adopted the carpet search mode and pushed all the way. Any staff member they met will not let go, but it’s helpless. They has played the dice more than 20 times. There are wins and losses. For those lose is not mentioned. When they won, the staff at the villa told them directly, there is no True Emotions Water. So, after looking for a long time, it was all in vain.

The situation in the other groups is similar. After looking for a long time, they have nothing to gain. The weather is relatively hot. These six pairs of temporary couples are sweating.

He Xing and Hua Wutong kept searching. When they came to an open-air swimming pool in the villa. They found Xu Chen and Wan Hua sitting comfortably under the parasol by the swimming pool side with cold drinks on the table. The two also eating ice cream.

This scene made He Xing and Hua Wutong dumbfounded. Then He Xing with Hua Wutong approaches them, “You two will really enjoy it.”

Xu Chen is eating ice cream, “What kind of True Emotions Water are you looking for? How tired?It’s better to sit down and rest, eat ice cream and drink a cold drink. This is life.”

He Xing laughed, “Then, the task is not done?”

Xu Chen laughed, then turned to face Wan Hua and began to act.

He Xing saw Xu Chen gently pulling up Wan Hua’s hand, and said with affection, “For I and my goddess, even if there is no magic potion that will make people love each other for a lifetime, we can love each other forever and never leave.”

Wan Hua smiled sweetly.

He Xing and Hua Wutong looked at them and smiled.

He Xing: “Okay, then you continue to act, continue to love each other with your goddess, continue to enjoy, let’s go, continue to find True Emotions Water.” Then the two left.

Of course, Xu Chen and Wan Hua still cared about the task.

After resting by the pool for a while, Wan Hua asked after eating the ice cream, “Are we really just sitting here all the time?”

Xu Chen smiled and said, “How can? The task still needs to be done.” He stood up and said, “You continue to rest here. I can go alone.”

Wan Hua shook her head and stood up, “How can I do that, I have to go with you.”

Xu Chen: “This sun is the most poisonous now. Don’t get heatstroke at that time. You should rest well. I will call you when I find True Emotions Water.”

Wan Hua cut it, “looking down on people.” Then she glanced at Xu Chen, and said, “Besides, you take care of me.”

Xu Chen  smiled at her, “Sure, let’s go together.” As he said, Xu Chen stretched out his hand to Wan Hua.

Wan Hua smiled and put her hand on Xu Chen’s palm, and the two continued to look for True Emotions Water.

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