MST Chapter 305 : We are all Chinese!

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By the way, Kim Tae-seo came to the airport fully armed.

The ticket has been booked online, because it was night and there’s not a lot of traffic at the airport, and Kim Tae-seo was fully armed, so no one recognized him.

When he came to the check-in counter, Kim Tae-seo handed his passport to the beautiful staff at the counter and said, “Hello, please check in for me, first class, the seat should be the first row by the window.”

The beauty staff member took Kim Tae-seo passport, opened it, and then looked up at Kim Tae-seo who was wearing a mask. The check-in counter would not ask passengers to take off their hats and masks, so the girl didn’t say much, and started to query Kim Tae-seo booking information on the operation interface.

“Hello, sir, there is no place in the first row of first class.” The girl said politely.

Kim Tae-seo startled slightly, and then said, “Then the second row by the window.”

“Sorry sir, the second row is gone.” The girl still smiled professionally.

Kim Tae-seo startled again, how could this be? He often flies between China and Korea, so he has some spectrum of the passenger capacity of some flights. Generally speaking, the first class of the flight at this time in the evening is very small. In many cases, it is usually 8-12 per aircraft. A first-class cabin can only sell a few tickets.

However, Kim Tae-seo couldn’t help it if he had no seat and said again, “The third row by the window.”

“The third row by the window is gone, there are only two aisles.” The girl smiled and served.

Kim Tae-seo was speechless. Forget it, the third row of aisles should be the aisle, “Then just use any aisle.”

“Okay, sir, wait a minute.” The sister said, quickly choosing a location for Kim Tae-seo to move the check-in and consignment, and then handing the boarding pass to Kim Tae-seo.

Kim Tae-seo is a little depressed.

Here is an explanation. Generally, people who take more flights know that the farther the airplane is, the better the flight experience. Take the economy class as an example. The first row is much more spacious than the average, and the farther forward has the lower the noise and turbulence. The loudest noise in the middle near the wing, while the line of sight in the back position is blocked by the wing. Therefore, considering several factors, passengers generally prefer the forward position. In fact, I think it is a psychological reason, that is, I want to be more advanced than others.

The airport has a relatively low traffic tonight. After Kim Tae-seo left, there were no passengers waiting to check in. A girl at the counter next to the beautiful check-in attendant turned to ask, “Which flight are you on? Is first class so tight?”

The beauty check-in clerk smiled triumphantly, “Where, they are all empty, I did it on purpose.”

The girl next to her opened her mouth in surprise, “Are you crazy? Aren’t you afraid of being complained?”

The beauty check-in clerk snorted, “Do you know who that person just now?”


“Kim Tae-seo.” There are photos on the passport, so when the beautiful check-in sees the passport, she knows who it is, “I also recognize the complaint!” Happy in my heart!”

The girl next to her was taken aback for a moment, and then suddenly realized that she gave a thumbs up to the beauty check-in attendant.

After checking in, Kim Tae-seo went to the security check again. The security check is divided into grades. On weekdays, if the security check level is low, it usually means looking at the photos and people, passing the luggage through the security check machine, and scanning the whole body with the instrument. After that, the speed is very fast.

There are no exceptions today. Jin Tae-wook is carrying the handbag at any time, and is walking through the first-class aisle. There is a person in front of him. That person takes less than half a minute, that is, he puts the handbag in the security check machine, then stands aside inspection table, then the security inspector swept through the circle and released it.

It was Kim Tae-seo turn. Kim Tae-seo handed the passport and boarding pass to the staff.

The staff member spoke professionally, “The mask is taken off.”

Kim Tae-seo took off the mask. His face was bruised and swollen because of the fight with the agent, but it did not hinder the identification. The staff took a passport and looked at Kim Tae-seo photo, then looked up at Kim Tae-seo, and then took a closer look. After repeating it twice, finally poked a release stamp. After Kim Tae-seo walked over, the staff member secretly gestured to the security inspector behind with a four sign.

Means – fourth level of security.

The security check is divided into four levels, the first level is the most common, the fourth level is the highest and the most stringent, and the security check level is level one during normal times.

“Sir, please take off your slippers and hat, and please enter the gate for your luggage.”

Kim Tae-seo put the handbag in the security check machine, but he had doubts about the slippers, “Take off your shoes? Why do you want to take off your shoes?”

“Sir, please cooperate with our work.”

Kim Tae-seo pointed at the person who had just passed in front of him, “Why didn’t he use it just now.”

“Sir, please cooperate.”

Kim Tae-seo became a little depressed, but he took off his shoes and hat at a glance. The security inspector took the instrument and swept around in front of him, “Turn around.”

Kim Tae-seo turned around and the security inspector scanned his back again. After the scan, Kim Tae-seo turned back and wanted to leave with shoes on, but unexpectedly, the security inspector didn’t let him go. Instead, he swept the instrument in front of him again, “Turn it over.”

Kim Tae-seo is not happy, “Why? Haven’t you checked it out? I didn’t bring anything on my body.”

“Sir, please cooperate with our work.”

Kim Tae-seo was speechless. He found that he was very annoyed to hear this sentence. He had no choice but to cooperate if he wanted to pass the security check. So, Kim Tae-seo turned around and was checked by the security inspector again.

After passing the security gate, Kim Tae-seo saw another security inspector waiting for him next to his handbag, “Sir, please open the bag, we need to check it.”

Kim Tae-seo then subconsciously looked at the direction of the passenger who had just passed by, opened his mouth, and finally did not speak. He cooperated honestly, and he finally understood that this group of people was deliberate, ok… still not too stupid.

However, even if he knew that the security inspector was deliberately embarrassing him, he was helpless. People acted in accordance with the rules and regulations. For a while, Kim Tae-seo felt that the whole world was full of maliciousness towards him. Now, Kim Tae-seo just wants to board the plane quickly, leave this place, go back to his motherland, and return to his mother’s arms.

Today’s security check is definitely the most rigorous security check. The security inspector asked Kim Tae-seo to take out the same things in the handbag, carefully inspected it, and even took out the sponge from the watch box. Take a look, it can be said that there is no clue.

After finally going through the security check, Kim Tae-seo sighed, finally finished, and finally he can board the plane and go home.

However, what he didn’t know was that this was just an appetizer.



The plane took off smoothly.

After boarding the plane, Kim Tae-seo didn’t feel right when he sat down, wasn’t the first and first rows of the first-class cabin were full? But… how can there be any signs of fullness now? The entire first-class cabin, plus himself, the entire first-class cabin has a total of two passengers, one sitting in the first row by the aisle, and the other sitting in the third row.

“Liar!” Kim Tae-seo wanted to cry without tears, “all liars!”

The plane had already taken off, thinking that there was no one seated in front of him anyway, Kim Tae-seo untied his seat belt, walked to the first row and sat down by the window on the right.

It’s still comfortable to sit in the first row, Kim Tae-seo said in his heart.

After a while, a flight attendant opened the curtain and came in. The flight attendant walked to the passenger in the row to the left of Kim Tae-seo and asked politely, “Hello sir, what do you need for dinner? This is our menu. Please take a look.” Speaking, the stewardess handed over the menu in hand.

The passenger on the right side of Kim Tae-seo is a middle-aged man. He casually ordered a garlic-flavored deep-sea cod set meal, and then ordered a glass of fruit juice drink.

Kim Tae-seo sat down in a sly manner.  He already thought about what he wanted to eat. He also wanted to eat cod, so he waited for the stewardess to ask him what he wanted to eat. In other words, he had a fight with his agent before and was later caught by the company, and then catching the plane. I didn’t eat any food in the evening and I was already hungry.

After the flight attendant greeted the middle-aged passenger, she turned to face Kim Tae-seo. However, the picture of flight attendant smiling and politely asking about the meal Kim Tae-seo expected didn’t appear.

The flight attendant turned around and smiled at Kim Tae-seo and said, “Sir, please go back to your seat.”

Kim Tae-seo is a little dumbfounded, “What did you say?”

The flight attendant served with a smile, “Sir, the seat of each passenger has been confirmed at the time of check-in. It can’t be changed at will on the plane. Please return to your own seat.”

There is nothing wrong with this, but I knew it was fooling people, Kim Tae-seo said, “Your check-in staff deceived me, she say the front row seats are full, but now, this is clearly empty. I tell you, I want to complain!”

The flight attendant smiled, “Sir, I don’t know what is going on at the check-in side. I am only responsible for the on-board service. Moreover, it’s not impossible for passengers to temporarily refund or miss the flight. Every passenger’s position has been confirmed at the time of check-in. Sir, please return to your seat.”

Kim Tae-seo is upset. This meant that he was deliberately making things difficult. From check-in to security check and now, everywhere is being shackled. Kim Tae-seo also became angry and played a rogue, “I don’t care, I have to sit here!”

The flight attendant continued to smile, “Sir, please go back to your own seat.”

Kim Tae-seo simply leaned on the window and closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep.

The flight attendant didn’t say anything, turned and left.

After a while, Kim Tae-seo’s stomach screamed, Kim Tae-seo thought of it, oh, that’s not right, I just want to order food, why is it entangled to sit up.

Just when he wanted to call the flight attendant to serve, the flight attendant happened to come in. It was the same stewardess just now. She gave the middle-aged passengers a beautiful cod fish set meal and juice.

Kim Tae-seo called the flight attendant, “I need to dine.”

The flight attendant smiled and said, “Sir, please go back to your seat, otherwise we will not be able to provide meals and other services.”

Kim Tae-seo looked angry, “You are…” The flight attendant turned around and left without waiting for him to finish.

Kim Tae-seo is a bit silly.

Deceiving people is too much, deceiving too much! Kim Tae-seo roared in his heart.

Glancing at the middle-aged passenger who was enjoying the silver cod on the other side, Kim Tae-seo swallowed uncomfortably.

So hungry.

His stomach screamed, “Guru”, and the middle-aged passenger next to him gave Kim Tae-seo a scornful look.

Kim Tae-seo almost suffocated with anger, but he didn’t dare to attack. If he fights on the plane, he might be arrested as a terrorist. He just wants to go home now.

Okay, go back! Isn’t it just a seat, we are not rare!

Kim Tae-seo returned to his seat and pressed the button to call the service.

The flight attendant came over and saw Kim Tae-seo returning to his seat with a sly smile in his eyes.

The flight attendant continues to serve with a smile, “Sir, what do you need?”

Kim Tae-seo didn’t want to talk nonsense,”Give me a cod fish set meal, a glass of red wine, prepare me a desserts in advance, and bring them to me immediately after the meal.”

The flight attendant smiled and said, “I’m sorry, sir, we don’t have these services.”

Kim Tae-seo a bit stunned, “No? Nothing?”

The flight attendant smiled and said, “No, no cod, no red wine, no dessert.”

Kim Tae-seo startled, slammed and pointed his finger at the passengers in the first row, “I also bought first class! How come he has it and I don’t!”

The flight attendant smiled and said, “Sir, strictly speaking, we don’t have these services for you.”

Kim Tae-seo taken aback, then immediately angry, and stood up with a slap on the seat, “Too much bullying! Why are you doing this to me!”

The flight attendant still serves with a smile, “Sir, you are on a Chinese flight now, and I am also Chinese. Why do you say?”

Kim Tae-seo  couldn’t speak immediately. If he could sing nonsense, he might blurt out a song by this nonsense.

The flight attendant is also lovely, smiling throughout the service, and then may not feel too addictive, she gave Kim Tae-seo a knife, “Sir, if we were not looking forward to sending you back to home, you may not be able to log on this flight, the voyage may be bumpy at any time. Please don’t move around in your seat to avoid accidents. I wish you a pleasant journey, thank you!”

Happy your sister! Thank you, sister!

Kim Tae-seo felt that he had received 10,000 critical hits.

Didn’t pay attention to Kim Tae-seo, the flight attendant opened the curtain and went out. When she left, the middle-aged passenger in the first row said, “Miss, your service is in place. I will give you a compliment. I will go to the opinion office to give you a good review after I get off the plane.”

Several crew members and flight attendants who overheard stood outside the curtain, all secretly laughing.

“Sister Xue, you’re so amazing, that grandson might have blown up his lungs.” A flight attendant said with a thumbs up.

Kim Tae-seo  sat sullenly, his eyes a little dumb, his stomach was still grunting, and his mouth was muttering in Korean, “Mom, I want to go home.”

Fortunately, it takes only two hours to sail from Beijing to Goryeo. It’s not a big deal to be hungry for a while. If Kim Tae-wook’s family is in the United States, and the flight time is more than ten hours, it will be fun.

Check-in officer, security inspector, flight attendant, their duties are all different, they all perform their duties and have their own good professionalism, but at this time, they have almost abandoned their professionalism to make things difficult for a person like this deliberately. Objectively speaking, this is not a good behavior, but they have no regrets, even if they will be complained afterwards, they will be punished, but they still insist on doing this.

Not for others, just because, you and me, we are all Chinese!

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