MST Chapter 232 : Guests Confirmed

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He Xing is the first person Ye Guang think of besides Heavenly King Liu.

He didn’t have much contact with He Xing, only heard this person name and heard a few of his songs, but he didn’t know much about him. As a singer, He Xing has a high status in the music world, but his exposure rate is actually not high.

Because The Strongest Voice, Ye Guang had so little contact with He Xing. He Xing is an optimistic or a little funny person. So Ye Guang thought of He Xing when he inviting guests on this show.

After captured Heavenly King Liu. Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan continue to attack He Xing.

Dial He Xing’s phone.

“Hello, Goddess Liu, how do you remember to call me, is there anything?”

“Ahem.” The call was made by Ye Guang using Liu Chiyan’s mobile phone, “Brother He, it’s me, Ye Guang. There is…”

In a few minutes, the phone hangs up.

Ye Guang smoothly invited He Xing to do the show. Ye Guang didn’t say anything and He Xing agreed. When he learned Heavenly King Liu would be coming and he took the initiative to say, he could reduce the pay. He Xing finally joined with a pay of 7 million.

Then the two began to discuss the remaining guests to be invited.

Ye Guang is not familiar with the people in the entertainment industry, but Liu Chiyan has a lot of contacts. Ye Guang only needs to tell her what kind of person he is looking for. Liu Chiyan will have a candidate when she thinks about it.

Ye Guang said that he wanted someone good at making fun of him. Liu Chiyan immediately introduced him to an artist named Lan Bao from Hong Kong Island. Ye Guang searched Lan Bao information on the Internet. After a glance, he immediately decided it was him. Too much alike, not to mention that they look a bit similar, the charm in their eyes is exactly the same.

Lan Bao is not a big coffee, a second-line star. Liu Chiyan didn’t have his phone number. She asked a few friends before she can call him. When Liu Chiyan called Lan Bao and asked him to do the show and Heavenly King Liu would be there. At that time, Lan Bao felt flattered. So, he agreed without thinking about it and the pay was very low, five million.

Ye Guang said to find someone stronger. Liu Chiyan recommended him another person, Zhong Jing. This person has worked with Liu Chiyan, he is very strong, not particularly popular in the entertainment circle, but quite popular and there are many works. He belong to the top stars in second line.

His phone, Liu Chiyan also asked several friends to find in succession. The invitation was very smooth. Zhong Jing schedule was just empty and he agreed without hesitation.

When Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang negotiated to find someone, someone came to the door himself. This person called Xu Chen, his value is quite high. He is born in the class and belongs to a somewhat powerful idol. When Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan contacted Zhong Jing, he is next to Zhong Jing. The two are now in a crew, so he know Ye Guang program and nominated himself. This show invested 100 million, joined Heavenly King Liu, it’s really makes people feel excited.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan also had some surprises when they received his call. Ye Guang had an impression of this person. After thinking about it, Ye Guang nodded and agreed. Anyway, there are no hard requirements to find someone. Xu Chen various aspects and conditions are not bad. And people come to the door himself, so Ye Guang agrees.

That’s it. half a day, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan have settled five guests. Liu Xuecheng, He Xing, Lan Bao, Zhong Jing and Xu Chen.

When he was about to find the next target, Liu Chiyan interrupted him and said, “Didn’t you mean to find 7 people? There are six men and one woman, now there are five. The rest you can do it, why looking for others?”

Ye Guang startled, “I’m coming?” Ye Guang didn’t really think about himself on this show. He is a planner. He wants to be the director to control the whole situation, how can he be on the show himself.

Ye Guang shook his head, “I can’t do it. I have to be director to control the whole situation.”

Liu Chiyan said, “Why not? Self-directed and self-acted is not impossible. You said this show will be popular and there is Heavenly King Liu to join. It’s a pity if you don’t take advantage of such a good opportunity to join. After all, the director is behind the scenes, how many audiences can remember you?”

Ye Guang thought for a while, it seemed to make sense, hesitated for a long time, finally said, “Then… try?”

Liu Chiyan nodded, “Certainly, if this program is really done well and the ratings really the first in the country like you said. You will get a lot of popularity as one of the main guests. You can stand firm in the entertainment circle.”

“Okay , that’s it.” Ye Guang nodded. Then he thought of something, “Right, Liu’er. Don’t find other for female guest, just you. Let’s be on the show together. You and Heavenly King Liu, Heavenly King and Heavenly Queen on the same stage, what a gimmick.”

Liu Chiyan thought about it and promised, “Okay, I will come, but my pay is not low.”

Ye Guang startled, “Uh, do you want a pay for your own program?”

Liu Chiyan said, “Definitely, the show is the show, the individual is individual. Besides, isn’t half of the capital from Beijing TV? It’s not invested by our family alone, not just me, but you should get the pay.”

Ye Guang nodded and asked, “How much is the salary set?”

Liu Chiyan thought for a moment, “Heavenly King Liu is 20 million, then I should also be 20 million, but if I say 20 million to the outside world, I actually get 10 million. Okay, I’ll save you some production expenses, you can pay me when the show is finished. Yours, um… 5 million, you’re still a newcomer in the circle, you can’t compare to Lan Bao, otherwise it’s a gossip. Five million is the total cost of your guest and director together.”

Ye Guang nodded, “I don’t care about the money. Come on, as long as the show done well. Everything will be available…” Ye Guang glanced at Liu Chiyan, and muttered, “It doesn’t fall into my own pocket.”

Liu Chiyan smiled, “You have consciousness.”

Just like this, the guests on Ye Guang program is confirmed. Total of seven people, Heavenly King Liu, Liu Chiyan, He Xing, Lan Bao, Zhong Jing, Xu Chen and Ye Guang!

And the show that Ye Guang wants to do, I believe everyone has guessed it, yes, that’s right, it’s Running Man!

When Ye Guang learned he was going to make variety show, many Dream World programs flashed in his mind. In the end, he chose Running Man. This show became a big hit in Dream world, the popularity of several resident MCs on the show soared. This program is lively and funny. In this fast-paced era, it is really good to have such a program to make people laugh after dinner.

There is another reason why Ye Guang chose this show. For Ye Guang Running man seems easy to make. There is no need to build a stage or too much equipment to make this show. As long as there are people and a venue, they can shoot. For this person with little experience in directing, it’s easier to shoot and the rhythm of the show is easier to control. As long as the plot or game project is designed, the rest is for the guests to play. There’s no need to worry about mistakes and gangbanging. Sometimes, mistakes and gangbanging are the place to make people laugh. These can undoubtedly greatly reduce the difficulty of directing and facilitate the production of programs for Ye Guang who is preparing to be director.

Towards these factors, Ye Guang finally chose Running Man.

All staff is confirmed.  The contract with Beijing Satellite TV is complete. The funds will be in place within the next two days. There will be no major problems with the staff. Most staff is arranged by Beijing Satellite TV. Liu Chiyan Studio has only over 20 people and can’t afford such a big production. However, all the studio employees will participate.

Finally, just waiting for Beijing Satellite TV to negotiate title sponsor and advertisers. After the title and advertising confirmed, the program can officially start production..

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