MST Chapter 207 : Journey to the West Finished Recording

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Working overtime until 9 o’clock in the evening. Seeing the employees tired, Ye Guang ordered to stop working.

It’s already ten o’clock when he got home. Liu Chiyan hadn’t rested yet, waiting for him on the sofa while watching TV.

When Ye Guang came back, Liu Chiyan immediately got up and greeted him, “Come back, hungry, I’ll heat up the food for you.”

Ye Guang waved his hand and shook his head. “No, has ordered dinner tonight in the company, so I’m not hungry.”

Liu Chiyan walked to kitchen and said, “Let’s eat. It’s been so long. You’ll be hungry in the middle of the night and I made braised chicken wings.”

Ye Guang didn’t insist, nodded and smiled, “Okay, then eat more.”

After a while, Liu Chiyan served a hot meal to the table.

Ye Guang eats a lot, Liu Chiyan holds her chin and looks at Ye Guang eat. Sometimes Liu Chiyan couldn’t figure out, why the ordinary man in front of her was so attractive to her.

Ye Guang took a bite and looked up at Liu Chiyan, “Why are you staring at me?”

Liu Chiyan: “You eat yours, I see mine.”

Ye Guang shrugged, smiled and continued to eat.

Liu Chiyan looked at Ye Guang for a long time and suddenly called: “Ye Guang.”


“How do I feel that you are a little different?”

Ye Guang looked up at Liu Chiyan, “Where’s different? Nothing changes.”

Liu Chiyan shook her head. “I can’t say it well, it just feels a bit different.”

Ye Guang said poorly, “Well… It must be… I’m became more handsome again.”

Liu Chiyan made a cut and laughed, “Shameless.”

While sleeping at night, Liu Chiyan cat was in Ye Guang’s arms, with her ears against Ye Guang’s chest, listening to his heartbeat.

“Too much has happened recently, and your heart is very chaotic.”

Right, during this time, things have not stopped coming, troublesome things one after another.

Liu Chiyan’s white and tender hands pressed Ye Guang’s chest, and said softly, “After this period, you can rest and calm down.”

Ye Guang gave a hum, then thought about it, and then said, “Maybe not.”

“Huh?” Liu Chiyan was puzzled.

Ye Guang let out a sigh of relief, “There’s something I have to do.”

Liu Chiyan asked: “What’s the matter?”

Ye Guang thought about it and hesitated in his heart to tell Liu Chiyan. After thinking about it, he decided to tell the truth.

“Remember pm2.5 I told you?”

Liu Chiyan nodded, “Well, a little impression, what is this?”

Ye Guang: “I don’t understand how to explain PM2.5. It’s a kind of fine particles that are difficult to see with naked eye. You can understand it as Air Pollution…”

Liu Chiyan quietly listened to Ye Guang.

“PM2.5 has a great impact on people’s lives, mainly due to reasons such as dust and energy emissions. This…”

Ye Guang slowly told Liu Chiyan about the concept of PM2.5 and the hazards he knew. Liu Chiyan also listened very seriously.

Ye Guang finished, Liu Chiyan said incredulously, “According to you, we are living in pollution all the time, which is equivalent to chronic drug use. Is this still the world I know? It’s too scary, but why I never heard of these things?”

Ye Guang paused for two seconds and said slowly, “So, I’m going to make this concept public.”

Contrary to Ye Guang’s expectation. Liu Chiyan didn’t have any objections, but strongly agreed, “Yes, this should be made public. So that everyone can know this thing and people can take more precautions and It’s allow the country to govern it properly. It’s a great thing.”

Ye Guang originally thought, with Liu Chiyan’s temperament. Knowing he was going to do this, even if she couldn’t stop him, there would still some objections, but he didn’t expect Liu Chiyan to support it, but he thought about it carefully. Ye Guang also guessed what was going on, Liu Chiyan was still in a state of little understanding of PM2.5, and she didn’t think of another aspect that was almost a minefield.

If she knows that Ye Guang has made the concept of PM2.5 public, what kind of consequences and turmoil it will bring, Liu Chiyan will not let Ye Guang do this even if she is killed.

Ye Guang’s heart also hanging. He also said, it’s not good to do this. Still, this matter must be done. Even if it will make you sink into the mud. He’s even less willing to stop it. The mourning in the darkness, this is the choice made by his heart. As Teacher Fan said, it’s good to have a clear conscience!

Ye Guang touched Liu Chiyan’s head, “Thank you for your support. After Journey to the West finished, I’m going to take a documentary and expose the concept of PM2.5 to public.”

Liu Chiyan gave a hum, “Okay, is there anything I can help?”

Ye Guang smiled, “Just give me some money, and I will take care of the rest.”

Next day.

Ye Guang said to the employees when he came to the company, “Everyone will work harder today. Today, we will record all the remaining 15 episodes of the Journey to the West storytelling program.”

The employees were shocked.

Wei Haijun: “All recorded?”

Ye Guang nodded, “Well, it’s all recorded today.”

Wei Kongjun: “Isn’t that I have to work overtime again…”

Ye Guang gave him a blank look. “What happened to work overtime? No matter how you add it, it will be the same day. Everyone has worked so hard. After a busy day, you can rest for a while.”

The employees responded with a few words with low enthusiasm. Regardless of the reason, employees don’t like to work overtime, but no one raises objections. Anyway, it is useless to mention it, Ye Guang is right, no matter how overtime it is, it will be one day today.

The recording of the show went smoothly, and the busy time always passed quickly after all, the day passed in blink of an eye.

At 10:30 in the evening, the three Wei brothers of sea, land and air turned off the camera, and the small studios on the second floor of the studio also fired applause and cheers from the employees who worked overtime.

Journey to the West storytelling program has finally completed all the recordings. After a few days of post-processing, the program is ready to delivered to CCTV.

After the program finished recording, Ye Guang also happy, is just a matter, clapping his hands, Ye Guang said, “Everyone has working hard during this period, especially these two days. All have worked overtime until late. Today, we finished recording the program. In addition to a few colleagues in post-processing, other colleagues can take a good rest. I originally wanted to invite everyone to have a meal to celebrate the completion of the recording, but I still have things to do later, so I won’t invite dinner. However, I will ask President Liu to add bonus for everyone!”

Papa Papa.”

The employees applauded enthusiastically. As employees, isn’t the most favorite thing to hear the words bonus? I believe no one doesn’t like it. The work they do in the studio is part-time work, and overtime also has overtime pay. Now Ye Guang promised to increase the bonus, how could everyone be unhappy.

The work that needs Ye Guang in Journey to the West storytelling program is finally over. Next, it’s time to prepare to announce PM2.5 concept to public.

However, what kind of impact will this matter have on Ye Guang? And what kind of storm will it brew?

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