MST Chapter 247 : Are you going crazy?

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These people are actually quite good. Ye Guang can handle it with a little politeness, but some people are not so good.

Some small celebrity, or out-of-the-box celebrities, have watched Ye Guang show. And they also know that he will invite guests guests in every issue of this show. Many people bluntly said they want to participate in the show, and their pay is low, even it doesn’t matter if you don’t pay them. What’s more, some people straightforward said, “Open a price, how much money for me to show up on your show?”

There are also some romantics. In the circle, some female artists who have always relied on selling meat, also concealed or explicit made some sexual hints to Ye Guang, and the purpose is to appear on the show.

Facing these, Ye Guang immediately dumbfounded. He’s immune to temptations such as money. Now, the program funds still sufficient and it will not bad at all. So, for the guests, Ye Guang will consider the guest exquisiteness in every issue. How can he let anyone just give money and mess around with his show? Ye Guang is still principled. If he really fancy someone, he will invites people to come, certainly they will get paid and will not be less, but if he doesn’t fancy, then I’m sorry. No matter how much money, we won’t let you smash his own signs. Which is light or heavy, Ye Guang is very clear.

As for the beauty and temptation, Ye Guang is even more so. Although he didn’t say anything on the surface, he has already blacklisted the female artists who sexually suggested to him, not just running man will not invite them. Even in all Ye Guang program in the future, these people are destined to be missed. They are not right in their minds and specialize in crooked ways.

More beautiful? Hehe, who dares to claim to be more beautiful than his own wife in China? Who dare?

For all the above, Ye Guang felt helpless, depressed, and a little surprised.

Damn it! Is our show really so popular?

This is only the first issue. Although it has already broken the national record, but this is only the first issue!

Can you be more reserved, dare to be more reserved?

If it is broadcast for few more episodes, the ratings of the show will continue to rise.

Are you going crazy?

The recording of second episode is also in the midst of non-stop preparations.

In this episode, the program team found a holiday resort as a venue. The owner of that holiday resort was very happy when he learned that Running Man wanted to come and record with their venue. Not to mention that the other party is renting the venue. If they can just come, this is a powerful advertisement. Moreover, this is a powerful advertisement that doesn’t cost money, but also make money. How can he not happy?

The venue for recording has been determined. However, the program element of this issue, Ye Guang, is still in the process of thinking. The routine from Dream World Running Man can directly applied. However, some details still need to adapted with local conditions. Ye Guang has considered it himself.

In the evening, Ye Guang had dinner and talked with Liu Chiyan about the show.

“Liu’er, how do you think about the next show?” Ye Guang asked.

Liu Chiyan glanced at him, “Why ask me? You are the Planner. Don’t you already have ideas, let’s listen.”

Ye Guang smiled, “I have some thoughts.” Ye Guang touched his nose and smiled, “Liu’er, we pairings on the show.”

“What?” Liu Chiyan stunned, “pairings?”

Ye Guang nodded, “Well, pairings in the show, this is also an early vaccination for the audience. In the future, our relationship will be exposed, and it will not make the audience feel much surprise.”

Liu Chiyan thought for a while, as if this is indeed a good idea. She asked, “Then how to do it?”

Ye Guang started to tell Liu Chiyan about his thoughts in detail.

After Liu Chiyan listening to it. She didn’t think much about it,  and said, “Okay! Then do as you said! However, you have to think about the choice of this guest. According to what you said, there’s a few people to be invited this time.”

Ye Guang nodded, then began to study the guest’s affairs with Liu Chiyan.

Two days later.

The permanent resident of Running Man team once again came to Beijing to gather again.

Everyone has come to the location for recording Running Man this issue, it’s located in a resort in the suburb of Beijing – Yunyin Holiday Villa.

The show has not yet officially recorded, Ye Guang and several resident gathered in a lounge to discuss the recording of this episode.

Ye Guang said, “This place is not bad, but I have prepared a big surprise for everyone in this recording.”

Heavenly King Liu knocked his Erlang’s legs and sat on the sofa, “It’s really nice, it’s a good place for vacation and leisure, but let’s record the show. According to Little Ye last game in the previous issue, I don’t think he will let us record the program comfortably in this issue.”

Ye Guang laughed, “Heavenly King Liu, you guessed wrong this time. I’ve said it, but this issue is for everyone’s benefits.”

Several male guests obviously didn’t believe it. Lan Bao laughed, “As long as you don’t make us miserable, it’s a welfare.”

Heavenly King Liu should also in harmony, “Yes, Lan Bao is right. I just ask you to show mercy. It will considered as the greatest benefit. To be honest, I regret participating in this program. Don’t you know, the Acupressure Mat from last issue? By the next day, my soles still hurt.”

Speaking of it, the male guests still angry. At this time, if someone screamed, Ye Guang had to accept the encirclement.

Ye Guang also smiled embarrassedly, “There is really no Acupressure Mat this time. I promise, it’s really welfare.” During the talk, the loungers door were pushed open. Liu Chiyan came in with a group of people. Ye Guang pointed to the door and said,, “Look, the benefits is here!”

Everyone looked at the door together.

“Wow!” Lan Bao shouted exaggeratedly.

“Li Fei’er.”

“Wan Hua.”

“Luo Yu.”

“Hua Wutong, Xin Lan.”

Liu Chiyan walked in with five young and beautiful girls, and several male guests also stood up and greeted them.

These girls also big or small artists. All of them are the guests Ye Guang invited this time.

They are all entertainers in the entertainment industry. Although some of the people present have never cooperated or even met each other, they still know each other by name.

After greeting each other for a while. Ye Guang signaled everyone to quiet, then said, “For this episode. We have invited five female guests with Goddess Liu, there are a total of six female guests. The guests partnered in pairs, participated in the recording of the show, and interacted in the show.”

After his words finished, several male guests including Heavenly King Liu stretched their voices, “Oh~” and several female guests smiled sweetly.

Lan Bao shouted first, “Then I want to partner with Goddess Liu!”

Ye Guang suddenly has a black line, “No! The female guests and the partner have been divided by the program group, there is no choice, you and Xin Lan are partner.”

When Lan Bao heard it, he immediately looked at Xin Lan. Xin Lan is a tall and temperamental beauty. She has a pair of long legs that attracts attention. It is said that she is a black belt in Taekwondo. Xin Lan also the tallest among the six female guests. One head higher than Liu Chiyan. Lan Bao looked at Xin Lan and walked up to her. The poorness between the two of them immediately became apparent.

Everyone couldn’t help laughing, Lan Bao said in a weird way, “Xin Lan, you can protect me when recording the show.”

Xin Lan put her hand on Lan Bao body, and said, “Don’t worry! I’ll cover you!”

Everyone laughed.

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