MST Chapter 208 : Under the Sky

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Is it difficult to introduce the concept of PM2.5 to popular science? It’s actually not difficult.

The difficult thing is how to go out with popular science and how to make the public have a clear and intuitive impression of this concept.

Ye Guang himself has no ideas, but he knows what to do. The PM2.5 air pollution in the dream world has already known to everyone. There are many factors known to the public for PM2.5, and Ye Guang is most memorable. It’s also the most intuitive and clear understanding of what PM2.5 is a documentary from Dream World Chai Jing haze investigation documentary – “Under the Sky”.

This documentary is not the first to expose PM2.5, but it is the most intuitive and comprehensive direct to the center. Before watching this documentary, Ye Guang air pollution knowledge is actually the same as vast majority of people. I know there’s such a thing. I know that PM2.5 is harmful to human body, but it’s only vague impression. After this documentary came out, it caused a sensation and heated discussion in China, which led to a wave of anti-haze and anti-air pollution trends. It is through this documentary many people really have an intuitive concept of air pollution, and Ye Guang is one of them.

Ye Guang prepared to make this documentary. In fact, it’s a documentary, rather than a promotional film, or a speech. The film contains a large number of on-site photos and video materials, and there’s a video of Chai Jing’s personal investigation. There are statistics from authoritative scholars of various scientific research institutions, but Ye Guang didn’t have it, so so it is difficult and basically impossible to copy Dream World documentary.

Difficulty is difficult, and copying is also impossible. After all, this is two worlds. No matter how similar they are, there will always be differences. But the differences belong to the differences. The concept is the same. As long as Ye Guang is willing to spend his time and make a similar film is not impossible.

Ye Guang didn’t delay for a day. After finishing the Journey to the West storytelling, the next day at work, he started to search for some information on the computer in the office.

Although the term PM2.5 isn’t known to the public. It doesn’t mean there’s no such concept. In fact, this thing has existed since ancient times. In the current scientific age, PM2.5 has also been studied by a small group of people. Pay attention, you can still find some scattered information on the Internet.

There’s another aspect that Ye Guang focuses on. That is fog. He found pictures and information about fog in recent years on the Internet. Such as “The biggest fog in the country this year” and “Beijing is covered by fog like a fairyland”. Everyone thinks this is just fog, but what they don’t know. There’s should be a word behind this fog, which is called Haze!

What Ye Guang has to do is to make this word come to the surface.

For two or three days, Ye Guang spent all day in front of the computer. Through the Internet, I found relevant pictures and information on some domestic and foreign websites, and preliminary sorted out some useful pictures and video materials.

Three days later, Ye Guang went to attend Teacher Fan funeral.

Wearing black clothes and black trousers, standing in the middle of the crowd, watching Teacher Fan’s family put the small urn containing his ashes into the tomb, and then close it. From then on, everyone will be separated.

Teacher Fan wife and Fan Qingwen cried in front of the tomb. The weather in the morning was good, but it was a bit gloomy.

After Teacher Fan’s burial, Ye Guang chatted a few words with Fan Qingwen and Fan Teacher’s wife and learned that Fan Qingwen and Teacher Fan wife would go to the north in a few days. Fan Qingwen is ready to participated in the work and has said to senior management in company. Because Teacher Fan’s illness she has suspended her work, now Teacher Fan has passed away, she will report back to her work unit.

In the next few days, Ye Guang still searched for a large number of pictures and materials that might be useful. There’s already a lot of pictures and materials sorted out, but Ye Guang encountered a problem. He lacked convincing data. He found some data on the Internet, but these are far from enough.

Pictures and some video materials can still be found online. However, there are some data-based things that are not so easy to find on the Internet. These things are also the most troublesome for Ye Guang. In Dream World, Chai Jing in order to obtain has used a lot of effort, especially not easy. Ye Guang doesn’t have any contacts, and it’s not easy to get the data. Without the intuitive explanation of the data, the documentary can’t success. It’s like drawing a big pie out of thin air, which makes people question it. Sometimes everyone is more willing to trust those intuitive data at a glance.

Liu Chiyan also helped Ye Guang a lot in the past few days.  She is also very supportive of what Ye Guang is doing now. She wants to do her part. After learning about Ye Guang’s confusion, Liu Chiyan pointed a way for Ye Guang.

“I know a few people, all of my dad’s friends. One is the director of the Meteorological Bureau in Beijing, the other is the Minister of the Environmental Protection Department of Shan Province, and the other is an academician from Academy of Sciences. Why don’t I help you?”

This made Ye Guang overjoyed. In the office, he hugged Liu Chiyan and kissed her fiercely on her face, “My wife is still the most capable.”

Liu Chiyan pushed Ye Guang away, and said with big smile, “It’s good to know, you have to be nice to me in the future.

Ye Guang: “Okay,  I have always been nice to you.”

Liu Chiyan snorted, “Why, I cook the food, I wash the clothes, I clean up at home, and I use my card to buy things. I also serve you every day and serve you with tea and water, warm your bed. It’s almost become your maid. How nice it is?”


Ye Guang found that he was speechless, thinking about it carefully, it seemed… Is that really the case?

Ye Guang hurriedly showed his diligence and helped Liu Chiyan to sit down in a chair, “Come here, my wife has worked hard, you can relax and I will pinch your legs.”

Now the weather is getting hotter and hotter. Today Liu Chiyan wears a pair of short hot pants, with her long white legs exposed. Ye Guang’s eyes looks hot, he has long wanted to squeeze it. He said it was for Liu Chiyan’s leg. In fact, he still want to take advantage.

Liu Chiyan gave him a white look, knowing that Ye Guang was still thinking of taking advantage, but she didn’t refuse. Both of them are husband and wife. Ye Guang helping her to pinch her legs. It’s not called taking advantage, but only occasionally fun between husband and wife.

Liu Chiyan leaned on the chair and enjoyed Ye Guang’s pinching leg service. Not to mention, Ye Guang really had a set of strength, neither light nor heavy, and pinched very comfortably.

Suddenly, someone knocked the office door, then opened the door and entered.

This shocked Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang. Ye Guang quickly retracted from playing tricks on Liu Chiyan’s beautiful legs… No, because of the massage hands, Liu Chiyan also quickly pulled her legs back and stood up.

However, it’s too late, and the visitor had already seen the previous scene.

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