MST Chapter 123 : Raise Lottery Stake

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“Ding, congratulations on the completion of limited-time task, the task reward has been issued.”

“The reward is a random upgrade of a system function, random…”

“The upgrade has been randomized. In the system upgrade, the upgrade time is expected to be 3 hours.”

System pit father’s time-limited task is finally completed, the moment Ye Guang received system notification, his hanging heart finally is down, since the system has been prompted to complete the task, then naturally Journey to the West must have a certain influence and achievements, or the system of urine will not be so easy to determine the task to complete, to know, Ye Guang production of this program has been uploaded on the internet, but also have a certain number of clicks and views, but the system has not been prompted task complete, Ye Guang is not clear what the system is based on, but seeing the one-month time is getting closer and less successful, the next year… Ah.

That night.

After the system upgrade was completed, Ye Guang climbed up in the middle of the night.

He is also curious about a function upgrade of the system and wants to take a look.

Speaking of it, Ye Guang doesn’t pay much attention to the system. In fact, there are reasons. Although there are many benefits brought by system, Ye Guang is still somewhat unrealistic. He thinks system is too illusory. This feeling makes Ye Guang feel like life. He felt that he didn’t like it very much, so he subconsciously had some rejection to the system.

During this time, his prestige points have been growing, especially in the previous period when Journey to the West and he was named in CPPCC meeting, prestige points soared a lot, plus because last night Journey to the West broadcast, his prestige Points have skyrocketed to 628,219 and the discipline points have grown to 56.

I have to say that the growth of discipline points is really slow, the prestige points are rocket speed, the discipline points are like the turtle speed, so long time to increase so little.

Ye Guang looked at various panels of the system. It seems that there is no big difference, that is, the lottery page has a button.

[Raise lottery stakes]

With the new mind to experiment, Ye Guang clicked on Raise lottery stakes, brushing, the pointer on lottery turntable spinning, and Ye Guang’s prestige points were 300,000 fewer.

Ye Guang is dumbfounded.

What is the situation, isn’t it 30,000? How did you lose 300,000 in an instant?

When Ye Guang doubts were over, lottery was over, he was lucky, and won treasure chest.

Not wanting anything else, Ye Guang hurried to the storage bar to open the treasure chest.

There are three treasure chests lying in the storage bar, and it looks like the three treasure chests are no different from the original ones. Ye Guang is a little crazy.

300,000 prestige points! Now half of the prestige points! Can draw ten awards! Just change back to 3 treasure chest?

Open a treasure chest.

“Congratulations, you obtain Herculean – 1”

Ye Guang’s face is a bit dark, isn’t that the same as the original 30,000?

Open a treasure chest.

“Congratulations, you obtain Good Fortune Pledge – 1”

Ye Guang’s face is darker, and there is a feeling of being pitted by the system.

With a dark face, Ye Guang opened the last treasure chest.

“Congratulations, You obtain Erudite Temperament 8”

Ye Guang is blowing up, Mad! Ten times raffle will give me three treasure chest? Also only one skill, a son-of-a-bitch almost can not endure.

……Wait, behind the Erudite Temperament… is 8?

Ye Guang didn’t see clearly at first, at first glance, it really shows the number 8.

After thinking about it, Ye Guang understood it, and the black face relaxed. So, the system only took out three treat chests, two consumables, and the other eight were Erudite Temperament, so they were superimposed. Together, it counts as 10, and system does not hang him.

Although system didn’t pit him, Ye Guang was still a bit embarrassed, so dangerous. Fortunately, this time, he had forgotten to use [Good Fortune Pledge] before lottery. If you didn’t win, 300,000 prestige, just thanks.

Ye Guang is not stupid. I have some idea about the new function of the system, but I am not sure. He decided to try it and see if the guess in his heart is correct.

[Good Fortune Pledge] is used.

Ye Guang didn’t dare to carelessly. The consumption of 300,000 prestige points, without a Good Fortune Pledge, he was absolutely uneasy to draw like this.

[Raise lottery stakes]

The pointer turns again.

Good Fortune Pledge is very good, then hit!

Ye Guang’s original look at more than 600,000 prestige points feels quite a lot. It didn’t take a while. After only two times, it was almost exhausted, and the remaining 28,000 couldn’t do anything.

Storage bar, two treasure chests lay quietly there.

“There are only two, less than last time.”

Open the treasure chest.

“Congratulations, you obtain Firm Rock – 1”

Open again.

“Congratulations, You obtain Calligraphy Erudition 9”

“Sure enough.” Ye Guang nodded secretly.

He basically understands the role of Raise lottery stakes. In fact, Raise lottery stakes is a one-time draw of ten prizes, but there are still some differences. Once again, if you draw, whether it is a skill or a consumables, you can draw it out. Everything is one. However, Raise lottery stakes on the upgradeable skill, if you draw, you may draw a lot of one-time, which is equivalent to pumping the same skill multiple times.

Ye Guang understood that this function is used to upgrade his skills.

You know, the upgradeable skill needs *10 for each upgrade, which means that 10 upgrades require 10 identical skills, and upgrade 2 requires 100 identical skills, but if it is a raffle once, it does not say that can’t draw the problem, even if you can draw, and can draw the skill, but how likely is it to be able to draw the same skill? And it is necessary to draw the same skill 10 times, 100 times lottery, once you want to upgrade a skill, you also spend a lot of prestige points. It is no problem to upgrade to a level, but it is almost difficult to get to the level of 100. Ye Guang has this doubt, why the system skills upgrade is so difficult, it is simply impossible.

Now the new lottery function is upgraded to [Raise lottery stakes], it will automatically raise when the upgradeable skill is drawn, and multiple times will be extracted at one time. This is undoubtedly the threshold for the skill upgrade to be reduced a lot.

Ye Guang wanted to try it out and verify his thoughts, but it was all right, prestige points have been exhausted, and I can only give up.

More than 10 o’clock, Ye Guang, Liu Chiyan and Yiyi arrived at Studio.

A staff member entered the door and surrounded them.

“Come, come, President Liu and Advisor Ye are coming.”

“President Liu is good, Advisor Ye is good, Yiyi is good.”


The people greeted each other with a sigh of relief.

Ye Guang: “What’s wrong, one by one, more anxious than I am.”

Some employees should go to: “Why not worry, this is the first project since our studio moved to Nanchang.”

Ye Guang: “How about that, has the rating coming out?”

“Come out, come out, come out early in the morning.”

“Come out and say, don’t grind.”

“I don’t know, the data is in Manager Jiang. He said that he will wait for you and President Liu to come and tell everyone.”

“We all asked him in morning. He just didn’t say it. Now lock himself in the office.”

Ye Guang: “Hey, hide it so tightly, go, find him.”

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