MST Chapter 38 : Liu Chiyan Home

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It’s already four o’clock in the afternoon to buy home appliances.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan’s crazy purchases have aroused the Store Manager. Because it is a big customer, the Store Manager is specially taken care of, the photo chest is guaranteed to be delivered immediately, and all the home appliances must be installed within 3 hours so that they can be used normally today.

Ye Guang gave the address to Store Manager, Store Manager will arrange to send home appliances to Liu Chiyan home, and also the mission of four home appliance installation Master, because there is no valuable item, Liu Chiyan directly gave the key to the delivery master, and then to Jiang Xin dozen a phone, let her help to go to home staring a bit, is not afraid to throw anything at home, but the evil, the heart of the people can not have to prevent the heart is not without, Liu Chiyan identity is more sensitive, change cautious or cautious some.

Why don’t you just call Jiang Xin to stare?

This is because Liu Chiyan heard that Store Manager said that all the home appliances could be installed today, and all of a small eye would light up. When Ye Guang was going to buy bedding, quilts, sheets and the like. I said that I will stay in this evening and I want to live in the hotel.

Ye Guang also made her toss.

In the private city, Liu Chiyan picked three sets of favorite suits, one set for each of the two rooms, and a set of spares. After picking up, Ye Guang paid for it.

When Ye Guang paid for it, it was a bit of pain. It was really not that I didn’t know that the rice was expensive. The original sheets were so expensive. Of course, this is why Liu Chiyan chose expensive. The three sets cost a total of 90,000.

Ye Guang feels in my heart, where is this quilt, this is simply gold! The world of rich people really does not understand.

Of course, Liu Chiyan also has a good reason: “These things are all close-fitting. If you don’t buy a good one, you can do it.”

Ye Guang is speechless.

There is a quick-wash service in the furniture city. The bedclothes are covered and the waiters are taken to wash it. Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan waited for a while in the private city, and they got two big bags and stuffed them into the car. In the meantime, these things look a lot, but they don’t take up the place, so they don’t let the furniture city send them. They can go back with their own cars.

After a crazy afternoon, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan were tired and hungry. They found a restaurant and had a private dining room. During the meal, Jiang Xin also called and asked Liu Chiyan where she said that the appliances were installed. I sent the key to her.

Seeing Ye Guang is also here, Jiang Xin’s eyes are full of confusion, and watching Liu Chiyan is also somewhat unnatural.

Liu Chiyan has some embarrassing explanations: “There are too many things to buy, let Ye Guang help me to pick up things. I can’t help with so many things.”

Ye Guang also nodded quickly: “Yes! I am a coolie.”

Jiang Xin and Liu Chiyan said a few words, didn’t ask much, and looked a little strange to see Ye Guang and she said hello.

I don’t know if Jiang Xin believes this explanation. Anyway, Ye Guang is a letter.

After Jiang Xin went out, Ye Guang touched his nose. “Is Jiang sister looking at what is coming? Feeling her eyes are weird.”

Liu Chiyan took a moment and then ate a small bite of rice and said faintly: “Nothing, Jiang Sister will not talk nonsense.”

After dinner, Ye Guang followed Liu Chiyan’s way, first went to Liu Chiyan’s original hotel and took her luggage, then drove her home.

Sure enough, Liu Chiyan’s newly bought house is not far from Studio, it is the distance of four or five traffic lights. The name of the community is Hexin Gardens, the elevator room, the greening of the community is very good, the distance between the building and the building is quite large, it looks very comfortable. The location is somewhat remote and very quiet. Liu Chiyan bought the ninth floor. The middle floor is not too tall or short.

Liu Chiyan took Ye Guang to the big building and went upstairs. There were too many things, and it was a bit of a hassle.

Open the door and turn on the light.

“Hm.” Ye Guang, “You are so good, quite big.”

Liu Chiyan also looked at the house and added a lot of home appliances. They were bought today. The master who installed it was very responsible. There was no garbage left in the house. The home appliances were also placed in a particularly good position. Liu Chiyan was very satisfied and laughed. Said: “Always, one hundred and thirty flat, two rooms and two halls. It turned out to be quite empty, and now with these appliances are put on the feeling that it is not bad.”

Ye Guang nodded, looked at the environment inside the house, modern decoration style, looking very comfortable, the restaurant and the living room are very big, after all, one hundred and thirty square, only two rooms and two halls, not much strange.

“It’s really good.” Ye Guang said another.

Liu Chiyan smiled. “You like it.”

Throw the big and small bags on the sofa, Liu Chiyan rubbed her arm: “You can take the rest of them alone, I can’t hold it.”

Ye Guang smiled and said: “Just let you not be embarrassed, I am a big old man, this kind of thing still needs you to do it.” Say, Ye Guang turned and went downstairs to take the remaining sheets and bedding.

When Ye Guang came up, Liu Chiyan was no longer in the living room, the bedroom lights up, and Ye Guang squats into something.

The bedroom is large with a balcony, the room looks very warm, and Liu Chiyan is busy laying the quilt cover and sheets, the bed is bigger, and she is so busy that she is in a hurry.

Ye Guang put things down and smiled: “Come, I will help you.”

Liu Chiyan was not polite with him. The two-meter bed, the bed and the quilt cover were a bit difficult.

“Come, you hold these two corners. Tightened.” Liu Chiyan stuffed the two corners into Ye Guang’s hands and then turned to the other side to work.

“Okay, take a look.”

“Oh, you are light.”

“Take pillowcase over there.”

“You will take the quilt first.”

“Help me lift Simmons, um, yes, don’t move.”

“The sheets are a little bigger, but it’s okay, you are going to your side, um, that’s it.”

Ye Guang always smiles, and looks at Liu Chiyan, who is a small expert at home, and has a warm heart.

I have been busy for a long time, and finally I have sorted it up. Ye Guang has some sweat on his forehead and feels free to go to Liu Chiyan bed.

“It’s not easy to know my mother.”

Liu Chiyan chuckled and said nothing to Ye Guang lying on his bed. He licked some messy hair and began to clean up the closet and put the clothes in.

There was some close-fitting clothing in the suitcase. Liu Chiyan was a little embarrassed and said to Ye Guang: “You go out first.”

Ye Guang was lying comfortably, twisting his neck and looking at it, Liu Chiyan quickly covered the suitcase and blocked Ye Guang’s view.

“You get yours, I don’t look at it.” Ye Guang turned his head. “This bed is so comfortable, I will lie down.”

Liu Chiyan blushes, snoring, not rushing Ye Guang, changing direction, facing Ye Guang, blocking Ye Guang’s line of sight with her body, and then tidying up her clothes.

But Liu Chiyan didn’t know that the clothes were seductive and it was also a dead object. She turned her back to Ye Guang, and she bent over, and for a while, seeing the back of perfect curve, Ye Guang almost on the spot incarnate the beast.

To seduce people to death?

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