MST Chapter 233 :

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Next day.

Ye Guang, Jiang Fengxian and Jiang Xin returned to Nanchang, but Liu Chiyan and Yiyi didn’t go back with him.

Ye Guang returned to Nanchang for a few days. Running Man’s first recording location is in Beijing. So he had to come back in a few days, not just him, but all studio employees had to come with him.

Beijing Satellite TV is moving very fast. Zhang Zhi, the deputy director, has informed Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan, the merchants already in contact for the title and advertisers. If there is no problem, it will be determined in a few days.

Ye Guang went back to his parents’ house. Liu Chiyan and Yiyi were not at home. It was boring to go home alone. The point is no one cooking for him. Although Ye Guang’s cooking skills isn’t bad, he is alone and don’t want to open fire to cook.

Father and Mother learned Ye Guang is going to make a show and with high investment as 100 million. They were a little surprised. The old couple is just ordinary people. For 100 million, not to mention that Father and Mother had never seen it before, but they dare not think about it.

When Father ate dinner at night, he very earnest in educating Ye Guang, “Son, since you have to do it, do it well. You have to make achievements. With so much money, you can’t ruin it. Put away your silly temper. Did you know?”

Ye Guang smiled and nodded, “Don’t worry, Dad. I won’t mess it up. When the show is over and I make money, I will ask Liu’er change your car.”

Mother took over, “What to change? Our family car can still be driven, don’t let it cost money. Although Chiyan is rich, you should save your life.”

Father also said, “Why do you want to ask Chiyan after you make money? Can’t you buy it for me?”

Ye Guang shrugged helplessly and said something embarrassing, “Your daughter-in-law is in charge of the money. I spend a few hundred yuan a month for living expenses. What can I buy for you?”

Father eccentrically glanced at Ye Guang and Mother covered her mouth and chuckled, “On your virtue, it is time to take care of you!”

Stay at home for two days, news came from Beijing satellite TV, title naming and advertisers were all set up. Beijing satellite TV is a local station, it’s ratings are not top notch, but the network still a bit powerful, the most important thing is this show is a slightly larger production, added with
Heavenly King Liu and Liu Chiyan on the same stage. Many companies are willing to advertise for these two points.

Both naming and advertising is bidding models. In the end, the highest bid is a domestic auto company, which is the brand of the car driven by Ye Guang father. Anda has released a new car this year and is actively promoting it.

When Beijing satellite TV contacted them, they were also interested, so it hit it off. In the end, Anda won the naming fee at a price of 70 million. The naming fee of 70 million is not high, but it is In terms of domestic variety show naming fees, 70 million is already a high price. Ye Guang is still not well-known. No one knows whether his shows can be popular. If it weren’t for Heavenly King Liu and Liu Chiyan, Anda will not come out to this price.

Beijing satellite TV also took over four built-in hard advertisements, but the cost of these advertisements is not too high. They are calculated according to the number of periods. How much is the first season? At present, the total advertising cost of the first season is 10 million. If no big changes, Ye Guang Running Man recorded 12 episodes in one season, and that also earned 120 million yuan and in addition to Anda’s 70 million naming fee. This has nearly doubled the profit and there is Beijing satellite TV broadcast time-of-day advertisements, this is also a highlight.

Before the show is produced. He already made nearly double the income. Zhang Zhi smiled from ear to ear. I have to say, Heavenly King Liu and Liu Chiyan brands is so loud!

Ye Guang is a bit sad. After seeing Dream World’s sky-high advertising costs, he didn’t think this price was high, but there’s no way. Who told the show hadn’t been broadcast and became popular? After the show became popular, the advertising fee for second quarter is not so cheap.

Settled the advertising and the show can officially start production. Ye Guang led the studio staff to capital. All the studio staff were dispatched and none of them is left. Even the front desk Yu Xuejia followed along. Yes, she doesn’t do work related to shooting, but for a program shooting need is not just a specific technical staff. In the past, it’s good to make a temporarily guest as an assistant, like fixed bento or something is good.

Ye Guang didn’t go to Liu Chiyan’s house this time, but stayed with the staff in hotel. The relationship between him and Liu Chiyan not yet revealed and he always felt uncomfortable in Liu Chiyan’s house.

On the second day, after Ye Guang settled down with the studio staff in the capital, the invited guests also came one after another. Ye Guang went to the airport four times a day to pick up people in person. In the future, the program will have to rely on them. Anyway, Ye Guang is just entering the line. The younger generations should have an attitude to get along with each other on shows in the future.

The funds is in place. Advertisements confirmed. The guests has arrived. All staff arranged. Youxianqi Entertainment has gone all-out, but they are only small heads. The team size brought by Beijing Satellite TV was big enough, all the staff added up to 134 people, there are 30 people in camera crews alone. There are a total of 167 people in the two parties. I have to say, the pictures you see on the screen are just tens of minutes or one or two hours, but there are so many people behind the scenes. The big team is sweating together and all behind the scenes are unknown heroes.

Although all guests arrived today, but there is no shooting plan. Ye Guang had a dinner in a small club to catch the guests and mobilize all the staff before shooting, explaining some specific details of the shooting.

This time, Ye Guang’s work is very heavy. He is a multi-tasker, a planner, a general director and one of the guests.

The dinner table is a good place to win over feelings. Several guests, Shang Shan Xia Hai and the two heads of Beijing Satellite TV sat at the same table, pushed the cups together. Got a lot of relationships and have a good time. Ye Guang, who has never liked drinking, also drank a few glasses tonight, but fortunately, Ye Guang still not drunk. He doesn’t like drinking, but it doesn’t mean that he can’t drink.

After almost enough drinking and eating, Ye Guang took the microphone and walked to the podium.

“Hello everyone, I’m Ye Guang, I’m here to say a few words.”

The staff below clapped together.

Ye Guang hold the microphone, “Thank you, to tell the truth, I really don’t know what to say about this pre-war mobilization, just say a few words. I believe everyone knows what we are doing this time, so I won’t say much. If you don’t understand, please feel free to ask me or the two directors Shang Shan  and Xia Hai. Today I say two things. First, I’m the planner and chief director of this show. I don’t have anything to ask of you at work. You just need to do your best. Just do your job well.”

Ye Guang paused, then his words turned a bit and his tone became heavy, “But, I need everyone sitting there to resolutely implement the orders I gave during the shooting! During the shooting process, no matter what opinions or thoughts you have, you can tell me in private after the shooting, but during the shooting process, there can only be one voice on the set! Only my voice!”

Ye Guang’s remarks were somewhat overbearing, but he must be domineering and put ugliness ahead. In the eyes of many people, he is just a fledgling kid. If he doesn’t show some majesty, this team is not easy to lead. More than one hundred people didn’t speak, all listening quietly.

Ye Guang glanced at the guests at the main table and said, “This includes several guests, whether it is
Heavenly King Liu or my boss Liu Chiyan.  I need your absolute obedience on the set! Even if I let you jump into the mud pool, you have to jump for me!”

Many employees whispered, and then looked at the table of Heavenly King Liu and Liu Chiyan.

Several guests looked at each other and smiled, but no one took down his stage.

Liu Chiyan leaned on the chair, quietly watching Ye Guang’s speech. The frequency of blinking was much lower. Tonight, Ye Guang felt a bit energetic. His momentum on the rostrum was a bit aggressive and somewhat overbearing. The speech, let Liu Chiyan think, um, Ye Guang tonight… very handsome!

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